India Stamps : How to Invest When Philately is dropping.!! : What a price for 1948 Gandhi Memorial Stamp Folder

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

As you can see from previous blog posts that worldwide trend indicates that Philately is on downward turn and looks like no hope of coming back like stock market because very few new collectors are joining this hobby and those new comers are leaving this hobby in couple of months as it does not motivate them to collect for various reasons.

1) Lot of FAKE philatelic items.
2) Lot of Inflated price by Shill Bidding
3) Lot of New issues of stamps/sheets from small countries just to make money.
4) Poor quality of Gandhi Philatelic materials

Also stamp collector are very shear in numbers compare to stock market which makes it more difficult to sustain this downturn and chances of comeback chances are very very rare.

This is also true for Gandhi Philatelist who are/were thinking that their thematic collection is immune to any downturn because of worldwide Gandhi's famous personality.

Also how much current collector will invest in Gandhi Philatelic to keep price up as it will be very hard to keep buying(even at half price) with philatelic material coming in to market. I can believe it if is very unique but this are same 1948 stamps, FDC, folder etc.

Now let's analysis recent transaction of 1948 Gandhi Memorial Folder with 4 stamps including 10 Rupees.

1948 Gandhi stamps are one of the most widely collected item by world wide Gandhi collectors and   because of this pricing of this stamps also varies a lot.  Sometimes MNH stamps only will be sold for $200-500 and FDC will be sold between wide range.

Recently I notice 1948 Memorial folder with all 4 Gandhi stamp and I was surprised that it  was initially sold for $226 but buyer did not paid for item and seller has to resell it which was sold only for $137.!!

To me it looks like a good quality where seller provided multiple pictures of stamps and good description of his selling terms. Also seller have 10000+ feedback so it looks genuine (but that's not the case always as I have seen very weird auction by high feedback seller so BEWARE). Looks like it's QUALITY of stamps is good.

Also this folder has no special cancellation issued on 15th August, 1948. Chances are this might get that special cancellation (rubber stamp) and it will on for sell or it might have some other post office cancellation as a RARE postmark!!! ( This is my guess only after seeing lot of stuff in Gandhi Philately!!) 

This item was for relisted because previous buyer did not pay.!! And think what it was sold for only  $137.!! This is common practice when a low feedback buyer start bidding it which spoils purchase of real buyer and after wards they buy it with different id at cheaper price and then resell it.!!

Also not sure why no second offer !! or where are the other two bidders a**u(362) and j**a(13) not bidding on when it was on resell.!!

Also I don't see last minute bidding in this item so it confuse me and which indicates is this still overpriced.!!

Don't you think it's Unbelievable low price of 1948  Gandhi Mint stamps in a Memorial folder.!!!

Sometimes even 1948 Gandhi used stamps even go higher than this price.!! So not sure what is going one.!!

So don't you think Gandhi Philately is dropping and don't you think you need to revisit your investing/collecting strategy.

It is upto new collector how to invest in Gandhi Philately. If I have to give advice to my kids about investing in Gandhi Philately I will stop them from investing not only in Gandhi philately but all together.!! (Don't need to collect expensive item otherwise they will regret. As a hobby is fine with very less money involved.)

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