Straits Settlements stamps B/172 India stamps - Do you really think it's worth $34,500.!!?

Recently I saw  1859 Queen Victoria stampIndia stamp used in Straits Settlements with  post mark rubber stamp  with B/172 octagonal cancellation which was for sale for $34000.

Do you really think it's worth $34,500.!!?

In past we had seen forgery India used in Straits Settlements bisect with B/172 post mark rubber stamp which is in Octagonal shape which is also know as Penang Octagonal.

This forgery was was on East India stamp around 1859 with bisect stamp of Queen Victoria from India which was sold for $2.!!

So now what are chances of FORGERY in following cover from India stamp used in Straits Settlements - 1859 entire with 4a bisect B/172 was for sale $34,500 by "stamp_bay".

Only thing you have to do is cancel lightly and incomplete.!! and you can make lot of money.!!

Also it''s easier to make forgery of this than Gandhi SERVICE stamps cover because you don't need to worry about overprint Gandhi SERVICE stamp and also Governor General postmark (rubber stamp) and O.H.M.S cover and also make more money than Gandhi SERVICE cover.!!



Don't you think it's easy to make this kind of cover and make money.!! I think so.

You just need do following.

1) Buy some 1850 Queen Victoria stamps
2) Find some old covers in stamp exhibition dealers
3) Make forged B/172 octagonal rubber stamp
4) Now affix that 1850 QV  stamps Queen Victoria stamp on cover and apply B/172 rubber stamp. (lightly)
5) If you want some back cancellation stamp date then make forged rubber stamp from that city.

And now you are ready to make money.!!!

Lot of money.- $34,500.!!

You can get Expertising certificate from any philatelic society to authentic any stamp also.!!

Of course they don't certify rubber stamp post mark cancellation or piece of paper or cover. They will certify stamp only so you can sell it with Expertising certificate.!!

You can forged Philatelic Expertising Certificate also.!!

Now learn more by read following of three blog post so you will be expert in making money.!!

We had seen lot of forgery so anything is possible or doable.!! It's not only Gandhi stamps but any British India stamp is affix on cover and apply forged rubber stamp and a great unique rare stamps philatelic cover is ready.!!

Following is one more forgery with Queen Victoria stamps.

In past I wrote about Forgery stamps so it will make easy for you to decide.

So what do you think about India stamp used  in Straits Settlements stamps with B/172 post mark.!!?

Can you start making money.!! I think so it's easy.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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