Stamp collecting supplies - start collecting stamps.

We all know what is stamp collecting supplies when we start collecting stamps such as albums, hinges and other things.

But in this modern hi tech world stamp collecting supplies also include making FORGERY stamps, FDC and philatelic material.

Also stamp collecting supplies also include BOGUS (not forgery but never existed material.!!) so things have changed in when you start collecting stamps.

Not only that we also see Leather folders and different folders from printers as stamp collecting supplies.

Not sure were this all this stamp collecting supplies will end, but I can see light at the end of tunnel.!!

Recently I saw PRIVATE (not officially issued by post and telegraph department) first day cover with Jai Hind special cancellation from India with 1948 Gandhi stamps and printed Gandhi cachet on it.

In past I wrote about this FORGERY first day cover but this kind of private FDC comes as stamp collecting supplies all the time.

Only thing is changed is seller but stamp collecting supplies are always available in plenty.

In past we had seen this "Jai Hind" rubber stamp as Forgery in different shapes and size as if there was no standard set up for special cancellation even though Post and Telegraph printed this stamp in Switzerland.

There are even 4-5 different special cancellation from same GPO (General Post Office).!!

Can you believe that.!!?

I cannot believe that because I know it not possible but it's has been glorified as unique special cancellation from different GPO.!!

Want to see UNIQUE and RARE varities of "Jai Hind" cancellation then please click following link and see with your own eyes and then think what's going on and how everyone in stamp collection is getting CHEATED.!!

This also has back stamp (rubber stamp).

Don't you think it's easy to make this kind of rubber stamp which can also be consider as stamp collecting supplies.!!

This stamp collecting supplies was sold for $2027 with 55 bids from 17 bidders. Looks like all collectors are very interested in buying this stamp collecting supplies.

Do you really think 17 bidders are interested to buy this ?

Do you really think 55 bids were indeed genuine bids.!!

SKY is the LIMIT if you are thinking to make MONEY from stamp collecting supplies.!!

Following are some notable stamp collecting supplies so look at it before you start collecting stamps.

Reprinted label are sold as original 1930 Pre-Independence Gandhi Boycott label!! Gandhi might not even knew about this.!! What a SCAM!!!
Gandhi Boycott British Goods label

Fake  used on paper with 1948 Gandhi 1 1/2 Annas SERVICE are available in plenty with Governer Camp PO.!! (Even with SUNDAY cancellation!!)
Gandhi SERVICE FAKE Stamps and Governor Cancellation  

What is Tibet 1949 register cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps without stamps from Tibet and Indian Embassy of Nepal?
FAKE 1948 Indian Embassy of Nepal cancellation and Independence day of India  

FAKE Gandhi specimen stamp.!!

FAKE Gandhi specimen stamp.!! 
Forged 1948 Gandhi FDC with Indian Embassy of Nepal cancellation!!
Forged 1948 Gandhi Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation  
FORGED India 1948 Gandhi stamps FDC!!
FAKE 1948 Gandhi  stamps "JAI HIND" Cancellation
OVERPRINT stamp issue from Cameroun, Nicragua & Togo. Does not make sense at all someone printing on stamp by mistake. This is delibrate act.

FAKE Overprint Cameroun, Nicaragua stamps and FDC!! 
Also 1979 - 1980 wrong year printing with UNICEF, Olympics, Einstein , TajMahal. It's nothing but a SCAM to make money by making false assumption of RARE!!

Even FAKE Error stamps. (Color faded with sunlight or other chemicals.!!!)
How to create FAKE error stamps 
Why 2009 FAKE Germany Special Cancellation on October 2nd.? (This makes all 1969 special cancellation questionable!!, because who knows what have happen in 1969.!!). Also don't know upto what stage collector goes to take benefit. !!

BIDDERS!! "hitlerandgandhi" just to glorify Gandhi stamps they increase price of 1948 Gandhi FDC and Used covers.!!! (Images are not enough to understand this so read following blog posts.!!)

