1948 Gandhi stamp FDC sold for $3950!! Do you think eBay shareholders are getting Richer because of Gandhi Philately.?

 Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In March I saw 1948 Gandhi FDC with special cancellation from Simla sold for $3950 by seller "drpokiri"  from Los Altos, California.

Not sure why very valuable and expensive 10 Rupees stamp is affix in back of the cover !! My guess is that maker of cover decided to use 10 Rs. stamp afterwards.!!

After careful observation of bidders from following screenshot, I notice that  price jumps $1350 to 3500!! by h***t(1631) "posthost" aka "philametrics"

If you want to know buyer then check seller's feedback given to "Feedback Left for Others". But to make it easy I will do it for you. (This is why feedbacks are for.!! You need to make sure about everything when you are buying and selling on ebay and this is first thing you see.)

It's not "Rocket Science" to find it or you don't need to hack eBay Servers or Networks or Passwords.!! It's easy to find buyer and bidders also. Following is screenshot of bidders list. You need to study this list because all bidders are repeating somewhere in buying and selling Gandhi 1948 stamps, FDC and used covers from India.

But I still hope it should be like delcampe.net so bidders name can be known easily. ( so think why you don't see 1948 Gandhi stamps and philately material on delcampe.net !!!)

There were 30 bids from 10+ bidders. Looks like Gandhi Philately is  REDHOT!! What do you think.!!?

Also buyer bought more than  $25000 worth of philately material in a month.!!

Looks like in this purchase "hitlerandgandhi" paid because of seller comments. In my previous blog post "INDIAN PHILATELY EXPOSED" same buyer did not paid $3950 to Australian seller "simrenzo1".!!! so not sure what's going on. But by just postive feedback you cannot judge it because there are lot of other aspect after deal is over.!!

But who cares.!! eBay/PayPal is getting commission on this sale and US government is getting income tax on this and eBay shareholders are getting richer and buyer is getting what he wants for collection and seller get's his money.!!

Did eBay/PayPal really made money on this ??? Your guess is my guess.!!

Want to learn more about 1948 India Gandhi stamps then click following link to read my previous blog posts.


  • I have eBay shares in my retirement account and don't intend to buy or sell in 72 hours.
  • I am not recommending to buy or sell eBay shares. This is my personal opinion, which I don't recommend anyone to make judgement by reading this as this might be not true as I am not completely aware whether buyer paid or return this item, seller refunded etc.!!
  • I am not financial analyst or stock broker or don't work for any financial instituted.
  • I don't work for eBay.

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