Expensive and Rare Stamps for Investment ?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw first Gandhi stamps issued in 1948 Gandhi FDC from India. These stamps were in 4 denominations, 1.5, 3.5 & 12 annas and Rs 10 . These are the first of the Gandhi stamps ever. 

It is glorified that Gandhi stamps are expensive and rare Stamps philatelic material are for Investment.?

But in reality it's nothing but cheating to new collectors who don't know more details about stamps or philatelic material which are forged or bogus (not issued by government permission or illegal usage of government emblem or symbols or stolen from government archives.).!!

But what surprise me is that there are no buyers for  1948 stamps and FDC even it's starting price is low.!! Seller is selling 2 first day cover of 1948 Gandhi stamps from Bombay and Calcutta and one set of MNH Gandhi stamps and 2 used 10 Rupees Gandhi stamps.

We all know what's going in Gandhi stamps and philatelic material as there is nothing but forgery available not only in stamps with facsimile/copy/replica but also in philatelic material by using rubber stamps. Also pricing is inflated by SHILL Bidding or not paying to seller, so it can be glorified.

Check out my following blog post to understand what is REALITY.!!

Please read following series of my blog post  to understand what is going on stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic materials.

Not sure why but some of the reason are

1) It's Forgery stamps ?
2) It's Forgery First Day Cover ?
3) Forgery USED stamps ?


1) No interest in collecting stamps ?
2) Gandhi stamps are not for Investment ?

Read my following blog post to understand about stamp collection in DECLINE.!!

1) A Hobby in Decline : 1948 Gandhi USED cover case study.!!
2) A Hobby in Decline.!! - Part-2
3) How to invest when philately price is dropping.

Don't you think it's easy to make all this special cancellation, postmark cancellation, post office cancellation and apply to any mint or even used covers, postcards or even International Reply Coupon (Coupon Response International.).!!

It's very hard to find Genuine cancellation (special cancellation) as it is very easy to forged.!!! and sometimes there are NO GENUINE cancellation even exist.!!

Still cannot decide then read following blog post which might help you.

So what do you think? Why it's not selling ?

It's all FORGED ?

Gandhi stamps Club.

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