What do you think about all this Stamp collecting supplies.?

Will you start collecting stamps.?

Gandhi Stamps Club


Zeppelin flight cover Germany - Forgery or FAKE ?

We know how stamp collectors/dealers and philatelic experts makes money by creating FORGED rubber stamp and apply to any cover and make tons of money like Zeppelin flight cover Germany or any other QV stamp from British India or King George stamps or King Edwards stamp.

Sky is the limit in making money in philatelic  and stamp collection so grab opportunity if you can.!!

According to me there is more forgery stamps and philatelic material used on covers and register used covers than the authentic or genuine, because it's very easy to do.

Just create one rubber stamp and you are done and you have Zeppelin flight cover Germany or any cover.!

Want more thrill than start exhibiting in stamp show with help of friends who are judges who might make you win medal also or give Zeppelin flight cover Germany  to philatelic handbook author to write about it.

To make it more genuine Zeppelin flight cover Germany , you can give a one piece as donation to philatelic museum so no one will question it.!!

Click this link to know 15 steps to make money.

Following are two 1931 Graf Zeppelin Polar Flight cover Germany cancellation. One of them is forgery as per seller and other might be forgery also (if you compare both), but seller did not mentioned that it's forgery so it might be genuine as no one knows what happened in 1931  or even after that.

Also don't forget anyone can give Expertising certificate!!

Can you find out which is genuine and which is forged by looking at Zeppelin flight cover Germany..?

Or both Zeppelin flight cover Germany. are forgeries ?

Don't you think it's almost impossible, if you are not aware of FORGERY of Zeppelin flight cover Germany.

Any one can create a rubber stamp like a kids project and apply to any piece of postcard .!!

Read my following blog post about FORGERY of Zeppelin flight cover and see what's going on in Zeppelin flight cover Germany.


Recently I saw 1931 Graf Zeppelin Polar Flight cover Germany selling for $340 by ebay seller "gemadastamps" from Oregon , which is similar to forgery I saw which was sold under $5. 

So what are chances of forgery selling as genuine ?

Also in past I wrote blog post about

Rocket Mail Cover ?

India Rocket Mail

Zeppelin Air mail cover : FORGERY is selling as GENUINE ?

Please read it and think what is going on and what are chances.

Do you still trust or believe in rare or unique Gandhi Philatelic material with all kind of different rubber stamps on 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.?

Do you still believe in 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad.?

If answer is yes then read following blog post and think about it again.

In past I saw FAKE Zeppelin Flight covers.!!  or Aero Philately covers and if seller "aozisik" had not mentioned it as FAKE then it will be not even get notice that they are indeed FAKE flight covers for aero philately.

What I learned in 4+ years that as you move from stamps and first day covers you will face more and more FORGERY or BOGUS philatelic material because advance or experienced collectors wants RARE stamps or UNIQUE stamp collecting material, and so you will see more forgery in some unique stamp exhibition also which can bring you medal.

Stamp and FDC will not get you medal.!! so you need to get some rare stamp collecting material which is only way to create forgery and create scare.

Excellent quality in Aero Philately FAKE flight covers if you see different combination of rubber stamps of POSTMARK of different post office as well as CACHET.

This 18 Zeppelin Flight Covers were sold for $50.

If seller did not mentioned FAKE and did SHILL bidding then it will sell like 1911 First Aerial Mail Post from Allahabad and can make lot of money.

Of course there will lot of bidders (Shill) instead of just one in this auction so it really looks like authentic auction and can glorify with # of bidders and # of bids.

In my previous blog post I mentioned about forgery cancellation, unbelievable price in Aero Philately, World First Flight air mail cover - who are/were also Gandhi stamps seller.

Click following link to read my blog post about Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers  and you decide whether you really want to be part of this kind of shady collection.

First Aerial Post : India 1911 World 1st AERIAL POST ALLAHABAD

First Aerial Mail Post and Gandhi Stamps material SELLER.


