Specimen Stamps : Are this Genuine SPECIMEN stamps?

Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

Recently I saw Gandhi SPECIMEN stamps from Dominica Republic and Guyana selling for $250!!

I am not sure whether this are Genuine or Forgery.

It will be very hard to find Genuine or Authentic SPECIMEN stamp because there were very few records for stamp in 1969 with all countries postal authority because of various reason such as it was on paper and often times got destroy because not storing properly or lack of space or not interest in preserving etc.

Also they were not aware of that Gandhi stamps will be popular or will be inflated so much !!

So now guess what.!! There will be FORGERY in it because noone knows what is real and what is forgery!! so who cares and make money.!!

Also in past we had seen lot of forgery not only in SPECIMEN stamps, but also forgery stamps of 1948 Gandhi SERVICE overprint stamp from India as well as other British India stamps such as Queen Victoria QV stamps, King George Stamps from India, King Edward stamp from India and others so I will go towards questionable SPECIMEN.!!

Read my previous blog post about all SPECIMEN blunders.!!

1) Forgery Gandhi Cyprus Specimen stamp (Official by seller.!!)
2) Forgery Gandhi Specimen Post Card from India
3) Gandhi Specimen stamp/sheet without country name.!!!

So now what do you think about following specimen stamps which were on sale for $250!!

Also on delcampe I saw specimen stamp from Cyprus.!! It was sold for  $14.!!

Not sure this is actual price for Genuine or Forgery.!! 

In past we saw forgery Specimen stamp from Cyprus.

So what do you think about all this Gandhi SPECIMEN stamp.?

I think it's nothing but to get money because it's very easy to print.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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