First Aerial Mail : : A classic example of advance technology usage and visionary thinking in 1911 comparing to 2009 vision and creativity of philatelist in Gandhi collection.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In 1911 Airplane looks like following without any proper sitting arrangement or hood on top or Aerodynamic in design.

After writing 3 blog post about 1911 First Aerial Mail Allahabad, I am surprised and astonoished by looking at special cancellation with airplane picture and it's alphabets and numbers embossed on rubber stamp (postmark). To me it looks very very advance in 1911 which might required little bit technology to cut (engrave) this rubber as it will extremely difficult to do it manually in 1911. 

I researched on web and it's very hard to find a other used cover with special cachet or cancellation this advanced rubber stamp postmark and with usage of ink other than BLACK.!! So  look at the philatelist/collectors vision and creativity in 1911 and that also in India.!!! To me there was no concept or very rare special cancellation.

Even Wright Brothers might have no idea about this kind of airplane showed in special cancellation in 1911.!!

And our Indian and British philatelist were way advance then them!! not only in technology (making rubber stamp) but also in creativity design.!!

But you will not find this kind of special cachet or cancellation on First Aerial flight in Britain.!! It's just simple cancellation where as in 1911 they issued special cancellation even though they were flown after Allahabad flight.!!

Following is screenshot from Google images search "wright brothers 1911" and you will be surprised what they were flying and working on.!!

Above images tells us that it was just 2 wings and some poles in the airplane without any aerodynamic curves or any sitting arrangement.

I am not telling this is First Aerial mail special cancellation is FAKE or might never exist like what we see in Gandhi Philately from Germany 2009 but it make me think how much advance philatelic collector were in 1911.!!

But there are FORGED cover available on eBay.!! so BEWARE what you are getting into.!!

Let me make sure that I am not an expert on this topic and don't know what happen 101 years ago or even 1-2-5-10 or more with this FORGED cachet/cancellation!!

Also quality of cover or postcard with this cancellation are also very crisp even after 101 years.!! Following is one of them without sufficient postage for Register mail to Dublin.!! which was sold at high price but I think it's all inflated  like Gandhi philatelic material  which was highly inflated by ebay buyer "hitlerandgandhi" (False hope of Riches).!!!

Want to read more about above special image then please click following link. 

There were even FAKE postcards with RED ink.!! Following is the example of FAKE special cancellation.!! which even has CDS from Allahabad and Sitapur in black ink.!

Are this Allahabad and Sitapur CDS is also FORGED?

Above is FORGED cachet (cancellation).!!

I don't see any difference in all of the above cachet so not sure whether it was done with same 101 years old rubber stamp or it was made recently.!!!

Want to read more about above FAKE special cancellation with RED ink then please click following link.  http://gandhistampsclub.blogspot.com/2012/07/first-aerial-post.html

In Gandhi Philately we saw FAKE special cancellation with "Emblem of India" from Germany issued in 2009 on International Day of Non-Violence.

Following cancellation were not issued by Germany postal service (also missing posthorn, a standard for German post) and also no approval was taken from Indian Government or Indian Embassy in Germany. So this is FAKE cancellation. (Fantasy cancellation).

Read my previous blog post about this FAKE Germany Cancellation

1) FAKE Germany 2009 Cancellation
2) It's back again with special cancellation for 1st anniversary of Winnenden School shooting.!!

We all Gandhi Collectors are lucky that because of Internet availability  I was able to find out more details about this 2009 FAKE special cancellation issued on October 2nd to celebrate Non-Violence in Winnenden Germany where innocent school kids were killed.

Now look at the difference in vision of philatelist in 2009!! They created a FAKE Gandhi special cancellation to spread Mahatma Gandhi's message of Non-Violence.!! to mark one of the worst school shooting incident in Germany.!!

Where as in 1911 our philatelist were giving idea to WRIGHT Brothers.!!

I hope this will help future collectors whether they really want to start collecting GANDHI stamps and philately.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club
Gandhi Stamp Collecting is SCAM. My 3 year experience tell me Yes!!
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Please share your thoughts about this classic advance technology usage and visionary thinking in 1911 First Aerial Mail as well as our Gandhi Philatelic collection.!! (No email please.!! so everyone gets knowledge about philatelic.!!)

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