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Stamp Collecting is declining but can't believe there are no buyers for Gandhi stamps and Philatelic material.

As of writing this 4 Gandhi Max card, 2 philatelic Stationary cover, 1 first day cover, and 3 different stamps of Gandhi is still available (11:00 AM, PST) for $15 and is available for more than 12 hours without buyer.!!

I think if you are new collector and don't have this Gandhi stamps and philatelic material than it's good price, but you will have very hard time selling this if you are trying to making money, because no one needs it.!!

Also there are more chances of value decline by 50% in near term because no one is buying it, but also there are chances of 100% loss as stamp collection hobby might be extinct.!! So Beware before you buy it.

Reason for stamp collecting is not interested because there are other things to do in this modern high tech fast changing world.

It's boring to collect stamps!!

Also dealers and some experienced collectors make it worst by selling forgery stamps or glorifying forged material in their stamp exhibition.

It will be very hard for new collectors to research and find correct information as this forgery material is deeply spread in to philatelic handbook or philatelic catalog or websites or blogs.

Also forged material has won philatelic exhibition medal and awards, so you might think it's genuine but that's not the case as Philatelic judges might not know everything coming in exhibition and it will be impossible to find information about it so they will consider genuine whatever stamp exhibitor is telling them.!!!

And if you are famous collector then no one will question them as they think it genuine.!!! So never follow famous exhibitor or collector as they are the root cause of this decline in stamp collection.!!

Famous collectors (collector family) are virtually connected with auction house or eBay seller to make money and increase their stamp collection value. They can make good living by selling this forgery stamps and go around the world for vacation in name of philatelic judge, conveyor etc.

It's a big gang spread out in different location which makes you believe that it's good to invest in stamps, but actually it's a big SCAM.!!

Not only that Expertising certificates are issued for this forgery item also as they don't know all information going in world around 50 or 100 years ago.!!

So if you give some unique philatelic material they will start believing it.!!

And if it comes from famous collector or auction house they don't want to burn bridges as Expertsing agency also needs money without taking any liability.!!

Above Gandhi stamps and philatelic material will be good for new beginners who are thinking of stamp collecting.

1) Two 1951/1969 Gandhi Postcard from India.
2) Two 1995 Max card with Gandhi stamps from South Africa with first day  cancellation.
3) 2 Romania stationary cover with Gandhi special cancellation
4) 1995 India Gandhi SE-Tenant stamps sheet worth Rs. 8
5) Block of 2 Gandhi stamps from India.
6) 1995 First day cover of Gandhi SE-Tenant stamp from South Africa 


Before you start stamp collecting, please read following series of my blog post  to understand what is going on stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic materials.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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