Rare valuable stamps price

Stamp Collection is indeed dying after looking at pricing of Gandhi Memorial Stamps folder issued officially issued by Post and Telegraph department of India.

There is nothing like RARE stamps selling online or in auction house because it might be either some famous collectors or with ROYAL family.

What you see on eBay are either FORGERY which are made by high quality printers!!

So it will be very hard to find out RARE valuable stamps price.!!

Sometimes you see BOGUS folder selling as RARE for more than $30000!! Which are not even officially issued by stamp governing body.

Also no one know about it but still get Expertising certificates.!!

To me it's a handy work of some collectors who are trying  to glorifying Gandhi stamps by various means of publicity such as stamp exhibition, philatelic handbook, philatelic websites etc.

So BEWARE what are you jumping in.!!

It's not investment but a big SCAM.!!

Recently 2 folders were sold for $22 each.!!! 

You might see this again for sale with forged 10 Rupees India Gandhi stamps affixed on this folder and forged rubber stamp of some post office or special Jai Hind cancellation and will be for sale again.!!

And of course SHILL bidding will be there to increase price and to GLORIFY that Gandhi stamps is indeed one of a kind and  newly rich people are investing in stamps.!!

In past stamps were sold for very very low price which indicates  stamps price are declining.


In past this folders were selling for unbelievable price, but according to me it's nothing but SHILL bidding and FORGERY or BOGUS folder in order to make money.

Stamp folders are nothing but to make money.!!

Read my following blog post so you can understand what are this Gandhi Memorial Stamps folder.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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