First Air Mail Post

We all Gandhi stamp collector know that it's BOGUS or forgery when you see special cancellation or postmark on piece of paper.!!

In past 4 years we had seen some unbelievable forgery or BOGUS postmark or cancellation, but we never saw cachet on stamp.!!

Following is a cachet issued during 1911 for first air mail post flown from Allahabad, India. Please keep in mind that this is not first air mail post postmark or first air mail post special cancellation.  

It's a cachet which is applied on cover to celebrate certain events. In 1900 they were using rubber stamp but now a days it's a all about printing on cover.

Following are 2 cachet and one of them is forged!! It will be impossible to know which one is forged and which is genuine.!! (might be both are forged.!!, as it's easy to make living good life by selling stamps or philatelic material.!!)

Recently I saw India 1900 First Air Mail Post postmark on eBay was on auction by "elagen1" from UK which is still available for 10 pounds only after 100+ years.!!

I think reason for this low price is because
1) Forgeries of this cachet is only available in today's market.
2) Piece of paper cancellation is more doubtful.
3) Inflated price by Shill bidding.
4) Glorified by showing it as  high value and various exhibit and museum.

Also as per philatelic source (which can't be trusted) that 6500 letters were carried by this airplane.!!

Also one person show's up at receiving end.!!

Looks like no one was interested to see airplane also.!! 

Can you believe that.!!

Even if air plane goes today at that ground there will more then 100 people to see the plane.!!

Also flight time was only 13 minutes and 5 miles in distance.!!

Letters were mailed to King of England as well as Motilal Nehru father of first prime minster of India.!!!

That does not mean it was in deed travel through first air mail.!!

It's nothing but fantasy STORY which we believe is true and it really happened.!!

Above is official First Aerial mail from UK and India. Look at the cancellation and think which will be genuine.

Even UK was industrial nation with all kind of machinery did not issued cancellation with plane on it's cancellation even though it first air mail was after India.!!!

Click following link to read my blog post and you decide about above reason and think what is going on in First Air Mail Post or First Aerial mail or First Aerial Post or First Flight mail cover.

First Aerial Post : India 1911 World 1st AERIAL POST ALLAHABAD

First Aerial Mail Post and Gandhi Stamps material SELLER.


INDIA STAMP FIRST AERIAL POST 1911 ALLAHABAD : Indian Philately Exposed - Part IV

World First flight mail cover ?

First Aerial Post : Do you really think it's RARE and demands such a high price in philatelic collection? Is it valid in philatelic exhibition if postage stamps used is not valid ? or it's VALUE LESS.!!

As you can see on rubber stamp it is First Aerial Post, but seller is selling as First Air Mail Post.!! Of course meaning of both is same, but when you search online on goggle about first aerial post and first air mail post it will be different searches.!!

But we have seen lot of forgery or BOGUS in Gandhi stamps on piece of paper so chance of this King Edward stamp is very very high. 

Following blog post will give you idea about India stamp used abroad, India stamp used Tibet etc which are Forgery or BOGUS stamps and philatelic material.

What do you think about following King Edward stamp on piece of paper used in Tibet as Forgery or BOGUS stamp ?

To me it's very very high.!!

It's philatelic material or just piece of paper.!!

After reading complete blog post and all the links  you need to decide whether it's Forgery or Bogus or even Genuine.!! It's your money and you need to spent wisely.!!

Other wise you will be using this paper for different kinds of things.!!

We all know that in order to make that in stamp collection RARE is a great thing.!! And in order to make rare philatelic material chances of getting FORGERY is very high or 100% BOGUS material will be introduce in your collection.

It's not only in Gandhi stamps there are forgery on piece of paper. We had seen on Queen Victoria stamp, King George V stamps (KGV stamp) etc. Read following blog post to understand this.

This is also a great way to make money because if you sell just plain mint stamp then it will sell for $1 or there might be no buyer. But if you make it used stamp on envelope it will be sold for high price.!!

Now if you see above screenshot from eBay were seller "london-stamps" is selling this for $117.!!

Don't you think it's easy to make this kind of philatelic material by applying rubber stamp on piece of paper with stamp on it.!!

We had seen what kind of rubber stamps are made in Gandhi stamps to create some famous BOGUS (never exist) philatelic material!!

Following blog post will explain you that indeed that Indian Stamps and Philately (British India and 1948 Gandhi Stamps) needs to be examined before you even think about buying it.

Forgery in Indian Philately as well as 1854 Queen Victoria stamps.
Beware of First Aerial Mail.
King Edward stamp and Gandhi Stamps.!!
Gandhi Stamps and Independence of India. (shameless act !!)
A Hobby in Decline.!!

In past I saw 2 auction of forged cancellation of East India stamp and Queen Victoria stamps were selling with forged cancellation. (Of course seller mentioned this are FAKE or Forged philatelic material otherwise I will not know.!!, also it's selling at very minimum price. I saw Gandhi forged stamps sold for $1000!! which was also FAKE(shill bidding).!!)

This are Forged cancellation on East India Company stamp from Penang Octagonal cancellation and Sungei Ujong Chop cancellation.!!! on Queen Victoria stamps, King George V stamps.!!

So don't you see similarity with Gandhi Philately material.!! Following cancellation  are some of the  FAKE or FORGED special cancellation, postmark cancellation or local post office cancellation. It's just a RUBBER STAMP which my kids use to play to make art work.!! such as butterflies, rainbow, animals, etc.!!

Read my blog post about following BOGUS FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation with rubber stamp applied on piece of paper or envelope and trying to MAKE huge money instead of selling just MINT stamps.!!

Above are all bogus RUBBER stamps (which never exist) or forgery which will help future collectors whether they really want to start collecting stamps and philately.!!

-Following is my previous blog post about Forgery Stamps of King Edward and King George --

Forgery in stamp collection and philatelic material is nothing new. It has been going around since last 150 years since Penny Black first every stamp issued by Great Britain. But the quantity  and quality of forged stamps we see in today's world is unbelievable.

It's hard which one is REAL and which one is FAKE. And if it is on used cover or register cover with forged postmark cancellation it will be impossible for new or regular collector.!!

In Indian stamps and philately specially in Gandhi collection we have seen lot of forgery stamps and philatelic materials, some of them are following.

3) Forged 1948 Gandhi Mourning first day cover.(different way to mourn.!!)

Looks like Gandhi stamps and philatelic material have all kinds of Forgery.!!! including Indian Philatelic items such as 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad and 1854 Queen Victoria stamps.!!

So what do you think about First Air Mail Post or First Aerial mail or First Aerial Post or First Flight mail cover cancellation?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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