Yemen Gandhi Stamp : Large quantity of Gandhi First Day Cover are available.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I saw 7 Gandhi First Day Cover with Gandhi Stamps of YEMEN, selling for $17.50.!! I think this price is too high comparing to recent selling price and thinking about DECLINE in stamp collection hobby.

In 1969 Yemen honored Mahatma Gandhi on his Birth Cenetenary along with other nations. But even after 40+ years there are 7 FDC is available for sale and there will be lot more in someone's closet.!!

Also if you see stamp collection hobby is in decline so I am not sure how many new collectors are joining this hobby of Gandhi Stamp collection.

But a week ago YEMEN Gandhi was sold for just $9.50.!! (Looks like same seller depending on eBay id.!!) so he/she should aware of pricing of this stamps.

Also who knows $9.50 is correct price for YEMEN Gandhi FDC.!! Lot of things can be possible such as shill bidding, non payment etc. So can't even consider that this is the correct price.

I am not telling (because I don't have any internal information) that seller did shill bidding or buyer did not pay but this are all assumption no need to make before you buy any thing.

So this indicates that there is a large quantity of Gandhi material still available in open market, which will bring value of philatelic material more lower as new collectors are not coming to this hobby, old collectors either have this or don't need it in their collection.

This is I am seeing it in all Gandhi Philatelic material as I saw there is huge quantity of Gandhi Khadi stamps or Congo Gandhi stamp or Morocco Gandhi stamps and all other.

1) Congo Gandhi First Day Cover hopes of Riches through Accumulation.?
2) Morocco Gandhi stamps
3) Gandhi Khadi stamps are available in plenty.
4) Mauritius Gandhi stamp sheet available in wholesale.

So my view or opinion is that Gandhi stamp value will decline more because of many factors including large quantity.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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