Stamps of India : How we can trust Philatelic material from India.? specially in 1948 with Gandhi stamps?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Until now I was thinking that only sender CDS were Forged or FAKE but after looking 1911 India Postcard with First Aerial Mail from Allahabad my view of philatelic is completely changed particularly with stamps of India.

This postcard has Forged First Aerial Mail Post special postmark cancellation with red ink on stamp   but it also has two other postmark from post office to make it more GENUINE so buyer can think it was travel through regular postal stream, and in this case it's in First Aerial Mail ever!!. 

Both CDS are from India  post office "Allahabad" (sender) and other from  receiving postmark from "Sitapur".

Both of the above CDS from Allahabad and Sitapur is FORGED (FAKE) because it is on Forged Postcard.!!

So now how we will know which First Aerial Mail from Allahabad is Genuine and which one is Forged.?

Following is screenshot were seller mentioned about Forged India First Aerial Mail Post cancellation issued from Allahabad in 1911.!! Also read my following post about First Aerial Mail and understand it properly.

1) Forged First Aerial Mail cachet or cancellation (in red color ink)
2) Insufficient postage on register First Aerial Mail (is this possible?)
3) First Aerial Mail Cancellation/Cachet a technological classic wonder !!

Not sure when this was forged in 1911 or 2011!!

As per my reading postmark die was destroy next day so it's not in 1911 but as demand of Aerial post increases after glorification of first aerial post in various magazine, stamp exhibition etc some smarty collector made one.!! ( and applied on unknown quantity!! and someone will have it.!!)

One more important thing I read that only one person was present to received Henry Piquet even though distance was 5 miles away.!! (come on, this is First Aerial Mail.!!)

Also first aerial mail in Great Britain from Hendon to Windsor carry 23-24 pounds where as Indian First Aerial mail carry 200-300 pounds in weight.!! Don't know how one person manage this to move to post office 100 years ago and that in India too.!!

So my question is what about other 2 cancellation from Allahabad and Sitapur.!!

I think they are FAKE too or FORGED too.!!

So how can we trust philatelic material with King George stamps, King Edward stamps, Queen Victoria stamps, even India Gandhi Stamps and all Indian States stamps before independence during British India rule.

Don't know what happen during that time if we don't see this kind of FAKE Forged postcard with special cancellation which happens 101 years ago.!!

So my main question (this affects my collection) is how we can trust 1948 Gandhi philatelic material on all private covers with regular post office cancellation date stamp or any other Gandhi philatelic material.

Following are some of the cover  with 1948 Gandhi Stamps from India and some of them has  cancellation stamp of 15 August 1948 so it will be Private First Day Cover and some are regularly used cover with receiving cancellation.

Let me make sure that I am not telling that following  philatelic cover with Gandhi Stamps of India are Forged or FAKE. It's you have to decide by thinking what are the chances and possibilities.!!

It's a common rule in this world. When price is high for a product there will be forgery. Think about Gucci, Burberry, Coach women's purses. They are expensive so there are forgery.!!

But they are selling as forgery where as in stamp we don't know.!! For this First Aerial Mail we know it's forgery because color of ink is different.(used wrong ink to make genuine.!)

But what are chances or possibilities of all following cover being FAKE or FORGED after looking to First Aerial Mail cachet or cancellation and both post office cancellation?

I think there are lot of chances and possibility.!!

There are 99% chances you will get a forged philatelic material. It's hard to find it so it's expensive and thus there are forgery. It's simple.!!

Forget about regular post office cancellation. In past we have seen Forged 1948 special cancellation with "Jai Hind" on 1948 Gandhi first day cover which was not issued by Post and Telegraph department of India.

So what do you think about all this Gandhi cover with regular post office cancellation?

Do you think anyone can make it.? (It easy to make rubber stamp.!! FORGED)
Do you think anyone can steal it? (It's easy to do. Genuine.!!)

Also don't think price are this high. According to me it is nothing but glorification of Gandhi stamps so new collectors get cheated that this is one which they needs to collect for investment.!!

I have some of the this private used cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps including FAKE or FORGED Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation First Day cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps and I learned a lot from that and I am trying to aware everyone.

It's not only in 1948 Gandhi stamps from India but also from Nicaragua, Panama, Madagscar and lot more.!!

1) Nicaragua FAKE First Day Cover with Gandhi and Einstein Stamp.
2) Madagascar Forged FDC with Gandhi stamps.
3) Fake cancellation on Panama Gandhi Stamp to make private First Day Cover.
4) Forged 1948 Gandhi First day cover with stamps from India.

So think before you buy. Just don't buy if any philatelic magazine, book or website praise about it to glorify Gandhi philatelic material. It's in your hand.!!

So how can we even trust all the philatelic material with stamps from India. To me it all looks BOGUS to make money from collectors by selling lot of FORGED in 1948 Gandhi Philatelic used covers, register cover and even First Day Cover.

Gandhi Stamps Club

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