How to create Gandhi Error stamps

Hello Gandhi Philatelic Collectors,

I was looking for Gandhi error stamp for my collection to make unique than all of you !! and I was surprised how many Gandhi Error stamps are available in market today.

Now first let talk about types of error in stamps. There are different types of errors in stamp whiile printing or designing and the errors are Design error, Value error, Omission error, Invert error, Color error, Paper error, Imperforate error and others.

But in Gandhi stamps I only found 2 types of error.

1) Imperforate error (Perforations are missing or incorrect)
2) Color error (Stamp is printed in the wrong color)

As we can understand that Imperforate error are genuine error as it was due to human or machine error while imperforating the stamp sheet in the machine. So I will only discuss about color (faded) error.

But about the color error I was little bit curious about it so I went to stamp show and ask one of the expert and he explained me about what's going on with this COLOR error stamp. I also did my own research on this topic and I was surprised how easy is to CREATE ERROR STAMP.

1) By keeping certain part of stamp in Sunlight for few days
2) By using bleach on stamp

3) God knows....

Following are some of the example of Gandhi color error stamp. I am not sure whether this is printing machine issue or man made by exposing various methods to do it. It's upto collector to judge this stamps before they buy or use some experts help(not me.!!).

Check some of the amazing FAKE color error stamps. It's worth to look and understand what is and can be possible.

http://www.stephenrdatz.com/srd7blue_033.htm (FAKE error stamps)

http://www.stephenrdatz.com/srd7blue_021.htm (REAL error stamps)

After looking at above website What do you think about this Gandhi Color errors?

If not sure than try it out. It's not that hard. Just waste 2-3 stamps and you will get error Gandhi stamps.

Tips for spotting FAKE error stamps


We had seen this in  Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!!

Click one of the following link and you will become smarter.!!

1) Philatelic FAKE and FORGERIES.
3) Stamp collection CHEATING.
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6) China stamp collection value.
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10) Biggest stamp collection SCAM
11) SCANDAL in stamp collection 
12) How to increase stamp collection value

Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

Now let's talk about REAL Gandhi stamp error.

Look at following block of Gandhi Hungary Stamp. This is the REAL (Genuine) color error stamp in which color(black) itself is missing and because of that you can't see other letters on the stamps. This is not a example of faded color error but it's REAL.

But this might be STOLEN from waste or government archive or instead of shredded or burned.!! So don't consider this as ERROR stamp but it is stolen property from people of HUNGARY.!!

This Hungary Gandhi stamp is the genuine color (missing) error  but it's stolen from waste which was sold on ebay for 1246 US $.

So each stamp cost about 300$!! instead of $2 if it was GENUINE stamp.

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section



India stamps and shill bidding ?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

 You all know that I am fan of saving screen shot of Gandhi Philatelic item sold on Ebay (more than 1500 so far in my collection!!).

Let's see how Gandhi 1948 India 10 Rs. stamp is sold 2 years ago. This screen shot helps me lot in collecting Gandhi Philately so I thought let me share with all of you. In order to understand this you need to read my 10-15 blog posts so you will know what I am talking about.

One auction is from USA and other is from UK. It's a global network.!! Not sure were income tax, sales tax, VAT tax etc are paid.!!

========================First Auction=================
Auction ends:- Feb 19 2009.
Seller:- bpp14
Buyer:- 3***n (898) ("manali283")
Price Sold :- 116.50 US $
Other bidders:- o***o(335) and  k***_(826)

=====================END 1st Auction =====================

Now let's see how 2nd auction Gandhi 1948 India 10 Rs. stamp is sold :-

==================== Auction 2nd =======================

Auction ends:- Jan 20 2009.
Seller:- theobargain
Buyer:- kad_ss(826)
Price Sold :- 107 US $ (77 GBP)
Other bidders:- UK listing so cannot see. But there were total 4 bidders.

================= 2nd Auction Ends ====================================

If you don't understand what I am trying to explain here then please let me know. Only thing here is to see who is SELLER and BUYER.!!

Look at the following screenshot and you decide what is happening.


Want to know more about Philatelic FAKE and FORGERY then click following link and read about it and you will find some common bidders.


Also would you like to see more of this screen shot about pricing and buyer and seller?

So what do you think about this.?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

Why Cameroun Commerically Used Covers is costly? -Gandhi stamps overprinting.

Hello Gandhi collectors,

Recently (Feb 1st 2010) on ebay 2 commercially used covers were sold at very high price. This cover has Gandhi Overprint stamp from Cameroun which was issued in 1969 to celebrate landing on moon.

How can someone are so dumb/foolish who will overprint on this stamps. It cannot be consider as ERROR stamp (but biggest SCAM).

Following cover was sold for $250+ (US dollars) with John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy stamps with Gandhi stamps (one in front and other in  back).

Seller :- gorfa (Canada)
Buyer :-  bipin8 ( now speedbird1*) (UK)
Sold :- $256

I am not sure why they did this overprinting instead of making a new stamp?

Following cover also surpassed price paid for any Gandhi commercially used cover which was sold for $300+ (US dollars) also from Cameroun 1968 Gandhi(without overprint) stamp.

I lost this cover even though I bidded $301!!! Yes $301.!! I am glad that I lost this bid. Otherwise I will regret all my life.!!! Because it does not make sense.!!

I was new in Gandhi collection so I was not aware of all kinds of thing happening in Gandhi stamp collection.!!!

Seller : rlingen (Canada)
Buyer : nil101 (Germany)
Sold for $306

In my 16 months in this field this is most expensive commercially used Gandhi cover I had seen except 1948 India Gandhi commerically used covers with 10 Rupees stamp.

Following cover was sold for $450+ (US dollars) with Martin Luther King(one in front and other in  back)  stamps with Gandhi stamps in front.

Seller : gorfa (canada)
Buyer : nil101 (Germany)
Sold : $456.

Both covers has postmark cancel from sending and receiving countries. Also receiving country is USA where there are more stricter laws against postal fraud.

According to seller this registered mail cover was send from Yaounde to New York City. This first day covers were sent to J. & H. Stolow in New York City, perhaps the most important wholesale, new issue stamp dealers of their time. Either they arranged for a quantity of these to be produced, or the official in the post office sent these as samples to introduce an obviously multi-faceted topical philatelic production!

You can read my previous blog post about Overprint Gandhi stamps where I mentioned about J & H Stolow and overprint stamp which is itself a topic of further study.

Compare above cancellation on cover with following stamps and do more research.!!

Now my questions why this much money is paid for this kind of cover as they are made just to make profit at later dates (after 40 years!!) even though it does not make sense that this are indeed ERROR (overprint) stamps.

Any comments are welcome.

Gandhi Stamps Club


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