Error stamps Freaks stamps Oddities stamps

Recently I saw four error stamps of Gandhi ( two used and two mint error stamps) from Hungary sold for $1025.

This can be Error stamps or  Freaks stamps  or Oddities stamps also because it is one of a kind if genuine.!!

Do you really think this is ERROR stamp or Oddities stamps?

Of course it look like Error stamp or Freak stamp, but can you believe it.?

Do you really think this Error stamps or Freaks stamps or Oddities stamps was sold by postal administration as it is registered cover ?

But we know how this kind of Error stamps or Freaks stamps or Oddities stamps are made and sold.

1) Either it is stolen waste from printing press instead of shredding or burning or archiving by or from government.
2) Either it is photo copy of existing stolen waste and  available in large quantity.
3) Modified existing stamp or from picture from philatelic book modified using Photoshop and claiming as error stamp.

This are imperf stamp which has missing black color, so you don't see detail like country name and other details on the stamp.

But still it was not notice by postal administration and they applied rubber stamp on it.!! They need to make sure which country it belong too even though it is look alike.!!

Do you really think this is genuine used ?

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Hungary stamps : Is this really error stamp used on cover ?

Imperf Stamps - Imperforated stamps

So what do you think abou this Error stamps or Freaks stamps or Oddities stamps ?

It's up to you to decide as Expertising companies don't take any liability of their own opinion so it's better to THINK yourself whether it make sense or not.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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