Nepal India Embassy postmark stamp

 Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

As you all know that rubber stamp of Indian Embassy Nepal is one of the most forged on various Gandhi philatelic material.

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But my recent research also indicates that it's not only on Gandhi Philatelic material but it is widely used on various philatelic covers and cards from China and Tibet to create some VARIETIES in philatelic collection.!!

This varieties looks authentic because of lot of uncertainitiy during 1945 - 1958 because all countries surronding Nepal was getting Independence from British rule and China taking over Tibet in 1958.

But to me it looks a great push to think Genuine, Authentic covers which traveled through Nepal with various cancellation of Indian Nepal Embassy or Nepal cancellation in local language etc.

Recently I saw following cover from France which to me looks like QUESTIONABLE (for forgery, fake, illegal)  This is my observation and you don't have to believe me as I am not expert. I am just expressing my view that it looks like.!!

Reason it looks questionable because it took only 7 days to travel from Saint-Die-des-VOSGES (which is 400 km from Paris). Saint-Die-des-Vosges has population of 23,000 in 2006. Now think how big it was 55years ago.!!

Now think travel time to various postal department, International Airport(Saint die airport was not), flight schedule in France or through India major cities and Nepal (if post were going through Indian postal agency).

Also this is register cover it needs extra care for signature/rubber stamp of various postal department in order that it don't get lost.

Do you think all this is possible in just 7 days with all manual labor of postal stream as no electronic customization did not exist 55 years ago.

You all know that in current days also it takes longer to get mail from France to India or France to USA.!! So in 1957 it reaches Nepal in 7 days.!!

Also this cover is not address to Indian Embassy to Nepal.

Mailed on :- 2-Sep-1957 (Monday)
Received :- 8-Sep-1957 (Sunday)

But another thing I notice is that Post Office Indian Embassy stamp date 8-Sep-1957  is SUNDAY.

Post Office in India are not open on Sunday or were never opened on Sunday except on 15-August-1948 to celebrate first anniversary of India Independence and also to celebrate first day of Mahatma Gandhi stamp.

Also it's Embassy which don't open on Sunday and even if it is open then they don't do postal work.!!

Also not sure whether this was official stamp from Indian Government (Genuine or stolen) or just BOGUS rubber stamp?

So what is this SUNDAY cancellation from Nepal Indian Embassy.?

Don't you think it's FORGED by just applying rubber stamp on the cover without thinking about day of the week?

There are lot of other questions you can think and I let you think before you pursue your hobby of adding varieties or just adding in your thematic collection.

Following are other cover with Nepal Indian Embassy. Do your own research !!

So beware what are you collecting.

So you need to think always before you buy otherwise you will regret.

To me at the end it will be JUST PIECE OF PAPER.!!

If you have money to throw away then start collecting  British India Stamps, 1948 Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material and you will have a PIECE of PAPER (with no peace of mind.!!).

Still cannot decide then read following blog post which might help you.

Still not decided then my opinion is AVOID it all the cost.!! and have peace of mind instead of worrying you are buying Genuine material.!!!

To me all Gandhi Philatelic material available ( specially before 1950) looks FAKE or Forgery as it is very hard to find Genuine stuff and as new collectors (like me) wants to collect, so some greedy experienced collectors/dealers will provide  all of us as well as experienced collectors.!!

Still want to do research  then please read my other blog post and have fun.!!

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It's all Bogus!!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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