India Stamps - 1948 India Gandhi Stamps are false hope of RICHES?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

You will be seeing that some of the Gandhi 1948 FDC and Used cover are selling at unbelievable price which makes  me curious to dig more into this and trying to aware all collectors.

FDC was sold for $6350  

Do you Really think this is a Genuine price?

Forget price, do you think this is Genuine special cancellation?

I don't think it's a genuine special cancellation, but it forgery.!!!


Please look at the following screenshot of expensive Gandhi Philatelic material sold  and you will think, Is Gandhi Stamps are for only RICH people or Is this a real transaction or a way to inflate the price so you will buy same or similar philatelic material it at half price or less thinking you got a great discount.!!

Collectors (Buyer) stay in this hobby if you have following kind of buying power  like ebay buyer "hitlerandgandhi", "blue_guy_1234", "philapragya24" , "echobangla" etc otherwise run away from this hobby and Think Different hobby(it's a game).!!!

Do you really think eBay got commission from this transaction ?

It will be about $2500.!!

Or eBay is also CHEATED by seller not paying commission ?

Click above image to see enlarge copy of it so you can see details.

What do you think about this all expensive Gandhi Philatelic material purchase.?

Collectors (Seller) stay in this hobby only if you have above kind of philatelic material such as from drpokiri(aka stampsniper), akhtarkk, barrydavid2005 etc. 

If you don't have this then learn how to sell it at high price and stay in this hobby(it's a game).!!

Study all buyers and sellers activity and then you can play this game of hobby too.!!

Ebay buyer "hitlerandgandhi" from India bought more than 25000 US Dollars worth of Philatelic material mostly Gandhi in last 30 days.!!

Also in August 2011 he bought some expensive 1948 FDC. Click following link to see what he purchased.

I am not sure who is "hitlerandgandhi" but to me he looks like a very rich person!! who is spending this kind of  offical white money openly in public auction market without any fear of goverment because all this transactions are recorded on ebay and paypal and they keeps this kind of information for 7-15 years or more depending on finiancial transaction for any future inquiry.

Do you think "hitlerandgandhi" is really paying for this item?

After looking all the above sold Gandhi Philatelic material,  Do you think 1948 India Gandhi Stamps are false hope of RICHES? I think so.!!

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Also there are lot of cheating such as Forgery stamps, Shill bidding, BOGUS philatelic material  involved in stamps collection.

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

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Gandhi Service stamp : How one can tell it's REAL or FAKE overprint stamp ?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

As we all know that 1948 Gandhi Stamp from India is one of the most popular philatelic item for collection and also one of the expensive also and with this there are lot of question about Genuine collectible items.

To make it more complicated there is also Gandhi SERVICE overprint stamp issued specially for Governor General of India.

Recently I saw Gandhi Service Replica on ebay auction and I was surprised by seller truth about his stamps. Following is the screenshot of that were seller mentioned it's Replica(FAKE) stamp.!!

Not sure what is correct price for Replica stamp.!! but seller mentioned about this is very nice thing  instead of trying to cheat. 

But how can you find GENUINE or REAL stamp if seller don't mention about it and just try to sell it. Following two screenshot of recently sold Gandhi SERVICE stamp is taken from ebay. Seller has not mentioned about certification from British Philatelic Association (BPA) so it is very hard to trust whether this is REAL.

Do you really think ebay seller "afsj58" really got 907$ from this sale to "shafiqshah2810" and paid all ebay/paypal fees.!!

Also it is very very hard to find used stamp and specially on cover or piece of paper but you will see this frequently on eBay.

Now see following screenshot and you decide that this are really used Gandhi SERVICE stamps.

 Why just used stamp on piece of paper instead complete cover.? Do you think original collector of this SERVICE stamp don't know what was the value of this stamp with cancellation.!!!

Following partial screenshot is from one of the most reputed and respected website from India and hosted since more than 10+ years www.stampsofindia.com  which mentioned that.

(This is not authorized source from Government of India, but someone like me wrote it so cannot believe it)





To read complete article  about 1948 Gandhi Stamp from India please click following link


Through research and in-depth analysis is required before you jump into GANDHI SERVICE stamp (Mint or USED on paper) otherwise you will be holding some REPLICA.!!

It's very hard to tell whether overprint Gandhi SERVICE stamp is Genuine and it's difficult to find USED 1948 GANDHI overprint SERVICE stamp on piece of paper.!!

I don't have any SERVICE stamp and don't intend to add this in my collection!! 

Also I don't add any 1948 Gandhi philatelic material in my collection because lot of research is required and you need to be in this collection for more than 10 or more years before you understand completely.

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