Mao Stamps : Directives of Mao stamps

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently while researching Gandhi stamps I found lot of similarities between Gandhi stamps of India and Mao stamps of China.

1) Both are selling are very high price. 
2) Lot of forgeries and bogus stamps and philatelic material is available.
3) Seller trying to hide information !!

Following is just one of the example.!!

On May 22nd 1968 Mao stamps from China was sold $5000.!!

Do you really think this stamps are such a high valued or it's artificially inflated by various SHILL bidding method we see in stamps from India and China specially in Gandhi stamps and Mao stamps.?

Also what are chances of FORGED stamps selling as genuine stamps ? We all know how many facsimile or copy or replica stamps of Mao as well as Gandhi stamps are available.!! So what are chances.

Now let's see why seller wants to hide buyer list by making private listing? Any way you cannot see real buyer name on eBay!!

Do you think by hiding buyer name something illegal means are used in bidding such as SHILL bidding ?

SHILL bidding is nothing but when seller is using his/her other eBay id or friends or relatives are bidding on it.!!

Now let's see why feedback are made PRIVATE by seller ?

Only reason I see to make it private is to hide something!!!

I think seller and buyer both should be proud if they have some valuable  item in their collection.!!!

Don't you think you will be proud if you GENUINE item in your possession?

Don't you think as a seller you should be proud that your are selling some GENUINE items?

Then Why HIDE?

So what do you think about this stamp selling for $5000.!!

Is it Genuine transaction?

Do you think eBay got commission on $5000 and PayPal also got commission on money that was paid ???

If it is real transaction then this is very good business because eBay will get almost $300 - $500 on commission.!!!

That means eBay share holders are happy.!!! (Disclosure : I am one of that. I own eBay stocks in my portfolio.!!)

Do you really think that China stamps is for Investment ? or it's same thing like we saw in Gandhi stamps were everything is BOGUS and  False Hope of Riches where buyer don't pay or shill bidding or forgeries are available more than real !!

But what if it is not REAL or Genuine transaction.!! Don't you think eBay shareholders are CHEATED?

Mao Stamps.

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