GB Great Britain Mint Stamps - FORGERY stamps selling as Genuine ?

Are REPLICA or FACSIMILE selling as genuine.?

In last 90 days eBay seller "mint.stamps" sold GB Great Britain Mint Stamps for more than $100,000 from 50-60 auction.!!

Do you think eBay seller "mint.stamps" got $100,000 from buyer ?

Do you think eBay got commission on this transactions ?  If eBay got commission it will be $10,000.

Did UK and USA got Capital Gain TAX from this transaction ?

Yes seller is selling from  two countries so Capital Gain TAX, VAT, State Tax etc for USA and UK.

In past I wrote about Great Britain - GB stamp collection - CHEATING in stamp collection ? Click to read so you know what's going in stamp collection.

Do you really think this are  genuine transactions ? 

Are stamp collectors paying $100000 for this kind of Mint stamps from Great Britain. ?

Do you really think UK government is getting Capital Gain Tax, VAT and other taxes from this transaction ? If yes then it will be around $20,000 to 30,000.

Do you really think eBay got it's share (commission) from this transaction.? If yes then it will be $10,000.!!

I don't think so.

But to me it looks nothing but following.

How to increase price of stamps ?

How to show there is still interest in stamp collection ?

How to do SHILL bidding ?

How to use eBay infrastructure without paying eBay.

In past we had seen this all in Gandhi stamps, King Edward 1902 stamps and other stamp. Click following link to see it.

So what do you think ?

Do you think it's all BOGUS transaction which are nothing but to glorify stamps ?

I don't think eBay got Commission because seller might not paid to buyer .!!

So seller cancel transaction and don't pay commission to eBay.!!

So seller don't have to pay any Capital Gain TAX.!!

Or VAT.!!

But can some one sell from two countries under same eBay account  in order to save TAX such as VAT etc.!!




The First Aerial Post: Hendon to Windsor & Windsor to Hendon

Recently I saw  First Aerial Mail movie which carried mail from Hendon to Windsor & Windsor to Hendon on September 9th, 1911.

There is a proof that it was actually flown so we can believe it. A movie of First Aerial Mail.


Make sure you watch this movie. It's interesting to see.

Did you notice how much interest was their to see the first air mail in UK with lot of people watching on both ends.!!

But as per philatelic exhibit's, philatelic handbooks and blogs etc,  Hendon to Windsor was NOT first aerial mail.

It was from India.!! (LOL).

Don't you think it's a JOKE.!!

Reason for this is a JOKE because it was impossible to think flying a plane in India at that time and they were flying airmail.!!

It was  from Allahabad, India which was flown on Feb 18th, 1911.

But to me it's nothing but BOGUS. (never flown).

Reason for my opinion about this First Aerial mail is BOGUS because of following
  • Allahabad is not near sea or ocean, so it will be hard to transport plane to Allahabad. I can understand Calcutta or Bombay, but Allahabad is 1000+ miles away from ocean.
  • There is no proof (like movie or pictures) that it was flown except this magenta rubber stamp.!! 
  • Also there were no people watching this event but 6500 covers were flown!! Even if they fly today (in 2016) there will be lot of people to just see airplane.!!
  • Out of 6500 covers there might be 500-1000 people watching this historic event.
  • Now compare following two CDS and think whether it make sense that First Aerial Mail from Allahabad is genuine or BOGUS(never exist, so need to create forgery). Even Hendon to Windsor was flown after Allahabad, CDS was not creativity at all.!!

Why UK did not used similar creative rubber stamp with airplane as Allahabad First Aerial Mail and color during First Aerial Post from Hendon to Windsor with airplane.

  • Date is missing in Allahabad CDS. 
  • Color is magenta which was never heard, during that time in India as well as other countries on postal cancellation.
  • Also look at creativity on rubber stamp in 1911.!! A airplane on CDS.!! Don't you think it was NOT possible in 1911  in India.!!
  • To me it look like cachet instead of CDS which is wrongly applied on stamps.!!
After looking and thinking about my points what do you think ?

To me it look complete bogus but  as per AERO Philatelist it's one of kind and rare item.!!

Now let's compare value of this  The First Aerial Post from Hendon to Windsor & Windsor to Hendon was sold for $25, where as Allahabad First Aerial mail is selling from $600 - $3500.!!

But as per articles and exhibit around the world this was not first aerial mail flown.

But if you see this are selling for high price with BPA expertizing certificate (certificate just give opinion but not take any responsibility).

Following First Aerial Post was for sell on eBay by seller "stamp_bay" for $3500.!!

So how you can believe this was actually flown without any proof.!!

