1907 King Edward stamp & King George stamp from Nigeria and British Central Africa stamps comparison with Gandhi stamps. Looks like it's a REPLICA'S MARKET in expensive stamps.!!

Hello Gandhi stamps collectors,

Until now I was thinking that there are lot of facsimile or replica for India stamps and British India stamps, but to me it looks like all expensive stamps in world has forgery by replica or copy or facsimile.!!

In this blog I will compare 1907 King Edward & George stamp  from Nigeria and British Central Africa stamps and  India Gandhi stamps.

We had seen lot of Replica or Facsimile or Photocopy stamp of 1948 Gandhi stamps from India as well as other following  British Central Africa 1907 KE stamp and 1904 King Edward stamp from Northern Nigeria.

Yes it is replica of King Edward Stamp.!! which was sold only for $5.!! and that's also for two stamps.

Looks like higher the face value of stamps such as 25 Rupees KE stamp from India, 25 Pounds King Edward stamp from Northern Nigeria, 10 Shilling KE stamp from Southern Niegeria higher the chances.

So looking to above 2 King Edward stamp what are chances of following 1907 KE Southern Nigeria King Edward stamp SG43 which is selling on eBay. If we can see see Nigeria 1904 KE stamp, British Central Africa 1907 King Edward stamp as replica then we need to think about this.

But looking to following REPLICA stamps of some of the famous RARE stamps what are the chances of getting one of the Replica. I think chances are high.

1) SWITZERLAND, Geneva, 1850, 5c Black & Red, Sc 2L6
2) Switzerland 1850 2 1/2r black and red. Sc 2.
3) China PRC SC999.
4) King Edward stamp
5) Gandhi 10 Rupees SERVICE stamp

After looking overall picture I think there are lot of replica or photocopy or facsimile out there so beware of it.

If you would like to know more about Replica in India stamp along with British India then please click following blog post.

It's not only 1948 Gandhi stamps from India but also all kind of different varieties including King Edward stamp, 1850 Switzerland stamp etc.

Also if stamps are 100+ years old you will not find it on eBay with some  low feedback eBay seller as this technology savvy seller don't have that kind of material. 

Only Forgery of very rare stamps or philatelic items will available in plenty on eBay such as we saw  for 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad, Gandhi SERVICE on piece of paper with Governor PO, King Edward stamps from Nigeria, King Edward Central Africa, King George stamp from India etc.

Never buy some rare stamps or philatelic  items from eBay because chances of forgery are very very high and also price is nothing but INFLATED by shill bidding so you will think it's a genuine stamps and lot of people are interested in collecting it.!!!!

You all saw that in Gandhi stamps and Philatelic material how to glorify Gandhi stamps and Philatelic material by increasing price and not paying it.!! Because that's all forgery and they want to make you believe it's Genuine and it's demand such a premium, but actually it's something else.

You might get replica which are selling under $10 and you might pay 10-100 times more and after that you will regret and I don't want that from you so make sure before you buy it.

So in order to improve your knowledge and don't want to get cheated with shill bidding, fakes, forgeries, replica, facsimile, errors etc then you have to look all the things in philatelic world not only what you collect.

If you collect King Edward stamps you need to see what's going in Gandhi Stamp world and also First Aerial Mail and lot of others things so you are aware of all kinds of possibilities.!! Also you have to see British India, Nigeria, Central Africa stamps and even Switzerland or China stamps so you know what is going on.

I hope this will help not only to Gandhi Stamp collectors but also to all stamp collectors.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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