Martin Luther King Stamp with Gandhi and Kennedy Imperf stamps : How can we tell it's GENUINE.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

How can we tell whether Imperforated (having a straight edge without perforations)  stamps are Genuine ?

There is no real measurement or visual inspection which will indicates it's Genuine.!!  because it don't need perforation (a long series of holes or slits so that paper  can be torn more easily).

Recently Gabon Imperf stamp Scott Catalog # C78 - 81 of Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi Imperf stamp, Kennedy Imperf stamp were not even sold for $15.!!

But one seller is selling this imperf stamps for $180!!!

I am not sure why this imperf set was not sold but to me it looks like lot of factors.

1) Forgery are available more then Genuine not only in Imperf stamps but also in perforated stamps so  it's very hard to believe it's real.

2) I don't think anyone collect stamp of Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy because it's  not interesting collectors and I don't see anyone collect this at all. It's in history books only.!!

3) Martin Luther King Jr stamps are also long gone as no one is even issuing new stamps of him as there is no demand in USA were he was widely popular in 1960 -1980 in philatelic world but after that stamps are in decline.

4) Mahatma Gandhi stamps are in plenty of quantity and looks like forgery & shill bidding is killing this hobby. Also overall stamp collection decline is also affecting it.

So beware what you are buying it because it's very easy to make a COPY in printer and sale it. I am not expert but this is only my opinion what are possibilities in philatelic world.

But now look at the following screenshot from eBay and you decide what will be the pricing of this stamps.

Yes it's $180!! What if you don't know correct pricing and buy this kind of philatelic material for collection.!!

Please read my other blog post about Martin Luther King stamps from other African countries.


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