Gandhi Stamps India : Don't know whether pricing is REAL or Inflated. !! My bidding details.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In month of September I bidded on following item. You can check my Max bidding price to learn how to protect yourself in Gandhi stamps collection.

But before that I saw one quote from Mahatma Gandhi which was posted on google plus by google user id "Gandhi Quotes" and I like it so I want to share with you.

I think above quotes is for all Gandhi stamp collectors which can help Gandhi Stamp collection by just following it and exposing all illegal activities going in Gandhi stamp bidding, pricing, forgery, fake and  inflated Gandhi philatelic material.

Just speak up and Gandhi stamps and philately will see lot of change.!!

Following screenshot is taken from my own personal eBay account for reference purpose so new collectors can see Gandhi stamp images and from that they can figure out what was going on 5-10-20 years ago.

Also it will learning opportunity for them to know how I am bidding it and what price it sold and what kind of material was sold so it will be a great reference about my monthly bidding price, purchases etc.

Now you can compare stuff of this auction. Some of are stamps from India.

You can find this kind of information for delcampe.net easily because it's all open where as in eBay you have to work little bit hard but you can still get it.

Gandhi stamp price is interesting.!!

Stamps of India are also there with images.

Gandhi stamp value is interesting.!!

Gandhi stamps India is also there with images.

More stamps from India with Gandhi stamps images.

More stamps of India with Gandhi stamps images.

Even British India Stamps with Gandhi stamps images.

Gandhi stamp India is also there with Gandhi stamp images.

Most of the high priced expensive item does  not make sense and to me it looks like very high INFLATION.

It's not like housing market were you see what price a house sold in your neighbourhood and depending on that you can buy or sell house.

Here it's a completely different story because sometimes there are lot of false transaction where seller cancel the purchase or there might be friendly purchase (shill bidding) in order to increase prices.

It's a completely different ball game.!!

So beware otherwise you will have some kind of piece of paper.

Want to learn more about August 2012 bidding then click following link.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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