Yes it is highly marketed by donating to Philatelic museum, Handbook, stamp exhibit etc but without proof we can't believe it.

Following are some of my previous blog post which will explain my research on First Aerial Post, so after reading you will get idea about FALSE HOPE OF RICHES.!!

So after comparing from Hendon to Windsor and Allahabad First Aerial Mail and reading above blog posts what do you think ?

Will you spend $3500 on this First Aerial Mail from Allahabad or will spend $25 on  The First Aerial Post: Hendon to Windsor & Windsor to Hendon .!!


BTW: Instead of $3500 want to spend less than buy it for $1200 or $600.!!


Great Britain - GB stamp collection - CHEATING in stamp collection ?

Recently I saw Great Britain stamp collection (Mint stamps) sold by eBay UK seller "mint.stamps" since 2003 and item location in USA on January 31 for $5628.

Same Great Britain stamp collection was sold  by eBay UK seller "collectstamps" since 2012 and item location in USA on November 22 for $6225.

Do you think it's REAL GENUINE transaction ?

This means eBay got commission from both of them.!!

Also one is going to pay Capital Gain tax and other is taking loss on Capital Gain Tax (short term) on collectibles.!

Do you BELIEVE that some one will sell this fast after buying it and taking loss ? ($1200+ including commission to eBay ).

But not sure which country will get CAPITAL GAIN tax. USA or UK ?

Reason for this is seller is from UK but item location is USA ?

My guess is about VAT or Capital Gain tax or who knows.!! 

Do you think both eBay id are of same sellers. "mint.stamps" and "collectstamps".

Chances are very high. ( My opinion is yes, but you don't have to believe)

So it's nothing but canceling the eBay transaction so don't have to pay commission which is about 10% of selling price which will be around US 1100$.

Look at catalog value of Great Britain stamps from GB, Canada, FAlkland Islands as per seller.!!


And selling for $6000.!!

Recently seller was selling Saudi Arabia ARAMCO used cover for 2nd time .!!

Not sure why but it was for sale again for $999,99 (one hundred thousand US dollars.!!)

This is common practice in Gandhi stamp collection were stamps are sold multiple times by same seller or with different id.!!

So what do you think about this transaction?



My personal opinion (you don't have to believe me, but you can think) it's CHEATING .!!

Reason for CHEATING in Great Britain stamp collection.
  • This happen in Gandhi stamps all the time, to increase price by SHILL bidding or by FAKE bidding to increase price and not paying to seller.
  • Who is going to take loss of $1200 in 3 months.! (including commission to eBay).
  • Seller is based in UK and item location in USA.
According to me no one is getting money from this.!!

This is only FALSE hope of riches to increase price and show there is still interest in stamp collection.!!

But according to me there is no interest in stamp collection  as it's DYING hobby. 

I can even say it's an OBSOLETE hobby.


BTW: Read my 2011  blog post and it same method is used to CHEAT.!!

What is Gandhi Stamp Value ? Does it make sense to Invest in Gandhi stamps.!!

We all know how price are increased on eBay.

1) SHILL bidding
2) Not paying to seller
3) Selling with different accounts.

Now let's research about Gandhi Stamp Value.

I know you all might have following Gandhi stamps in your collection but this is blog post is for future new Gandhi collectors.

Above 12 stamps are very colorful from 9 different countries which are Brazil, Hungary, Chile, Tanzania, Guyana, Senegal , Morocco, Nevis & Ireland. Most of this stamps were issued in 1969 which is almost 40+ years.

But all this stamps were UNSOLD for $12 and now it for resale again at $13.!!!   Look at following screen shot of this Gandhi stamp value and it's amazing that same stamps are sold by 2 different sellers.!!

As I mentioned before that you can find MNH Gandhi Stamps any time as there are NO RARE stamps. It is made RARE by certain dealers who try to profit out of it.

So who ever bought this stamps 40 years ago and preserve this very nicely in album can't sell for $12 from 9 different countries.

 In past we saw GANDHI DU CAMEROUN 2 STAMP 1969  sold for $2-3,  Gandhi SOMALIA 3 STAMPS 1969 sold for $3-4  and GANDHI SYRIAN TWO STAMPS 1969 sold for $1-2.

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts that Gandhi stamps are not for Investment. Now it's up to you to think whether Gandhi stamps make sense for Investment.!!!

You can also read my another blog post about Mahatma Gandhi Stamp - Is it for Investment ?

I know by writing this kind of information I am decreasing my own collection value, but it's OK to let other's new emerging  collectors what is True value of Gandhi  Stamp Collection instead of just using other technique to increase the prices.!!