INDIA STAMP FIRST AERIAL POST 1911 ALLAHABAD : Indian Philately Exposed - Part IV

First Aerial Post : Do you really think it's RARE and demands such a high price in philatelic collection? Is it valid in philatelic exhibition if postage stamps used is not valid ? or it's VALUE LESS.

This means that all rubber stamp (postmark and cachet) applied on this First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin cover, maxicard or postcard are FAKE.

Following all are FAKE rubber stamp of post office of Grafzeppelin, Moscou, Arctique as well as very beautiful cachet on Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers.

Do you think above FAKE covers might made it to philatelic museum in order to glorify Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers ?

Following is FORGED cachet of First Aerial Post which is also selling as First Air Mail Cover, World First Air Post etc.

Also post office postmark which are not applied on stamps are also forged from Allahabad post office dated 18 February 1911, as well as Sitapur post office.

There is no difference between First Aerial Post, U.P. Exhibition Allahabad 1911 and all of the above rubber stamp postmark and cachet.


Looks like lot of similarities between Gandhi stamps and Air Flight covers, First Flight covers, First Air Mail cover and First  Aerial Mail from Allahabad.

Even Register rubber stamps are FAKE in both.

Above are all bogus RUBBER stamps (which never exist) or forgery which will help future collectors whether they really want to start collecting stamps and philately.!!

Forgery in stamp collection and philatelic material is nothing new. It has been going around since last 150 years since Penny Black first every stamp issued by Great Britain. But the quantity  and quality of forged stamps we see in today's world is unbelievable.

It's hard which one is REAL and which one is FAKE. And if it is on used cover or register cover with forged postmark cancellation it will be impossible for new or regular collector.!!

In Indian stamps and philately specially in Gandhi collection we have seen lot of forgery stamps and philatelic materials, some of them are following.

3) Forged 1948 Gandhi Mourning first day cover.(different way to mourn.!!)

Looks like Gandhi stamps and philatelic material have all kinds of Forgery.!!! including Indian Philatelic items such as 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad and 1854 Queen Victoria stamps.!!

So what are chances of getting this FAKE Aero Philately cover as Genuine covers?

I think if you are new collectors and don't know what's going on behind the doors than you will end up buying it and regret whole your life that Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers sucked my money.!!!

So BEWARE when you start collecting  Aero Philately covers - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers.

Any way there is not that much interest in Aero Philately covers - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers.!!, but it will be good learning experience for Gandhi Stamps Collectors as well Philatelic judges who give medals to Gandhi exhibit so they have something to think about it.

By writing this I am not benefiting at all, but I am getting satisfaction of providing some important information to whole collector community so they don't get cheated.

Gandhi Stamps Club.


DODO stamps REGISTERED used stamp COVER - MAURITIUS postal department forgery ?

If you are not aware of things going in stamp collection than this blog post will help you.

In order to make money collector will create some unique philatelic material but mostly they will do this by FORGERY.

If you just sell stamps no one is going to buy it, but when you make unique covers with multiple stamps collector will buy it thinking it's genuine, but in real life it's a different story.

When it comes to postal used cover or used cover or register cover or private fdc (unofficial cachet or no cachet) 99.99% it's nothing but FORGERY.

Even some of the famous Gandhi stamps collectors were cheated by this cover.!! So BEWARE anything from Mauritius because rubber stamp can be applied on any cover.!!

Following is one of the classic example Philatelic Fake and Forgery in Gandhi stamp collection.

 If you have not read my blog post about Mauritius 1969 Gandhi stamp forgery then click one of the following link so you can save your money.

After reading above blog post don't you think it's nothing but FORGERY.

Maker of this cover cheated with buyer who bought it in past by 
  • shill bidding
  • selling FAKE material
  • making forgery of Mauritus rubber stamp (circular rubber stamp)
  • forgery of registration rubber stamp ?
Following is screenshot from eBay were seller "theobargain" is selling it for $30.!!

