Emblem of India on 1948 Gandhi Special Booklet or folder from Brazil is BOGUS (never issued). It's Early Usage of Emblem of India.!!

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

National Emblem of India was adopted on 26 January 1950, the day India become republic and this Brazil folder booklet with 1948 Gandhi stamps was issued in 1948 (15 months in advance) so I came to conclusion that it is ILLEGALLY  used and it's BOGUS.!!

Until 1950 it was  a sculpture of Lion  Capitol of Ashoka which was modified to Emblem of India with the bell-shaped lotus beneath the abacus has been omitted. (you can see that in following 1947 India stamp.) so how Swiss printer knows about Emblem of India.!! This proves it's nothing but BOGUS or forgery of Emblem of India.

So now what do think about following folder from Kenmore. Look at the details on the folders which looks like genuine.

In past I wrote about Emblem of India usage on BOGUS (never exist) Gandhi philatelic material with 2009 special cancellation from Winnenden, Germany.

Yes above special cancellation is BOGUS (never exist or issued).!!


The State Emblem of India is an adaptation from the Sarnath Lion Capital of Emporer Ashoka, who ruled from 272 BC to 232 BC.The Lion Capital has four lions standing back to back mounted on a circular abacus. The frieze of the abacus is adorned with sculptures in high relief of an elephant, a galloping horse, a bull and a lion separated by intervening Dharma Chakra (Wheels of Law). The abacus rests on a bell-shaped lotus.

The State Emblem is the official seal of India. As such, use of the State Emblem for official seal is restricted to the President, the Vice President, Union Ministers, Ministers and others Officers of the Central Government including diplomatic missions abroad, Governors, Lieutenant Governors, Chief Commissioners and Administrators of Union Territories and Ministers and departments and offices of the State governments and of Union Territory governments and administrations who have adopted the State Emblem. 

It was adopted as National Emblem of India on 26 January 1950, the day India become republic.

To me following folder sold on eBay by "bayphilatelics" member since 1998 from USA and item location is Taiwan!! is one more addition in questionable Emblem of India  which is ILLEGALLY used.!! Don't know how income tax (taxation) is done in this kind of selling where member is from USA and item is in Taiwan.!!

I came to conclusion that it is ILLEGALLY  used, because this Gandhi stamp folder Brazil booklet was issued in 1948.!!!

So now don't you think it's a BOGUS.!! 

How can it be on any folder or paper even no one knew about this will be Emblem of India.!! But this is Gandhi stamp collection and there are lot of visionary out there.!!!

You all know how easy it is to make FORGED products in China such as Coach/Gucci/Burberry women's purses, Rolex watches etc. If all that can be forged than this is the easiest thing to made because it's just piece of paper (thick paper) printed with Emblem and written in Portuguese with golden thread.!!

Also no one will notice that it's forged product because there is no one to make any complaint and you can make $749.!!

Don't you think collectors are buying this kind of BOGUS philatelic material by closing their eyes or it's a part of the philatelic GAME.!!?


Reason for this is questionable (BOGUS: Never exist or made) folder is that to use Emblem you need permission from Indian Government or Indian Government office(embassy).

If you see that this folder only has Emblem of India in front without even mentioning any thing about India or issuing authority or Indian Embassy of Brazil. Also there is no cancellation date stamp (CDS) so don't know when it was actually issued or not.!! Also no description about stamps or issuing agency etc.

Genuine folder will have all kind of information on folder such as picture, description of stamp etc. Following is official folder from Post & Telegraph department of India issued for 1948 Mahatma Gandhi stamps and even that one don't have Emblem of India.!! 

Above official folder from Post & Telegraph department of India with three 1948 Gandhi stamps will sell for $30-$40 and if all four stamps then it will sell for $100-$140. Check following post to see what price it sold for.!! If higher price then you know it's glorification only.!!

Following is folder issued by USA postal department in 1961 for Gandhi stamps. Look all kind of information on this folder which will explain you a about stamps as well as special cancellation issued on that day, brief description of Mahatma Gandhi and other participation information. 

Following folder will sell somewhere between $5-$10.!!

Now think pricing of this BOGUS folder.!! which itself makes it BOGUS.!!

By just printing name on piece of paper don't make a folder.!! 

Even country name "Brazil" is missing.!!

If you compare both of the above folder with Brazil folder as well as Courvoisier folder then you will notice the difference.

To me it looks like Emblem of India is used ILLEGALLY and if it is indeed illegal use then it is a great insult to country.

In past I wrote about Forged or BOGUS (never exist)1948 Gandhi Courvoisier folder which were selling for more than $5000.!! Click following link to know more about it.

Even this Courvoisier folder from Switzerland don't have Emblem of India.!!

Don't you see similarity between 1948 Gandhi stamps Courvoisier folder and 1948 India Gandhi stamps on Brazil special booklet.?

So what do you think about special booklet folder with 1948 Gandhi stamps ?

1) Do you really think Emblem of India is used Legally ?

2) Do you really think it was issued in 1948?

My personal view on this special booklet of Gandhi 1948 stamps is it's illegal and was not issued in 1948. I am not expert in philatelic material so you don't have to believe my view, but you can think what are the chances before you buy as you have to pay money.!!

If anyone has proof that it was legally issued in 1948 then please let me know so I can modify this blog post and bring awareness about Genuineness of this folder instead claiming as  BOGUS, Forged, FAKED Gandhi philatelic material.!!

Read my following blog post to understand about stamp collection in DECLINE.!!

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3) How to invest when philately price is dropping.

If you see stamps are not even selling or selling like 5-10 times lower their value than mentioned in catalog.!!

There is nothing RARE or Scare in philately because this hobby is in downward trend because experienced collectors are loosing interest because value is not appreciating and new collectors are not coming in to this because there are lot of other things to do for them such as playing video games on Nintendo or X-box , social networking on facebook or google+ or  surfing on web through internet or SMS through iphone or android or watch games such as cricket, football or basketball.!!

Only way philately can sustain is to stop cheating in this hobby. Yes CHEATING.!! which is what you will see in order to increase value artificially by inflating the price by SHILL bidding, not paying to seller or mutual understanding cancelling transaction and lot more.

To know more about this kind of activity read my following blog post and think what are the possibilities in cheating, glorification, SHILL bidding, FAKE, Forgery etc.

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I hope all the above will help while making decision in investing stamps and to avoid getting CHEATED.!!

Now don't you think it does NOT make sense STAMP INVESTING!!

Also don't you think it does NOT make sense to collect all thematic stamps because it will keep coming.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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