How this is possible?

I saw UN 2009 Gandhi FDC with India stamp with same day cancel on ebay and I was curious about it.

How this is possible?

Following is the cover with both stamp and cancel.

Is this real or someone bribe Indian Postal service or DIY(Do It Yourself).?
UN issued this FDC on October 2nd 2009 in USA. It takes about 16 hours to reach Delhi with direct flight and from there it takes about 2-4 hours to reach Kanpur. So let's consider total 24 hours including drive time to airport, custom clearance,traffic in newyork,delhi/kanpur etc. Also there is time difference of 9 1/2 hours from New York(EST). So total is 33-35 hours.

If someone gets this cover at 9:00 am EST from UNPA it will reach Kanpur on October 3rd around 10pm in India and at that time Indian postoffice is closed.

So I am confused.!

I don't own this cover or not planning to buy in future unless it is not FAKE and ofcourse if it is cheap.

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section



Gandhi & Event Cover - II

Recently I bought following event cover.
Event:- Maiden Voyage from USA (New York) to France(Le Havre)
Ship Name:- FRANCE ( SS France)
Stamp:- USA 1961 8 Cents Gandhi.
Maiden Voyage from Le Havre:- 3 Feb 1962
Maiden Voyage from New York:- 13 Feb 1962
Uniqueness of ship:- World's longest passenger ship (in 1962).
Decommissioned: 25 October 1974
Status: Scrapped in Alang, India 2008 ( Which also near to Gandhi's birthplace!!)

Again this cover was not made with Gandhi thematic in mind. It was made with event "Maiden Voyage of the ship". This cover has unique cancellation with SS France ship and Le Havre postal cancel in the back and in front it has rubber stamp of photo of ship, name of event, date and place.
The SS France was the French Line flagship from 1961 to 1974, combining regular transatlantic crossings - six days and nights - with occasional winter cruises, as well as two world circumnavigations.

Further Reading:-


Gandhi and Event Cover - I ( Gandhi stamp on event cover against his principle)

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Event covers are decorated, stamped and canceled commemorative envelopes. They are created to celebrate an event or note an anniversary. It explains what is being commemorated on what date, and generally also includes an illustration page.

Ideally, the stamps used relate to the celebration (for instance, space stamps for a shuttle launch). Cancels are either obtained in the city of the event (such as Kitty Hawk for the Wright Brothers first flight anniversary) or, for larger quantities of envelopes, from a special cancellation unit maintained by the Postal Service in Kansas City, Missouri. If a special cancellation (one with a design) has been created for the event, you can generally only receive that cancel from the local post office.

Following is the event cover and it has Gandhi stamp from USA. This commemorative event cover has postal cancelled on March 9 1961 on Polaris Missile Fired at 1pm from Cape Canaveral FLorida with cancel from Patrick Air Force Base near Cape Canaveral in Florida.

 In this cover the main important thing to notice is

1) Event. (What is event?)

2) Place of cancellation (From where missile was fired. )

3) Date of cancellation ( Date when event occured.)

4) Stamp on cover (what stamp should be on cover to make it more important).

This cover was not made specially for Gandhi philatelic collection. It was made to celebrate Polaris missile launch so this makes some what important for Gandhi philatelic collection because it was not made with Gandhi in mind. Also this cover don't justify Gandhi's Non-Violence principle which he follows throughout his life so this Missile launching does not go with this stamp.!!!!

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Now let's talk about Polaris Missile launch on this cover.

1961 March 9 - Launch Site: ETR Launch Area. Launch Complex: -. Launch Pad: -. Launch Vehicle: Polaris. Model: Polaris A2. LV Configuration: Polaris A2X-8.
Test mission Nation: USA. Agency: USN. Apogee: 1,000 km (600 mi).

1961 March 9 - Launch Site: Cape Canaveral. Launch Complex: LC6. Launch Pad: -. Launch Vehicle: Redstone. Model: Redstone. LV Configuration: Redstone 2040. FAILURE: Control system malfunction during re-entry at 374 sec. Apogee: 90 km (55 mi). Missile test failure. Missed aimpoint by 358 m.

The Polaris missile was a two-stage solid-fuel nuclear-armed submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) built during the Cold War by Lockheed Corporation of California for the United States Navy. It was designed to be used as part of the Navy's contribution to the United States arsenal of nuclear weapons, replacing the Regulus cruise missile. Known as a Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM), the Polaris was first launched from the Cape Canaveral, Florida, missile test base on January 7, 1960.

More interested in this Polaris missile read following links.





Gandhi & Naval Cover - II

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Following cover was mailed from USA SubMarine USS Dace and then it was given to USA Navy Cargo ship USS Vermilion(AKA107) ship for further delivery to New York address.

