perforation error stamp - printing error stamp - producing error stamps ?

If seller had not  mentioned about FORGERY than you will think it's ERROR stamp because it is misperf or double perf error stamp.!!

But it's a FORGERY stamp from India as per seller. "India 1965 GNAT 1st Crude Forgery of Post India"

Don't you think it's ILLEGAL to sell or possess illegal government issued material (forgery), because it will impact government revenue if someone start using is as a postal stamp for mailing cover or postcard?

Same way like illegal printing money (forgery) and spending it and if caught you will go to jail for years. 

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So what happen if you start selling FORGERY openly on eBay ?

This was selling for $35.!! 

Do you think it makes sense to  print this kind of stamps and make money.!!

But when currency notes are forged you will only get face value of that printed money. No one is going to give you more!! , but forgery stamp it is sold at premium.!!! 

A 20 paise stamp is sold for 210000 paise (2100 rupees or $35.!!)

So what do you think about following ERROR stamp  describe as ERROR stamp, misperf stamp, stamp producing error, double perforation error stamp, imperf error stamp, perf error stamp, printing error stamp, dry print error stamp ?

Is it FORGERY stamps or Government of India printing error?

1) India Error Stamp - Misperf error corner block of 4 MNH ?

2) India ERROR stamp -Dry print error stamp block of 20 ?

3) India ERROR stamp - All over colour lines error, India Gandhi MISPERF error ?

4) India major printing error stamp, Perforation ERROR stamps ?

5) India IMPERF print PERF error stamps - Gandhi error stamp, Rose error stamp, Lady Feeding Milk error stamps, Farming error stamps ?

6) Double Perforation Error stamp of India ?

7) India Gandhi stamp producing error ?

Also there was GANDHI ERROR stamp store on eBay.!!! "India-Stamps-Error-Gandhi-Philately"

Yes specially for Gandhi ERROR stamps?

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How to create Gandhi Error stamps

MISPERF Error stamps or forgery stamps ?

India ERROR stamp - color omitted stamps

India Error stamps : Is stamp printing as well as QUALITY Assurance really this BAD in INDIA??

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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