Looks Like China stamps are hotter than Gandhi stamps.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

To me it looks like China stamps are hotter than Gandhi stamps even though 90+ countries issued stamps of Mahatma Gandhi.!!!

Why I am thinking China stamps are hotter, because recently stamps of China worth of $65000+  just stamps (mint or used) were sold on eBay in just 20-30 transactions.!!

There is no first day cover or used covers in this transactions.!! Think what will be the price if there are China stamps used on covers or First day cover from China.!!

Just China Stamps (Mao Stamps) worth of $65000+ !!! This is amazing.!!

It's lot of money when you just compare selling of Mint or Used stamps.!! Also it's just only from China and also it nothing but stamp related to Mao !! whether it's stamp of Directives of Mao or Mao poem stamps or Mao stamps.!!

So I think let's forget about collecting Gandhi stamps and start collecting Mao stamps from China. I think it will be good investment for your future !! (Just kidding!!).

To me stamps are not even for new collectors so forget stamps as an Investment.!!

Following are some REPLICA stamps from China which are also known as FORGERY, but seller is selling as replica and it's is sold at very nominal price so collector can fill the space in their album.

But now looking to following screenshot this Mao stamps (Genuine) are available in plenty so why replica stamps.?

Either it is not very limited like Gandhi Service stamp or Inverted Jenny or they are selling forged stamps as Genuine stamps. I am just assuming or what are possibilities. 

But look at value it is selling for $3500 - $2800 - $2200 - $1600 -$900.... So some body is paying it, and it's good for eBay and PayPal as they are getting high comission from this sale so they are making money.!!

Invest in eBay stock.!!

(Disclosure : I own eBay stock, which I don't intend to sell in 72 hours after posting this blog post.)

Don't you see similar stamps above which are selling for 500 - 100 time less than following.

Do you think following are Genuine stamps? Because sellers has not described as replica or copy or facsimile.

If seller don't mentioned we can assume it's GENUINE.?

Let me make sure I am not expert so this is my personal view or opinion which I am expressing it.

I am no way to able to judge or predict that following are FORGED stamps because seller is not mentioning it.

Now think what will be total transaction on eBay in 2012 just from Mao stamps or China stamps.!! If $65,000 in just 2 months than my assumption is around half million to million dollars.

Do you think it really happened and eBay got commission on all sale, if we don't consider any cheating happened in this sale such as SHILL bidding, withdraw of transaction, non paying buyer or seller has to pay back if stamp got lost and all other unseen circumstances happen in selling.!!!

But your guess is my guess.

So don't you think China stamps are hotter than Gandhi stamps.?

We had seen this in  Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!! Don't  you think this apply to other BRITISH INDIA stamp also.

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

Gandhi Stamps Club

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