This cover was not mean to made for GANDHI philatelic collection. It was made for Naval cover collection so it is very very rare cover with GANDHI stamp.

History about USS Dace Submarine:-

USS Dace (SSN-607), a Permit-class submarine, was the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for the dace, any of several small North American fresh-water fishes of the carp family. The contract to build her was awarded to Ingalls Ship building in Pascagoula, Mississippi on 3 March 1959 and her keel was laid down on 6 June 1960. She was launched on 18 August 1962, sponsored by Betty Ford, wife of future President of the United States Gerald R. Ford, Jr., and commissioned on 4 April 1964, with Commander John A. Walsh in command.

Dace was decommissioned and stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 2 December 1988. Ex-Dace entered the Nuclear Powered Ship and Submarine Recycling Program in Bremerton, Washington and on 1 January 1997 ceased to exist.
History about USS Vermillion Navy Ship:-
USS Vermilion (AKA-107/LKA-107), was a Tolland-class attack cargo ship of the United States Navy, named after a parish in southern Louisiana and a county in eastern Illinois. She served as a commissioned ship for 25 years and 9 months.


Gandhi and Naval Cover - I.

Following cover was not mean to made for GANDHI philatelic collection. It was made for Naval cover collection so it is very very rare cover with GANDHI stamp.

Above cover is example of Naval Cover with USA Gandhi stamp. This cover was send from USA Navy Ship USS Observation Island(EAG 154)

Observation Island (EAG–154) was laid down as a Mariner Class high speed cargo ship 15 September 1952 by the New York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, N.J.; launched as Empire State Mariner 15 August 1953; sponsored by Mrs. Samuel C. Waugh; and delivered to the Maritime Administration and the United States Lines for operation under General Agency Agreement 24 February 1954.

In March 1959 Observation Island returned to Norfolk Naval Shipyard for installation of additional equipment, including the Ships Inertial Navigation System (SINS). In June she steamed for her new homeport, Port Canaveral, Fla., and made preparations for the first at-sea launch of a Polaris missile. Designated UGM–27, the missile was successfully launched from Observation Island 27 August.

Following this milestone, Observation Island returned to Norfolk Naval Shipyard for installation of a fire control system to enable her to launch more sophisticated guided versions of new generation Polaris missiles. She also received a new launcher, the developmental prototype of those installed in the FBM submarines.

This work was completed in January 1960 and Observation Island returned to Port Canaveral to continue Polaris test launch operations. After a total of six launchings, the ship commenced support of Polaris launchings from FBM submarines. She provided optical and electronic data gathering services, and acted as communications relay station between submerged submarines and the supervisor of range operations at the Cape. The first successful fully guided Polaris missile launching from a submerged submarine took place 20 July 1960 from George Washington (SSBN–598). Through October Observation Island also supported launches from Patrick Henry (SSBN–599).

Following further modifications at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in the fall of 1960, Observation Island returned to Port Canaveral in December to continue FBM support work and systems test and evaluation. She received the Navy Unit Commendation 15 December; launched the new A–2 Polaris 1 March 1961; and supported the first submerged A–2 launch from Ethan A lien (SSBN–608) 23 October.

In late 1961 Obervation Island served as a survey ship on the Atlantic Missile Range, and in January 1962 she again put in at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, this time for modifications preparatory to launching the new A 3 Polaris. Returning to Port Canaveral in March, she supported FBM submarines through the following autumn, when she steamed for two months of operations on the Pacific Missile Range.

Observation Island was back at Port Canaveral by Christmas, and until June 1963 she expanded her role of oceanographic survey in the Atlantic Range. She conducted the first successful at-sea launches of the A–3 Polaris 17 and 21 June. President John F. Kennedy came on board 16 November to observe a Polaris launch.

She has since continued to operate essentially as a sea-going platform from which missile launches can closely approximate conditions encountered in FBM submarine launches. Her equipment is constantly being modified, allowing prototypes to be tested thoroughly before missiles and associated components become operational with the Fleet. As a mobile platform, she can conduct tests in any instumented range.

Do you think this is Paquebot covers?

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section



My 1st year experience of collecting GANDHI philatelic material

In November I finished one year in my Gandhi collection and I would like to share my experience so new collector are aware of this things as I was not.

In short my experience is HORRIBLE when you collect Gandhi related philatelic material which does not go with Gandhi's way of thinking and living !

As some of you know how I got back again in to my childhood hobby after 20 years. I was looking for worldwide stamps and album for my kids and I saw Gandhiji stamp from USA so as a respect to him I bought it and did more research and I was amazed with material available on Gandhiji and I started collecting back.!! Before this I have no idea about Gandhiji stamps issued by other countries than INDIA.