Another example of same philatelic material sold by 2 different id.  Sellers are "sanu108" and "405940"

Following 3 covers from Suriname, Zambia and Costa Rica were on auction by 2 different sellers.!!!

Also Covers from Zambia and Costa Rica needs more research because CDS is unclear and not sure about postage rates at that time. So stay away from any Gandhi USED covers as it's a big scam going on.!!!

But looking all screen shot it looks like all  3 sellers id's is from same ebay seller.!!

"10saki88" , "sanu108" and  "405940" .!!

And might be more.!! 

I hope you got my point.

Want to know more about FAKE and FORGERY stamps then checkout other blog post click one of the following link and you will be surprised.!!!

1) Philatelic FAKE and FORGERIES.
3) Stamp collection CHEATING.
4) Stamp Collection Value
5) Stamp Collecting Facts
6) China stamp collection value.
7) First AirMail Post
8) World First Flight Cover
9) Greatest Stamp Collection Scandal 
10) Biggest stamp collection SCAM
11) SCANDAL in stamp collection 
12) How to increase stamp collection value

Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

But now you know my 15 steps to make money on internet.!! and following four blog post will make you expert in making money.!!



Straits Settlements stamps B/172 India stamps - Do you really think it's worth $34,500.!!?

Make sure you read all of the above blog post, so you will get idea about rare collectibles and expensive collectibles.

After reading above blog  post what do you think about this Rare and Expensive collectibles: How you will be CHEATED. ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Aerophilately - First Aerial Post Mail - UK VAT taxation on collectibles

Recently 1911 Allahabad airmail card signed by pilot was sold for $1278 by "newby101" from UK , which is good for everyone, including seller, eBay shareholders, UK capital gain tax, UK VAT.

There is no proof (such as movie or photos) that there was airplane flown in 1911 from Allahabad.!!

But we have proof of 1911 airplane flown in UK. (click following link to see it).

So why no movie of first air plane flown from India.!!

Because there was no airplane flown.!! (It's impossible).

Following are some of my previous blog post which will explain my research on First Aerial Post, so after reading you will get idea about FALSE HOPE OF RICHES.!!

But after writing multiple blog post about this Allahabad airmail card, which explain that this 1911 First Aerial Mail or airmail from Allahabad  is nothing by Glorification of BOGUS philately material (to make money.!!).

Can you believe it a piece of paper with rubber stamp was sold for $1278.

My personal opinion (like stamp expert certification, you don't have believe me) about this philately material  is "It's a rubber stamp" (very easy to make) which never exist or flown in first aerial mail.

One more thing is that color of ink does not make sense during that time.!!

Also Date is missing on this CDS (cancellation date stamp.).!!

Airplane on rubber stamp in 1911 and that also in India.!!  (looks like one of the early creativity art display on rubber stamp).

You will not see  this things either from UK or USA in 1911 so how come from India.!!

BTW : Date is missing in this rubber stamp so it's not CDS (cancellation date stamp) but a cachet !!

And this colorful cachet needs to be on side not on top of the stamp.!

This is bought by t***8(5376) who is bidding on 350 items with 672 bids in 30 days  only.!!

Do you think this is a genuine bidder or buyer ?

A real buyer or collector will not bid on 350 items.!! ( Compare with your bidding detail and think does it make sense ?)

So not sure why it was bought by t***8(5376).!! even after reading my multiple blog post.!!

Now look at the following screenshot from eBay you will surprised that Aerophilately -  First Aerial Post Mail cover were not sold.!!

 Some of the other were for auction but did not got any bid. This auction were from USA ebay seller "stamp_bay", "blue_guy_1234" and "drpokiri" from India (previously form USA) from $3500 to $650.!!

So what do you think about this Aerophilately -  First Aerial Post Mail.

Do you think this will help UK economy by capital gain tax ? (only seller and UK government knows about it)

Do you think this will help eBay ? (only seller and eBay knows about it).

We just have to play guessing game.!!

So what's your guess.?

My guess is UK economy did not get money from this auction because chances of not getting paid to seller is very high


BTW: Read my 2013 blog post about FORGERY in Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers


Do you still trust or believe in rare or unique Gandhi Philatelic material with all kind of different rubber stamps on 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.?

Do you still believe in 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad.?

If answer is yes then read following blog post and think about it again.

Recently I saw FAKE Zeppelin Flight covers.!!  or Aero Philately covers and if seller "aozisik" had not mentioned it as FAKE then it will be not even get notice that they are indeed FAKE flight covers for aero philately.

