GB Great Britain Mint Stamps - FORGERY stamps selling as Genuine ?

Are REPLICA or FACSIMILE selling as genuine.?

In last 90 days eBay seller "mint.stamps" sold GB Great Britain Mint Stamps for more than $100,000 from 50-60 auction.!!

Do you think eBay seller "mint.stamps" got $100,000 from buyer ?

Do you think eBay got commission on this transactions ?  If eBay got commission it will be $10,000.

Did UK and USA got Capital Gain TAX from this transaction ?

Yes seller is selling from  two countries so Capital Gain TAX, VAT, State Tax etc for USA and UK.

In past I wrote about Great Britain - GB stamp collection - CHEATING in stamp collection ? Click to read so you know what's going in stamp collection.

Do you really think this are  genuine transactions ? 

Are stamp collectors paying $100000 for this kind of Mint stamps from Great Britain. ?

Do you really think UK government is getting Capital Gain Tax, VAT and other taxes from this transaction ? If yes then it will be around $20,000 to 30,000.

Do you really think eBay got it's share (commission) from this transaction.? If yes then it will be $10,000.!!

I don't think so.

But to me it looks nothing but following.

How to increase price of stamps ?

How to show there is still interest in stamp collection ?

How to do SHILL bidding ?

How to use eBay infrastructure without paying eBay.

In past we had seen this all in Gandhi stamps, King Edward 1902 stamps and other stamp. Click following link to see it.

So what do you think ?

Do you think it's all BOGUS transaction which are nothing but to glorify stamps ?

I don't think eBay got Commission because seller might not paid to buyer .!!

So seller cancel transaction and don't pay commission to eBay.!!

So seller don't have to pay any Capital Gain TAX.!!

Or VAT.!!

But can some one sell from two countries under same eBay account  in order to save TAX such as VAT etc.!!



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