The First Aerial Post: Hendon to Windsor & Windsor to Hendon

Recently I saw  First Aerial Mail movie which carried mail from Hendon to Windsor & Windsor to Hendon on September 9th, 1911.

There is a proof that it was actually flown so we can believe it. A movie of First Aerial Mail.


Make sure you watch this movie. It's interesting to see.

Did you notice how much interest was their to see the first air mail in UK with lot of people watching on both ends.!!

But as per philatelic exhibit's, philatelic handbooks and blogs etc,  Hendon to Windsor was NOT first aerial mail.

It was from India.!! (LOL).

Don't you think it's a JOKE.!!

Reason for this is a JOKE because it was impossible to think flying a plane in India at that time and they were flying airmail.!!

It was  from Allahabad, India which was flown on Feb 18th, 1911.

But to me it's nothing but BOGUS. (never flown).

Reason for my opinion about this First Aerial mail is BOGUS because of following
  • Allahabad is not near sea or ocean, so it will be hard to transport plane to Allahabad. I can understand Calcutta or Bombay, but Allahabad is 1000+ miles away from ocean.
  • There is no proof (like movie or pictures) that it was flown except this magenta rubber stamp.!! 
  • Also there were no people watching this event but 6500 covers were flown!! Even if they fly today (in 2016) there will be lot of people to just see airplane.!!
  • Out of 6500 covers there might be 500-1000 people watching this historic event.
  • Now compare following two CDS and think whether it make sense that First Aerial Mail from Allahabad is genuine or BOGUS(never exist, so need to create forgery). Even Hendon to Windsor was flown after Allahabad, CDS was not creativity at all.!!

Why UK did not used similar creative rubber stamp with airplane as Allahabad First Aerial Mail and color during First Aerial Post from Hendon to Windsor with airplane.

  • Date is missing in Allahabad CDS. 
  • Color is magenta which was never heard, during that time in India as well as other countries on postal cancellation.
  • Also look at creativity on rubber stamp in 1911.!! A airplane on CDS.!! Don't you think it was NOT possible in 1911  in India.!!
  • To me it look like cachet instead of CDS which is wrongly applied on stamps.!!
After looking and thinking about my points what do you think ?

To me it look complete bogus but  as per AERO Philatelist it's one of kind and rare item.!!

Now let's compare value of this  The First Aerial Post from Hendon to Windsor & Windsor to Hendon was sold for $25, where as Allahabad First Aerial mail is selling from $600 - $3500.!!

But as per articles and exhibit around the world this was not first aerial mail flown.

But if you see this are selling for high price with BPA expertizing certificate (certificate just give opinion but not take any responsibility).

Following First Aerial Post was for sell on eBay by seller "stamp_bay" for $3500.!!

So how you can believe this was actually flown without any proof.!!

Yes it is highly marketed by donating to Philatelic museum, Handbook, stamp exhibit etc but without proof we can't believe it.

Following are some of my previous blog post which will explain my research on First Aerial Post, so after reading you will get idea about FALSE HOPE OF RICHES.!!

So after comparing from Hendon to Windsor and Allahabad First Aerial Mail and reading above blog posts what do you think ?

Will you spend $3500 on this First Aerial Mail from Allahabad or will spend $25 on  The First Aerial Post: Hendon to Windsor & Windsor to Hendon .!!


BTW: Instead of $3500 want to spend less than buy it for $1200 or $600.!!

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