Gandhi 1948 stamps : It's all BOGUS !! I think Gandhi Philately is EXPOSED?

Hello Gandhi Stamps Collector,

As you all know how much BOGUS stuff is going in 1948 Gandhi Stamps in order to GLORIFY 1948 Gandhi stamps from India which makes you think really this Gandhi stamps are valued $200-$500.!!

Forget about pricing, I am not sure you are getting GENUINE stamp because to me all looks like forgery stamps made by either facsimile or copy because only some of Gandhi Philatelist might have seen the original genuine stamp.

Please read my following blog post to understand facsimile, copy, replica available in 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.


Now compare all of the following and you decide whether all 7 transaction were for Genuine or FORGERY stamp.!!

To me all of the following looks BOGUS in quality (with side margin.!!!) and pricing. Either some of the buyer did not paid or some of the seller closed the store without completing transaction.!!

What this indicates is nothing but a big game or SCAM in 1948 Gandhi stamps and everyone is watching and no one has guts to tells this to the world because all of them are worried about their own collection value.!! (including mine)

Check out all screen shot and read feedback or see seller activities or buyer activities and you decide. None of the transaction were completed.!!

Which indicates it's a big push to show the philatelic world that this is really for investment, but guess what it's all BOGUS not only in pricing but lot of forgery are available in market today.!! 

To me it all looks BOGUS same way we saw this in Indian Philately Exposed  (click to read) blog post where buyer "hitlerandgandhi" bought $30000 worth of Gandhi Philately material and never paid to seller.!!

Please see all screenshot (there are more on declampe where you can see in plenty!!!) and make sure you read comments, see # of feedback of seller and buyer and then judge their activities and think whether seller will  buy it from low feedback seller!! or new buyer with low feedback will buy this kind of expensive material.!!

There are more than 100 of this kind of non paying or closing account and all other kinds of cheating on delcampe only.!! On eBay there might be more.!!

Seller :- stampjoy
Buyer :- kad_ss
Other bidder :- Kalyan_negal. (closed account).
Sold :- $120
Date :- 11 August 2008
Comment:- A month, 3 messages. No answer. No Payment. No respect to his obligations. Deep amoral. False bidder. A thief of my time and delcampe's resurces.

Seller:-Bluepoker(feedback 0%) --> Closed store.
Buyer :- Jamals
Sold for :- $393
Date : - 3/26/2012
Comment :- Fraud seller.

Seller : Bluepoker feedback 0%
Buyer : Jamals
Sold for : $315
Date : 3/27/2012
Comment by Buyer : Fraud Seller

Seller:- Philatel06 from France
Buyer :- Spellhbound feedback 84 --> Closed Store
Other bidders : Phllaus, Jamals, Rohit98103.!!
Sold for : $318
Date : 3/4/2012
Comment :- No Payment.!!

Seller : Philatel06 from France.
Buyer : Philahouse
Sold for : $307 (from comments it does not look like it transaction was completed.)
Date : 3/24/2012
Comment by Seller : Excellent member, I made one mistake, I am sorry.
Comment by Buyer : very good understanding.

Seller : Philatel06
Buyer : Dllpak from India with feedback of 0 (zero)
Sold for : $180
Date : 10/21/2012
Comment : NONE by seller or buyer left feedback.!!(not sure whether transaction is cancelled or we can wait and see as it is new transaction.)

Seller :- Anusur ( I know him and I think he was the one of the 2nd last bidder where I was cheated when I was buying Cameroun FDC)
Buyer :- Topicalstamps from India. (Suspended account)
Sold for $276
Date : - 3/13/2011
Seller :- Victory Stamp Co, Mr H.P.Singh doesn't want to complete this deal because I AM AN INDIAN. SHAME on U. 
                Reply from Topicalstamps [86% (201x)] (Suspended account) : I have always had bad expereience with this seller...
Buyer : - Feedback withdraw.

Seller : Ooj3703
Buyer : Jamals
Sold for : $250
Date sold : 1/30/2012.
Comment by Buyer : bad seller, closed account.!!

Seller : Topjov
Buyer : Rohit98103
Other bidders : Bipin8, brownblackcherry, phil4u (you will find them  in my other blog post also)
Sold for : $222
Date :- 11/23/2011
Comment :- NO COMMENT by seller or buyer.!! (I don't know why.!!)

Now after seeing this 7 screenshot and analysis buyers and seller by  their # of feedback, comments etc what do you think.

I think it's all BOGUS to glorify Gandhi stamps by making you think it's really worth it to collect and value will go up as India is booming and lot of NRI (Non Resident Indian) will start collecting this as alternate investment.

I think this is falsely propaganda made by certain philatelic magazine, stamp exhibit, stamp shows, philatelic blogs(including mine), philatelic website, news paper, various online discussion boards, stamps forum, stamps catalog, philatelic handbooks etc and no one talks about hobby is really in DECLINE.!!

Don't you think it's all BOGUS and it's a big SCAM.

To me it looks like it and it makes me believe that Gandhi Philately is EXPOSED.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

BTW: Still undecided what's going in Gandhi Stamps from India then please read following  of my blog post  to understand  stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic materials with Gandhi stamps from India.

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3) 1948 Gandhi stamps from India Mourning Private FDC : Are False hope of Riches - Part III?
4) 1948 Expensive Gandhi FDC : Are False hope of Riches - Part IV?
5) 1948 Gandhi Stamps Early Usage cover :  Gandhi Stamps Are False hope of Riches - Part V?
6) Maxi Card sold for $5100 with 1948 Gandhi Stamps - False hope of Riches - Part VI?
7) Indian Philately Exposed on stamps of India 
8) Indian Philately Exposed - Part II
9) First Aerial Post - Stamps from India - Indian Philately Exposed - Part III
10) 1911 First Aerial Post - Allahabad - Indian Philately Exposed - Part IV

So all collectors beware of a big hype or push to glorify not only Gandhi stamps collection but some other Indian Philatelic collection such as 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad, King George V, King Edward, Queen Victoria and other British India Stamps.

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