What I learned in 4+ years that as you move from stamps and first day covers you will face more and more FORGERY or BOGUS philatelic material because advance or experienced collectors wants RARE stamps or UNIQUE stamp collecting material, and so you will see more forgery in some unique stamp exhibition also which can bring you medal.

Stamp and FDC will not get you medal.!! so you need to get some rare stamp collecting material which is only way to create forgery and create scare.

Excellent quality in Aero Philately FAKE flight covers if you see different combination of rubber stamps of POSTMARK of different post office as well as CACHET.

This 18 Zeppelin Flight Covers were sold for $50.

If seller did not mentioned FAKE and did SHILL bidding then it will sell like 1911 First Aerial Mail Post from Allahabad and can make lot of money. ( minimum $18000 if we compare average price of $1000 with 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad).!! which were also sold for minimum $500 and maximum for $1950 by eBay seller  "stamp_bay", "upa-global",  "drpokiri", "bgtonde", "gumpa" and others, 

Of course there will lot of bidders (Shill) instead of just one in this auction.

In my previous blog post I mentioned about forgery cancellation, unbelievable price in Aero Philately, World First Flight air mail cover - who are/were also Gandhi stamps seller.

Click following link to read my blog post aboutAero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers  and you decide whether you really want to be part of this kind of shady collection.

First Aerial Post : India 1911 World 1st AERIAL POST ALLAHABAD

First Aerial Mail Post and Gandhi Stamps material SELLER.


INDIA STAMP FIRST AERIAL POST 1911 ALLAHABAD : Indian Philately Exposed - Part IV

First Aerial Post : Do you really think it's RARE and demands such a high price in philatelic collection? Is it valid in philatelic exhibition if postage stamps used is not valid ? or it's VALUE LESS.

This means that all rubber stamp (postmark and cachet) applied on this First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin cover, maxicard or postcard are FAKE.

Following are some of the FAKE rubber stamp of post office of Grafzeppelin, Moscou, Arctique as well as very beautiful cachet on Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers.

Do you think above FAKE covers might made it to philatelic museum in order to glorify Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers ?

Following is FORGED cachet of First Aerial Post which is also selling as First Air Mail Cover, World First Air Post etc.

Also post office postmark which are not applied on stamps are also forged from Allahabad post office dated 18 February 1911, as well as Sitapur post office.

There is no difference between First Aerial Post, U.P. Exhibition Allahabad 1911 and all of the above rubber stamp postmark and cachet.

Looks like lot of similarities between Gandhi stamps and Air Flight covers, First Flight covers, First Air Mail cover and First  Aerial Mail from Allahabad.

Even Register rubber stamps are FAKE in both.

Above are all bogus RUBBER stamps (which never exist) or forgery which will help future collectors whether they really want to start collecting stamps and philately.!!

Forgery in stamp collection and philatelic material is nothing new. It has been going around since last 150 years since Penny Black first every stamp issued by Great Britain. But the quantity  and quality of forged stamps we see in today's world is unbelievable.

It's hard which one is REAL and which one is FAKE. And if it is on used cover or register cover with forged postmark cancellation it will be impossible for new or regular collector.!!

In Indian stamps and philately specially in Gandhi collection we have seen lot of forgery stamps and philatelic materials, some of them are following.

3) Forged 1948 Gandhi Mourning first day cover.(different way to mourn.!!)

Looks like Gandhi stamps and philatelic material have all kinds of Forgery.!!! including Indian Philatelic items such as 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad and 1854 Queen Victoria stamps.!!

So what are chances of getting this FAKE Aero Philately cover as Genuine covers?

I think if you are new collectors and don't know what's going on behind the doors than you will end up buying it and regret whole your life that Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers sucked my money.!!!

So BEWARE when you start collecting  Aero Philately covers - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers.

Any way there is not that much interest in Aero Philately covers - First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers.!!, but it will be good learning experience for Gandhi Stamps Collectors as well Philatelic judges who give medals to Gandhi exhibit so they have something to think about it.

Following are some of the Gandhi Aero Philately - First Air Mail Flight Covers - FFC - First Flight Covers.

I own some of the above Gandhi aero philately first flight cover. I also paid high price because shill bidding and don't know actual pricing information and reality of Aero Philately.

I can avoid writing about this so my investment stay safe, but you know I don't want to other to face all kinds of cheating in stamp collection so I write about it.

By writing this I am not benefiting at all, but I am getting satisfaction of providing some important information to whole collector community so they don't get cheated.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

Note : - Following are 18 FAKE First Air Mail Flight Covers - Zeppelin Covers which were sold for $49.!!! (click to enlarge it and see what are chances of this kind of rubber stamp in your collection.!!)


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