Rare Stamps - Million Rupees stamp booklet or folder.!!

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw a seller with ZERO feedback is selling  RARE Gandhi Stamp for MILLION Rupees.!! ( Ten Lakhs Rupees)

Not sure why price tag is only one million Rupees.!! Why not one million dollars or ten million dollars.!! There is nothing like a limit to price your own item.!!

You all know what kind of different varieties of FORGERY as well as BOGUS (never exist) philatelic material is available in Gandhi stamps as well as all stamps around the world. So what are chances of this as a Forgery or BOGUS.?

Let me make sure I am not telling that this is forged or bogus. I am just expressing my opinion or personal view on this RARE stamp.!! It's up to you to decide what's going on after reading this post as well as other links.

Not sure how a new seller is selling this kind of rare stamps on eBay. How seller can trust buyer for this kind of expensive items.

I know some time seller prohibit new id from buying it or id with low feedback so bogus buyer cannot buy it and spoil their auction bidding. But sometimes it helps also by allowing zero feedback buyer because it can also inflated prices by Shill bidding either with their own id or friends will help seller by opening new id.

Similar how buyer can trust brand new seller, as God knows his trustworthiness because there is no credit (feedback).!! This is for all new id or low feedback id who are selling philatelic material.

First thing you will notice that "Specimen" overprint on stamp. Generally you see all UPPER case letter "SPECIMEN", but here in 1948 Gandhi stamp from India has "Specimen" which makes me more suspicious and we can claim that this might be also FORGERY or BOGUS.

Who know that this are indeed Genuine SPECIMEN stamp as chances are no one has seen it or has it.!!

This stamp were presented in leather folder but was surprised to see  two types of leather folder with specimen stamp.

Not sure there was it's an error folder or wide varieties issued by Swiss printer as per philatelic material such as stamp exhibit, handbooks, yearbooks etc.

This 1948  leather folder with Specimen stamp has EMBLEM OF INDIA printed or embossed on leather folder.!!

This National Emblem was adopted on 26 January 1950, the day that India became a republic.

So SWISS PRINTERS were ahead of times.!! By 18 months. (August 1948 - January 1950)!!!

In past this rare specimen stamp in folder was for sale on eBay for one million rupees.!!

Yes 1,000,000.!!

It's Ten lakhs rupees.!!

This is a common practice in Gandhi philatelic material selling as well as all other philatelic item. so beware of this kind of selling  as God know who is this as no one has bought or sell to them.!! This is one of the drawback of any type of auction.

This does not mean that seller with higher feedback are good.!! It's very hard to find out all different kinds of illegal activities from any kind of seller, whether it's new or old, low feedback or high feedback etc.

I had very bad experience with high feedback (10000+) also, so very hard to predict who is good and who is bad.!!

Selling through new id helps in hiding their original identity so they don't get caught if it is not rare stamps or if they are trying to forged, so his/her reputation will not affected.!!

Some time new id will slowly accumulate feedback as buyer and afterwards they start selling with low feedback.!!

Stamp collectors not only have tp research about forgery or bogus philatelic material, but they also have to worry about lot of other stuff  such as seller feedback, seller country, buyer of that sellers!!, Glorified item through various blogs, website, exhibit, magazine etc, Inflated price by shill bidding and lot more. You need a PHD in order to survive this philatelic market. It's not easy.!!!!!!!

 As per seller description "Its a 1948 First Anniversary of Independence "Gandhi" set in small black and gold "India Posts and Telegraphs Department" booklet, the stamps all with a small type "Specimen" overprint, the three low values stuck down, the 10r. hinged in place, fine, attractive and extremely rare."

After looking at this thoroughly I am confused because I have lot of question about this.

1) Is it GENUINE booklet or folder issued by Post & Telegraph Department of India ?

What do you think?
  • Is it officially issued with printing done by Post & Telegraph ?
  • Or it is some handy man work ?
  • We had seen famous BOGUS folder with 1948 Gandhi stamps from Brazil as well as Switzerland, so what are chances of this also forged.
2) Is it GENUINE specimen stamp?

  • We had all seen wide varities of overprint stamps in Gandhi as well as other British India stamps such as SERVICE, apollo moon landing etc.
  • We had seen FORGED or BOGUS(never issued or exist) Specimen stamps of Gandhi so what are chances of this also forged ?
3) Why Emblem of India was printed on it?

  • Even emblem of India was not printed on official booklet or folder of 1948 Gandhi stamps which were available to general public, because it was not official until 1950.!! So why on this leather folder.!! No one knew about this will Emblem of India in 1948.
  • Unofficial usage of Emblem of India on special cancellation as well as on Brazil 1948 folder is available so what are chances of this.
  • Why only Emblem of India is engraved on leather folder.!! Why nothing like POST & TELEGRAPH of India or Gandhi Memorial stamp etc.
  • Until 1950 it was  a sculpture of Lion  Capitol of Ashoka which was modified to Emblem of India with the bell-shaped lotus beneath the abacus has been omitted. (you can see following in 1947 India stamp.) so how Swiss printer knows about Emblem of India.!! This proves it's nothing but BOGUS or forgery of Emblem of India.

So now what do think about following folder from Kenmore. Look at the details on the folders which looks like genuine.

Compare with above leather folder and think what that leather folder is and think how it will look if it was original.

So what do you think about this folder or booklet and overprint SPECIMEN stamp ?

Sorry "Specimen" stamp.!!

Is it Genuine or BOGUS (never exist or officially issued but created by collector or dealer).!!

Look at the following blog posts screenshot and read in detail to find out what is going on in Gandhi Philately as well as other British India philately with King George stamps as well as other stamps around the world.

Read some of interesting blog post to see how CHEATERS are working to get your money by selling forgery or Bogus gandhi stamps.!!

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It's now upto you to decide whether to spend one million Rupees on Genuine or BOGUS Specimen stamps with leather folder.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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