TCHAD stamps

Hello Gandhi stamp collectors,

Tchad issued Mahatma Gandhi stamp along with Mountbatten in 1999. It looks like it was issued to celebrate Millenium.

 Also in background it has Eiffel tower.

Please look at following screen shot and think whether it makes to sense to collect Gandhi stamps or even any stamps.!!

8 stamps or miniature stamp sheet is selling for $1.60. It was wide varieties with all has background of Eiffel tower stamp. So it means that it's only 20 cents per stamp or miniature stamp sheet.!!

Here stamps is selling as "Ghandhi" looks like mispelled.! So add in your search and look for it.!!

Even more are still available so take a look if you want.!!

So not sure what all stamp collectors, stamp dealers, philatelic blogger, philatelic magazine and philatelic handbook are talking about  INVESTMENT.

I can understand financial advisor will and dealers and auction house will try to brag about it because they will make money.

Gandhi Stamps club

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