India stamps with FDC of 15th August 1947 Independence day with JAI HIND Cancellation - Jainasian making money on eBay by selling stamps philatelic material

We know how easy is to make rubber stamp and apply it on any stamps and claim it as extreme rare philatelic stamp material and make money by selling on eBay.

Jai Hind Cancellation is one of them with India stamps which was selling for $314.!! by eBay seller "jainasian" from Surat, India.

According my research Jai Hind cancellation is nothing but bogus. (never exist). Even post office in New Delhi was closed on that date.!!

My opinion for this type of cancellation is brainchild of some collectors and dealers who will come up with this kind of extreme rare cancellation.

After that it will be displayed in stamp exhibition and will win medal.

And then it will be glorified in  Stamp Handbook, Philatelic Year Book, Stamp Journals etc and then everyone will run to get it.!!

Want to gain international attention then send one to Smithsonian national philatelic museum in Washington and make more money.!!!

In 2009, Gandhi stamp collector (cheater) from Winnenden &  Schwaikheim town of Germany with illegal use of Emblem of India.!!

This was also bought for $100+ for short amount of time.!!

To read more about this special cancellation from Winnenden Germany click following link and think about it before you jump in to special cancellation.




It's a big game played in stamp collection. It involved lot of people to glorify stamps and make money.!!

Now don't you think you can money by selling stamps on eBay.!!

$314 (21000 rupees) is too much money for 900 million out of 1.2 billion Indian population.

so start making rubber stamp and start selling it.



Imperf stamps - Proof stamps - Grenada stamps

Recently I saw Grenada IMPERF stamps - Proof stamps of  Gandhi Disarmament selling for $120 by ebay seller "steelhouseauctions"

This imperf stamps are also mentioned in Gandhi Handbook which has more imperf stamps than actual stamps.!!

I don't believe in Gandhi Handbook because it has incorrect information about stamps and philatelic material.

Even forgeries are also in Gandhi Handbook and there is no description or mention about that this is forgery such as 1948 Gandhi FDC from Indian Embassy Nepal or Gandhi SERVICE stamps on piece of paper and lot more.

According to me there are more chance of getting photocopy instead of IMPERF stamps.

It's very easy to print or make imperf stamps with latest printers or photo copy machine so be careful.

Most of the IMPERF stamps are nothing but forgery. Some times it's even bogus(never exist).

Some times it's STOLEN from Government Archives so be careful when dealing with some special philatelic material.

So be careful when you buy IMPERF stamps.

It's not a stamp !!



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