China Mao stamps folder.

Hello Gandhi stamps collectors,

Just comparing Gandhi stamps folder with China Mao stamps folder.!!, so we can learn some thing useful for our collection.!!

We all know that India and China are booming countries in world were lot of millionares are borned every day, and to get money from them as alternate investment is also booming business.!!

Alternate investment in stamp collection.!! which are sometimes nothing but BOGUS or Forged stamps or philatelic material, as new born millionares don't have any idea about stamps or very minimum knowledge about stamp collection.!!

We all know what kind of forgery or BOGUS philatelic folder are selling on eBay with Gandhi stamps, but recently I saw China Mao stamp folder and I was very surprised, when compared with Gandhi stamp folders. Lot of similarities between Gandhi stamp folder and Mao stamp folder.

 This folder was sold from Taiwan  for $1008 (lot of money is spend by seller for piece of paper.!!) by eBay seller "tw12tw".

Not sure whether this is Genuine or BOGUS like other Gandhi stamps folder.!! You need to make sure before you buy any kind of philatelic material whether it's Gandhi or Mao or any other thematic collection because it's very tempting to make this kind of folder and sell it high price instead of selling just mint stamps.!!!

There are also chance of getting replica or facsimile stamps.!!

So BEWARE before you buy.

Whether it be "COURVOISIER 1948 STAMPS FOLDER" or " Brazil Gandhi stamps folder" or "Million Rupee Gandhi specimen folder".

Click following link to understand "Mastering of stamp folder" and try to get some idea and you can apply it to your collection.




All the above Gandhi folder are BOGUS, glorified by increasing price by not paying to seller or shill bidding etc.

Now compare this trend with MAO stamp folder and think what are chances.?

Do you think it was genuine eBay transaction were buyer really paid to seller ($1008) and all eBay and Paypal commission were paid.?

Reason for this suspiscous is buyer has very bad feedback for not paying to seller!!! So not sure whether this was glorification of China stamp by buying it and not paying it at very high price to make false impression on other collectors.?

There are lot of things needs to look before buying any kind of stamps whether is Gandhi stamps or China stamps or just a stamp.!!

Following are my blog post were I compare China Mao stamps with trends in Gandhi philately such as pricing, overprint stamps, facsimile etc.





You know how bad is stamp collection hobby right now as no new collectors wants to collect stamps and experienced collectors wants to dump their collection.!!!

So what do you think about China MAO stamp folder.?

Is it genuine or Bogus?

Gandhi stamps club.

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