Mao stamps

 Hello Gandhi Collectors,

While looking for Gandhi philatelic material I found lot of similarities between Mao stamps from China.!!

Looks like same principle is applied in Mao stamps also.

Following is FORGERY of Mao stamps which is sold as copy, replica, forgery.!! It's nothing wrong to sell forgery so everyone get chances to have that philatelic material at very nominal price.

This same like Gandhi Service 10 Rupees stamps from India.!!

But I was surprised when I saw this stamps Mao stamps selling for $11000.!!! Looks like it's a similar set.!!

Why make a offer also or  pay $11000 as you can get for $13.!!

There are 2 offers for this stamps.!! (Don't we see this kind of activity in Gandhi specimen stamps.!!!)

So it's not only Gandhi stamps collection is glorified but looks like China stamp collection is also glorified !!!


So what do you think when you compare Gandhi stamps and Mao Stamps.!!?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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