Do you think seller "theobargain" is genuine seller or he/she has multiple id in order to fool collectors? We had seen this in past and it's a common practice to seller/buyer has multiple eBay id (it's free to open account).

Don't you think it's very cheap compare to other covers ?

Don't you think it's unique because it has all 1969 Gandhi stamps, 2001 Gandhi Stamps and DODO stamps from Mauritius.

Even though it's register cover there is  no back stamp rubber stamp from UK.!!

So what do you think about this MAURITIUS stamps -  DODO stamps REGISTERED used stamp COVER - MAURITIUS postal department forgery ?

Forgery or Genuine ?

Do you think Mauritius Postal department has time and money to go after this kind of forgery?

BTW: - Stay away from any used covers because 99% it's forgery.!! It's a gimmick made by stamp exhibitors in order to make money.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Stamp Expertizing - Expertising Certificate.

Now I am issuing stamp expertising certificate because lot of money is involved in issuing this piece of paper as I don't have to take any liability or responsibility.

Following is my website(it's blog) if you want to stamp expertizing or Expertising Certificate. 

Currently wait time is about 5 years.!! 

Stamp Expertising Expertizing certificate is nothing but piece of paper were philatelic expert (like me) will give their opinion about stamps without taking any responsibility of forgery or fake or bogus.

I called it piece of paper but experienced stamp collectors and dealers called it as Stamp Expertising Certificate.!!

What is stamp Expertization ?

"Neither the Company nor the members of the Expert Committee can accept any liability, either collective or individual, for any opinion expressed."

Does this make sense to you to get stamp Expertising Expertizing Certificate.

To me any Expert Certificate or Stamp Expertizing does not add any value, because it looks like any one can give their opinion and call piece of paper as Expertising Certificate.

In past I wrote about stamp expertising certificate. Click to read about it.

To become stamp Expert or to issue Expertising Certificate it's very easy. Just start it as don't need any of the following.
  • You don't need any college degree or certification or license from government.
  • There are no rules or law in stamp expertising certificate which needs to be followed and there is no overseeing authority who can revoke you as stamp expert or philatelic expert.
  • Even to open a store or company it require permit from local authority and they do all kind of inspection, background check etc. You don't need when you start issuing expertising certificate. 
  • It don't require physical address also as website is only requirement to become philatelic expert.
  • It's not even printed in with some special ink or paper or logos or watermark.
As there is no qualification needed I started my own stamp Expertizing Certificate. I just need to do following to make money.!!

1) Take a domain name on internet. (USPA Expertising Inc.) 
2) Print on and start giving certificate and make money .!!

I am thinking  to provided piece of paper as USPA Expertising Incorporated. Let me know if you need it.!!

Disclosure : I am not doing any stamp expertising but I just want to bring everyone attention how is it is .!! So please don't contact me or send me anything.!!

I am not even going to spend money on creating website just make it available through blog.!! even though domain name is available.!!  

Following will be my first Expertising Certificate.!!

I know it's Forgery (Bogus) but I am issuing as GENUINE because I can give any opinion what ever I want to give.!!

Want to verify address on this cover. I can do it with extra $10000 as I have to travel there.

So this is a tale of Expertising Certificate.

Also thinking to write a philatelic handbook and become a world renowned author of Gandhi Stamps, so I can write incorrect information in it and so all collectors/dealers can sell their forged items.!!

(They just have to give me one free for printing in the philatelic handbook or yearbook.!!)

My goal is to make money so I will issue piece of paper and all experienced collector will display it in exhibit  and try to sell that items.

So make sure what you buying it or even reading it.

Do you think Expertising Certificate has any value.?

I don't think so because Expertising Certificate don't take any responsibility. It's just opinion.!!

How about philatelic handbook ?

It's one way to glorify forged items.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

Disclosure : I am not doing any stamp expertising but I just want to bring everyone attention how is it is .!! So please don't contact me or send me anything.!!


Nepal Mount Everest stamps label - Tibet China Base Cancel 1924

Recently one of the deadliest avalanches ever to occur on Mount Everest killed 16 sherpas.

