Morocco Gandhi Stamps

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I am not sure what interest it makes to collect stamp sheet. Reason for this is it will required special care for sheet you collect and  it will not fit in any standard philatelic album and it also cost higher than regular stamps.

Look at following example of Morocco Gandhi stamp sheet. It was sold for 60 euros. But now collector or reseller needs to keep it in specially space. Also it cost more for shipping and also it's pain to store and to display also.!!

And that's the reason after 40+ years it is selling around 60 euros for this stamp sheet of 50 stamps.!!

Think about all this stuff before you buy Gandhi Stamp sheet. 

Seller : estafette50
Buyer : www_stampsfromindia_com

Seller : estafette50
Buyer : traditional.india

Sold for 32 Euros in auction.!!

In future you might see this  stamp sheet selling on ebay or delcampe in block of 4!!

This is for reference for future new Gandhi Stamp Collectors, so they know what was pricing of this stamps in 2011 even after 40+ years!!

This 2 sheet came for sale for $500!!! But both of them were  unsold. (Looks like one of the buyer is trying to sell this.!!)

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