1948 Gandhi F.D.C private used first day cover. Looks like it's END of Gandhi private FDC collection as well as used cover?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

As you know that there are lot of chances of forgery in PRIVATE Gandhi 1948 F.D.C (plain cover without official cachet)  which are not issued by Post & Telegraph department of India.

You will see wide varities of first day covers without cachet and even different cachet printed but to me it's nothing but forgery.

Look at following screenshot and you will surprised what is price of this kind of private first day cover without cachet!!!

It was sold for $15 only.!!! even though it has 1948 three stamps of Gandhi from India and special Jai Hind cancellation.!!

Even 1948 stamps (3 low value) sells for more.!!! So what is important Mint stamps or Philatelic material such as First Day Cover !!

Reason for this low price is because

1) It's a private FDC so forgery of stamps as well as special cancellation is very high. It's all BOGUS on all kinds of Mourning cover or register first day cover to Germany etc.
2) Why person will make private cover in 1948 when there were plenty of cover with cachet FDC were available.
3) If stamps can reached to post office then chance are they also got official first day cover and special cancellation.

Only 3 bids and 3 bidders, with winner bidding at last moment (7 seconds before ending) with sniper tool.!!!

This is known as real transaction. No SHILL bidding by increasing price with their own other eBay id or friends (gang) helping seller when you see more than 7-8 bids. I had seen 30-40 bids on this items with 10 bidders.!!

So if possible avoid this kind of private FDC or used cover or register cover as chances of forgery is very very high because it's very simple to make it any time with just applying rubber stamp.!!

Don't you agree with me that it's not worth to collect 1948 Gandhi private F.D.C and used covers?  because mint stamp cost more sometimes.!!

Do you think it's a Forged or FAKE cover with facsimile or reprint stamps used on it.?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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