My deep and sincere condolences to all the families, friends and teammates of the fallen Sherpa in last week avalanche on Mount Everest that killed Nepali Sherpa's.

After reading about money they make by taking all the risks and compensation they get as insurance in case of death is very very minimum.

I think they should stop helping foreign climbers and start making philatelic material instead of taking risk. More money is involved in philatelic than being Everest guide.

We know it's just required old postcard or stamp and rubber stamp to make a great philatelic material. Also we know how easy is to make rubber stamp.

In past I had seen FORGERY of this kind of activity in First Aerail Post 1911 Allahabad, Gandhi 1948 SERVICE stamps,1930 Round Table Conference, Gandhi Boycott Label and other British India stamps.

Sometimes it don't even exist and collector make it FAKE. (No forgery needed as it was not even exist, complete BOGUS, create what ever you want and how you want and what you want on it) like 2009 Germany FAKE Cancellation created to spread non-violence on occasion of School shooting in Winneden Germany. 

BOGUS rubber stamp (not officially issued)
1911 First Aerial mail Forgery.!! (Might not even exist like 2009 Germany cancellation).

Both are FORGERY rubber stamp

To me this Nepal Mount Everest stamp label with Tibet China Base is one more addition.!!

Look at the following screenshot and see the quantity available for Mount Everest Tibet 1924 philatelic material with rubber stamp.

I don't think genuine at all because climber main goal to climb the summit not to make mail.!!

No one has time to do this kind of activity in 1924 and in that freezed condition (almost unlivable) and do you think someone mountainer will go and do this kind of thing.!!

Usually there is one type of cancellation but here we see multiple cancellation as if in 1924 Tibet has lot of stamp collectors or stamp collectors were climbing mount Everest.!!

Following are two more rubber stamp (stamp collector call it special cancellation)

Read some of interesting blog post to see what's going in Gandhi stamps collection and think in your other collectibles items as well.!!

After reading all of the above blog post it's now up to you to decide about Mount Everest Expedition - Tibet cancel stamp and label.

Just in last 2 months there were more than 30 items sold.!! So think how many will be sold in last 90 years.!!

Some of the famous Gandhi Stamps DEALER are selling Nepal Mount Everest stamps label  with Tibet China Base Cancel 1924.


In order to make money collectors and dealers will involved in making all kind of forgeries or even bogus special cancellation, stamps, FDC, philatelic material and all you can think will be forged.

Following are different ways to make money by selling stamps on Internet. (Of course is CHEATING!!)

1) Make money by selling SPECIMEN postcard 
2) Make money by making RUBBER stamp
3) Make money by selling TRIAL PROOF waste by stealing it or by art using Photoshop.
4) Make money by selling FORGERY stamps
5) Make money by selling FORGED special cancellation from different cities.
6) Make money by selling FORGERY stamps as GENUINE.
7) Make money by selling BOGUS - never exist special cancellation
8) Make money by selling LABELS - forgery or bogus
9) Make money by selling FAKE or BOGUS First Flight Cover FFC
10 ) Make money by OVERPRINTING stamps.!!

So now you have to decide what you are paying for what ?

But not only that look at the other rubber stamp applied on PIECE OF PAPER.

So what do you think about this Mount Everest Expedition - Tibet cancel stamp and label.?

It's another way  of "Art of making money : Philately Greed.!!"


Read my following blog post about FAKE AND FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation and decide what are chances of FORGERY.

It' easy to apply RUBBER stamp and make some used stamps with affixing on piece of paper or envelope.

Classic forgery rubber stamp Indian Embassy of Nepal.

India stamp used in Nepal (abroad)

Also chances of getting caught is less because it's USED by applying rubber stamp, keeping in soil  or exposing to sun and make it toned.!!

Is Nepal Mount Everest stamps label  with Tibet China Base Cancel 1924Genuine or FORGERY  or Bogus.?

Gandhi Stamps Club.


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