A story of Bombay R.M.S and Gandhi used cover : A interesting cancellation in Gandhi Philately !!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

As you know that I started this blog to bring awareness to collectors what I learned in  hard way because I was not aware that Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic materials were glorified every where including philatelic handbooks, magazines, blogs, websites, stamp exhibit, philatelic exhibition, newspaper, stamps forums, stamp discussion board etc and no one was telling "TRUTH" about pricing, forgeries, shill bidding etc going in, so I have to take this in my hand to aware collectors so they don't feel what I feel!!

In this blog post I am analysis my own purchase of 1948 Used cover with Gandhi India stamp as well as multiple King George stamps from India. I still have this cover in my expensive album!!

I bought 3+ years ago from eBay seller "anjulin" when I was new into collection as I thought it looks cool, unique and rare used with different combination of stamps.  

Don't you think it's cool, unique and rare.!!

Not aware of actually pricing or shill bidding or what to look for but I bought it after seeing glorification everywhere.!!

To me amount of postage on this cover (piece of paper) is 12 anna and I think it's as per requirement in 1948. I was not even aware of this at that time, but I just bought it.!!

Now I regret buying it even though it has sufficient postage and wide combination of stamps on it.!!

Following is my purchase details from April 2009.!! and you can see that I did not paid too much what you see currently for this kind of cover some where between $300 - $4000.!!!!!! depending who is selling because at that time  eBay id  "hitlerandgandhi" was preparing for future by allowing new collectors to get in to this business and later get them involved more!! (Interesting to read about "hitlerandgandhi")

But thank God I was pro-active which makes me avoid further mistakes and I avoided all this high flying cover (PIECE OF PAPER) which were bought by "hitlerandgandhi" and his other partners.!!

But I still think it's not worth even that much because to me it looks like a rubber stamp.!!

Reason for regret
1) It's a piece of paper as back of the envelope is missing.!!
2) Now to me this kind of private 1948 Gandhi used covers with stamps from India looks forgery because it's simple to make rubber stamp or steal it from post office !!
3) Don't know whether this is actual travel to England. (I don't think so because postmark rubber stamp from England is missing.!!) No proof that it travelled to England, but that's also easy to make.!!

What do you think about this cover ?

You will see lot of covers with Bombay R.M.S with wide variety of covers such as
1) Early Usage of 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.
2) Insufficient postage cover
3) Usage of USA zip code in 1948.!!

Following are some of the example of Bombay R.M.S used on private F.D.C, Early usage and various used covers.

I think this is not only with Bombay R.M.S but all Circular Date Stamp cancellation whether it's Porbandar, Calcutta, New Delhi and all cities of India. You name it and there will be one Forged and if not then forgers are ready for you to make one.!!!

If they can print stamps then this is very easy job to make this simple circular rubber stamp with as known as CDS (Circular Date Stamp).

Do you think some private collector or dealer (forger) has this rubber stamp and just using it on cover as private F.D.C or used cover or register cover?  I think we need to start thinking about it.

Not only that you will find that this 1948 Gandhi stamps from India is traveled through the world because you just have to make rubber stamp.!! (even receiving CDS are forged too.!! it's rubber stamp.!!)

So stay away from 1948 Gandhi Philatelic material otherwise you will have collection like me.!!!

I am not even going near to this.!!

It's all BOGUS because it's a game.!! and it's a SCAM.!!

But it's your choice.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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