First Aerial Mail Post and Gandhi Stamps material SELLER.

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

It is very important to see overall picture of stamps and philately when you are in involved in that hobby because you can find out  what is happening or what happened in past.!! and you can protect yourself from financial loss as well as emotional.!!

You all have seen in FAKE and Forgery Gandhi Philately material with FAKE cancellation(does not exist, like Germany), Forgery cancellation (1948 India), Insufficient postage (Tibet Gandhi),  FAKE cover (Nepal Indian Embassy 1948 cancellation), fake SPECIMEN stamp (from UNKNOWN country!!), Forgery in 1948 India Gandhi SERVICE stamps, Forgery in Gandhi SERVICE stamp on piece of paper with Governor General PO Cancellation, FAKE zip code address and lot more.!!

If you are reading for first time you will be surprised with what's going in Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic materials.!! It's indeed true and if you want to read click any of the above link and try to research yourself.

Now I see lot of similarities between Gandhi Philately material and Indian Philately material including 1911 First Aerial Mail, British India King Edward, British India Queen Victoria, Indian States etc.

You can read my previous 3 blog post related to First Aerial Mail by clicking following link. 

1) FAKE cancellation of First Aerial Post  (It's easy to make Rubber stamp & buy INK !!)
4) This blog post.!!

Recently I saw 1911 First Aerial Post cancellation on cover (Register) with only 4 Anna stamp.!!! My research indicates that 8 Anna stamp was just required for Registration plus another postage stamp depending on destination.

Following is screenshot of 1911 First Aerial Mail cover from Allahabad on eBay for sale.!

Description : Cover is addressed to Fyzabad, India. Register cover with Jal Cooper Type-II Registration Label (Short Type). Very Very difficult to get!. Cover is in very good condition for its age. It has a 4 Anna stamp cancelled by a fine strike in magenta of the famous First Aerial Post 1911.

Seller : "drpokiri"
Price : 1950$

(I am not mentioning that above cover is FAKE. It might be indeed Genuine, but you all know how BAD is Gandhi Philatelic collection and if you compare with that I doubt all kind of this RARE items.!!)

I have following question about this cover.

1) What is the value of this cover with  insufficient postage (without postage due rubber stamp)  on cover in philatelic world? (is it FAKE?)

2) How post office excepted registration cover without proper postage as registration required manually human interaction.!! (is it FAKE?)

3) Why  "postage due" rubber stamp is not on the cover ? (is it FAKE?)

4) Why different registration label (possible this is FAKE too) then we see on other covers.!!

5) How the cancellation INK looks very new.!! Also cancellation is like very precise. Nothing missing on cancellation even after 100 years of weather changes!! 

In past we have seen same seller "drpokiri" selling Forged cover with same cancellation with RED ink so it makes me more curious about this cover and start thinking how we can trust this cover. Looks like similarity in Gandhi stamps and philately material seller also.!! In past we saw "buyitnowitem" and "ph4uv" selling wide varities of  FAKE materials

To me it looks just different ink.!! RED or MAGENTA.!!  Read more about that FAKE First Aerial Mail cover cancellation with RED ink by clicking following link.

Following is screenshot of Forgery FAKE special postmark cancellation. (Click above link to read. It's interesting to know.!!)

But also look at other 2 postmark cancellation date stamp (CDS) from Allahabad.!!

So don't you see similarity between First Aerial Mail and following Gandhi Philately material. It's just RUBBER STAMP and it's very easy to make.!!

Click following link to read more about above FAKE FDC with Gandhi Stamps.!!

Now after looking all of the above what do you think about similarity about First Aerial Mail.?

Following blog post will explain you that indeed that Indian Stamps and Philately (British India and 1948 Gandhi Stamps) needs to be examined before you even think about buying it.

Forgery in Indian Philately as well as 1854 Queen Victoria stamps.
Beware of First Aerial Mail.
King Edward stamp and Gandhi Stamps.!!
Gandhi Stamps and Independence of India. (shameless act !!)
A Hobby in Decline.!!

So don't you think similarity between seller of Gandhi Philatelic material and other philatelic material such as First Aerial Post, British India Stamps,  Queen Victoria and King George Stamps.

So my advice is to stay away from all lucrative offers about INVESTMENT in 1948 Gandhi stamp from India or any British India stamp collection.

So beware what are you collecting.

So you need to think always before you buy otherwise you will regret.

To me at the end it will be JUST PIECE OF PAPER.!!

If you have money to throw away then start collecting  British India Stamps, 1948 Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material and you will have a PIECE of PAPER (with no peace of mind.!!).

Still cannot decide then read following blog post which might help you.

Still not decided then my opinion is AVOID it all the cost.!! and have peace of mind instead of worrying you are buying Genuine material.!!!

To me all Gandhi Philatelic material available ( specially before 1950) looks FAKE or Forgery as it is very hard to find Genuine stuff and as new collectors (like me) wants to collect, so some greedy experienced collectors/dealers will provide  all of us as well as experienced collectors.!!

Still want to do research  then please read my other blog post and have fun.!!

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It's all Bogus!!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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