While doing research on internet I found one of the best website "Lick Service to the Mahatma" hosted by one of the famous Gandhi collector Mr. Rajan which gave me indepth about what kind of material is available. His website is http://www.topicalphilately.com/Gandhi/ . If you read and understand his topical exhibit on Gandhi's Life than you don't need any other material to start and become expert. I am very thankful to Mr. Rajan for making this available to whole world and which indicates he is the true follower of Gandhi.

I got information from another Gandhi collector Nikhil Mundra website http://www.gandhistamps.com/. His website as lot of details about countries issued stamps on Gandhi and also his exhibit will also give you ideas about collection and what you need to collect.

Also I got idea about indepth topical 1948 Gandhi issue from Maulik Thakkar from one frame online exhibit. This exhibit taught me how to do research about special topic. You can see his online exhibit by clicking this link http://www.japhila.cz/hof/0465/index0465a.htm Maulik is also owner of this blog and he allowed me to share this blog with him.

I started buying only stamps from http://www.stampexindia.com/ which is a very good seller so I bought about 25-30 cheap stamps(25-200 Indian ruppes) from him. Then I started looking on ebay as some of the stamps in his store were expensive so I thought let me buy it if is cheaper from Americian and European dealer but that was not the case as some Asian dealers and Asian origin people also wants to buy that and resell this to new collector at high price. But some how I bought it at expensive price but I also learned lessons and how to avoid this kind of stuff.

Slowly slowly my interest was more than ever so I started collecting FDC and I bought FDC from USA and UK. And slowly slowly I collected almost all FDC including the expensive Cameroun 1968. You will find more details in this blog How this particular FDC from Cameroun is expensive.!!

After this I started collecting sheets, used covers, maxi card and imperf stamp.

On ebay and delcampe there are lot of thugs who are doing very bad business practice. Some of the famous collectors (reseller/dealer) from UK is making this hobby very expensive in order to make some money. Following is what they do.

1) They have more than 50+ account on ebay and try to sell his stuff and bid on it and make it expensive. They have accounts from UK, USA, INDIA, Australia, Isarel, France, Netherlands and other countries. Also they work with other dealer to increase the price. So BEWARE of this kind of dealers. It will be very very hard to avoid them.!!

2) Also they increase price on others seller item for their gain. In order to sell their stuff at higher price they will start bidding on other auction and make it impossible for collector to buy. Following is example on delcampe item # 5487660


Khel10ka bidded on this item with multiple id and increase the price and eventually he did not allowed me to buy it and on next day he offered me same FDC for 190 euros!! I declined his offer right away. After 2-3 days original seller contacted me and told me about that non-paying, non-replying buyer and we negiogate the price for 121 euros.

Also same thing happen to following Cameroun FDC. In this case buyer "6300" opened new account and try to outbid the real buyer (ganges1948) and in that way he increase the price of this FDC so his value increases. Same FDC is selling on ebay for 30-35K rupees on ebay India.


Now let's talk about dealers from Asia. This are the dealers who increase price of the item and they don't allow new collector to buy cheap from delcampe and ebay. I stop buying from Asian dealer even if I don't have it. I can leave without having that items in my collection.!! Only buy from Asian dealer if it really cheap and justify the price.

Also there are some dealer from UK(even base in India/USA) you need to avoid too other wise you are screwed and your Gandhi collection will be NIGHTMARE.

Don't think that buying from Belgium or Germany or Netherlands or China is safe(not cheated) as some of the asian dealer/collectors have contacts their and they mutually help each other.

You have to be very very careful to buy Gandhi realted material. If your read my following recommedation than very less chance that you might get in to bad dealing.
1) Buy from following ebay seller from Europe and North America without worry.

hajunga (64000+), instampco (14000+), qv500(13000+), fil_mag(11000+),bereson(32000+), pnjstamps(16000+), coversandpostcards(38000+), stampko(19000+), rlingen(26000+). In short if you buy from dealer with 10000+ feedback no chance of cheating at all.

If you don't want to read following is OK as my #1 point covers everything.

Only buy from 5000+ feedback on ebay or delcampe. Higher the feedback they are very good seller. Reason for this is that this fake seller have multiple ids and they can't reach 5000 easily. Also you will get excellent quality of stamps/covers. NEVER buy from new seller with 10-500 feedback(I am really sorry for new seller or genuine seller with less feedback). Also there are some seller who has around 800-1500 feedback and avoid those and you have to know who they are.

2) DON'T BUY FROM EBAY Asia(India, Singapore etc) as ebay's listing fee and shop(store) fee is cheaper seller are usually putting item for higher price as they don't have to worry about fees like in USA or UK.

Same issue on DELCAMPE site as there is no listing fees some Asian dealer are taking benefit of this and listing their item at enormus high price. Declampe is good site but Asian dealer made this buying experience horrible.

In this way they fix the pricing of Gandhi philatelic material.

