India stamp value : 1948 true story.!!

 Hello Gandhi stamps collectors,

In 1948 India issued first ever stamp of Mahatma Gandhi in a set of 4 stamps. Out of which one was valued 10 Rupees which was very high during that time and value was not even adjusted for postal use.!!

But we all know that forgeries are available more than genuine.!! because of it's a simple stamp and modern technology in printing which is not even required to print this stamp.!!

Now I am not sure whether following auction was for genuine stamp or forgery.!!  This stamp was Mint stamp and not hinged and it was sold for $87.!! by "creativityplus4".!!

So not sure what is the real value for this India stamp.!!

You might see this stamp might be selling for 200$ or $300 or $400 and sometimes asking price might be $600.!!!

So not sure what is this 1948 stamp and what is the story behind this stamp.!!

But BEWARE before you buy this stamp or any philatelic material such as FDC or register cover or used 1948 Gandhi stamp.!!

Following are some of my blog post which will explain you what's actually going in 1948 Gandhi stamps which covers all kinds of cheating, forgery, glorification, shill bidding etc.






You all know how popular is 1948 Gandhi stamps from India. And because of this popularity price of this stamp is very high and when price is high all things are possible.!!

Now look at the following high value1948 Gandhi stamp. It's is very hard to find 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp in block of 4. This might sell from 700-1700$ or more if it is Genuine!!

Do you think following is Genuine stamp if seller don't mention about this. I don't think so.!!

Above block of 4 is a facismile/copy/counterfeit stamp.!!!

Because of recent modern technology in printing which is capable of printing money if printer manufacture are not restricted by government. If printers are capable of printing latest US dollar bill with all this watermark/threads/multicolor/magentic ink then to print 1948 stamp is peace of cake for this kind of printers.!!

So keep in mind what latest printers can do (along with rubber stamps) when you buy following items Mint or even USED on FDC or postally used.

1) 10 Rupees 1948 Gandhi stamps
2) 1 1/2, 3 1/2  and 12 Annas 1948 Gandhi stamps
3) SERVICE overprint Gandhi 1948 stamps
4) Imperf Gandhi stamps from Niger, Gabon, Cameroun, and all others Gandhi imperf stamps. (it's easy as no cutting required.!!)
5) SKY is the LIMIT.!!


Above stamp is currently selling as facsimile(copy).

Following are some screenshot from delcampe where it is sold as facsimile(copy/forgery/fake)

SO BEWARE BEFORE YOU BUY ANY 1948 used stamps from India or F.D.C with India stamps or used covers with India stamps or any other philatelic ITEMS with stamps from India.!!

So chances of getting forgery is very high.!!

And this is the 1948 TRUE STORY.!!

Gandhi stamps club.

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