Stamps from India : 1948 Gandhi stamps from India first day cover with insufficient postage : Is it Genuine !!

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw 1948 Gandhi Stamps from India on official first day cover issued by Indian Post and Telegraph without special "Jai Hind" cancellation. 

I think there are 2 issues with this First Day Cover.

First one is that this 1948 Gandhi stamps from India first day cover has two different types of Jamshedpur post office cancellation on Gandhi stamps of India.

There are total 4 Indian post office cancellation and if you see thoroughly you will see it has 2 different types of cancellation.!!

Don't know why, but your guess is my guess.!!

Second issue is that it has insufficient postage stamps from India is used on this First Day Cover to mail it to USA.!!

This is very common in Fake & forgery of Indian philatelic material such as First Aerial Post, 1948 gandhi stamps from India etc.

In 1948 postage rate from India to USA was 12/16 Annas for Airmail and this cover has only 6.5 Annas.!! You can read my other post with insufficent postage on stamps from India 

I can understand if there is little less amount on it such as 1/2 anna or even anna but this is complete miss by more than 5  annas.

It was too much money in 1948.!!

So now do you think this is a valid First Day Cover?

Do you think this is actually used or gone through regular postal stream.!!

Don't know why no postage due stamp rubber stamp from Indian or USA postal service ?

Or this is one more Gandhi stamps from India with philatelic wonder.!!

Is this Genuine First Day Cover or possible one more FAKE or Forgery in Gandhi Philately?

You decide what's going in Gandhi Stamps from India  by reading following  of my blog post  to understand  stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic materials with Gandhi stamps from India.

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So all collectors beware of a big hype or push to glorify not only Gandhi stamps collection but some other Indian Philatelic collection such as 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad, King George V, King Edward, Queen Victoria and other British India Stamps.

Do you think this insufficient postage first day cover makes any sense in Philatelic collection which can be consider as Forged or Fake.

Don't you think this First day cover with stamps from India should have 12/16 Annas instead of 6.5 Annas Gandhi stamps from India and also why it has 2 different types of post office cancellation on Gandhi stamps from India first day cover.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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