Again only buy from this ebay sites if they are priced reasonable and if you think seller is really genuine.

3) Don't try to buy it multiple items from one seller to save shipping. This is were you will also get cheated as this thugs try to increase price of the items.

4) Don't buy it Fixed price or BUY IT NOW item if it is expensive as this dealer try to increase it price after buying from Europen seller for cheap. And they try to make you fool as same item might be selling for lower price than that FIXED price and you will buy it.

I bought Cuba FDC for 10$ at Fixed price from dealer and later I bought same FDC for 50 cents.!!

5) Don't buy if auction price is starting is higher than 10$. Reason for this that seller is fixing the price than open market.
If auction is starting at less price than make sure shill(fake) bidding is not going in that auction. It's hard to know whether there is fake bidding going on but you can tell if seller has less # of feedback and shill bidder will stop bidding it after it reach certain level. Also in general there will be 4-8 bids but if it is shill bidding going on than # of bids will increases. Also the geninue buyer will wait to see what's going on and depending on situation they will bid on that.
Keep in mind that great collector ( like Rajan, Maulik, Nikhil and others) don't need all items or FDC. They might be looking for some very special so they will never even look at this regular items. .They will not waste there time in bidding or not waste their money on that kind of items so if you see more # of bids on certain items than there are chances of shill bidding. Only greedy dealers will try to buy or sell items to newbie collector at higher price. I have been through this.!!

6) NEVER buy 2nd chance offer from seller. Because seller might be bidding on that item to increase the price. If you want to buy than negiogate the price and usually 30-40% lesser than sold price. I only bought once in 2nd offer on my costly purchase of Cameroun FDC as I know the bidder was FAKE( in real life he is a big collector and reseller and unregister dealer). I also negiogate the price from 190 euros to 121 euros. I recently saw that this kind of 2nd offer happens in PANAMA Gandhi stamp which is also inflated price.
There is always shill bidding in 1948 gandhi issue with 10Rs. stamps, Panama 1970 gandhi stmap, FDC with 3 low value 1948 and ofcourse FDC with 4 1948 gandhi stamp so beware of it.

7) Also avoid buying from UK listing (Except 5000+ seller) because you cannot see who is bidding items as ebay don't provide the even short ebay id so all things bidders are hidden. It is hard to find who is bidding and lot of misuse of this privacy option.

8) FDC/Max card after 1995 are needs to checked before you bid on it as there are lot of FDC from Nevis, Macadonia, St. Vincent etc. Also the stamps from Nevis, St. Vincent and others with Obama, Diana, Indra Gandhi etc needs to be checked before you buy as they are just printed by some greedy dealers and sold by greedy dealers.

9) Most important thing is to study the sellers as well as buyer and you will know how to collect GANDHI collection.

I hope this will help to all collectors. Let me know if any questions or concerns about this. If you want to add anything than let me know or put comments on this.

Thanks again reading this blog.

Think as hobby not as investment.!!

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section



Gandhi and Paquebot - Part IV

Stamp:- USA Gandhi 4 cents
Cancel:- 16-4-1962 from LaRochell, France
Ship:- S.S.Pioneer Tide
Ship Type:- Cargo
Ship Owner:- United States Lines Company.
Cover travels :-
Land(USA)---> Sea(paquebot) --> Land (postal cancel in France)-->Sea/Air---> USA
Some important links about ship history

Again thanks for reading and  please share your thoughts in the comments section



Gandhi and Paquebot - Part III


This is my first blog post. Thanks Maulik for your trust to share your blog with me.

I saw both Maulik's paquebot covers on ebay and thought this are junk covers so I never try bid on it as I have no idea what is Paquebot or Seapost before reading this Maulik's blog.

Recently I also got Gandhi Paquebot cover. This cover was mailed from "M.V. Jalamoti" a Indian Shipping boat owned by Scindia Navigation Co. Ltd. The company was recognised as the first Swadeshi shipping company in the true sense of the term and was referred to widely in Mahatma Gandhi’s columns in Young India on the Swadeshi movement, the boycott of foreign goods and the non co-operation movement.

This cover travelled through

Land (India)--> Sea (M.V.Jalamoti ship) --> Land (Alaska) --> Air --> Land (Houston)

It travelled through Arabain Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal, Pacific Ocean, stoppage through Singapore (my guess after reading more about ship and company) and other ports before reaching to Ketchikan, Alaska on Sep 12, 1977 and after that it was flown to Houston and landed there on 15 sep, 1977.

I am dedicating this Gandhi paquebot cover to Maulik as without his blog it will take me years before I might know or understand about paquebot and because of his knowledge sharing I was able to get this cover. Thanks Maulik for sharing this knowledge instead of been a greedy collector by yourself and this makes you one of the real gem as a Gandhi's philatelic collector.


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