Error stamps ? Perforation displaced stamps ? Are this valuable stamps ?

Hello stamps collectors,

Recently I saw Error stamp with perforation displaced, but when I saw thoroughly I was confused, because perforation don't like genuine.!!

Are this Error stamps ? Perforation displaced stamps ? Are this valuable stamps ?

Do you really think it's an error stamp or this has been done on forgery stamp.!!

Look at the perforation, it looks like my kids art work.!! If it is actual error or misplace perforation then it should be sharp like stamp, which is also easy to do as we can see in replica or copy or facsimile stamps.

We all know what kind of forgery stamps are available in Gandhi stamps so it don't surprise me. Also if you see quantity of this kind of error stamps it's surprises me that India is still backward in printing technology.!!

It's selling for $99.!!

I will never buy this kind of ERROR stamps from India because chances of forgery is very very high. Not only India error stamps but any error stamps with perforation or color omitted stamps are easily forged.!!! and available in large quantity.

Forget about $ pricing, I will not pay 99 rupees in local Indian money for this block of 4 stamps which cost only 4 rupees.!!

 You will be victim when price is high  and chances of forgery stamps or philatelic material or shill bidding is very very high.!!

SO BEWARE what you are upto.

Genuine errors stamps are UNCOMMON or even RARE as postal administrations have several layers of quality control and inspection, and most printing problems are addressed before the stamps ever reach the public. (Taken from Postage Stamp Error from Wikipedia)

My personal opinion or  personal view about following India Gandhi ERROR stamps are STOLEN goods or property because Indian postal department (Post & Telegraph)  have several layers of quality control and inspection, and most printing problems are addressed before the stamps ever reach the public.

Also if you see sheer quantity of Gandhi Error stamps from India available on eBay is amazing. I have seen more than 1000 just from India.!! (Can you consider this quantity as RARE.!!)

Don't you think India Post & Telegraph has one of the best quality control and inspection.? But I am not sure about what they do with all the waste or how they handle it after found during quality control.!

Don't you think this kinds of stamps should not be allowed in Stamp Exhibition and Philatelic JUDGES should reject this stamp exhibit instead of giving more points or medal for this kind of stolen products or FAKE philatelic material such as special cancellation.?

In my previous blog posts I wrote about Error stamps of India and How to Create Error stamps. In this blog post I am displaying images of that ERROR stamps of Gandhi and you decide whether this ERROR stamps makes sense.

Please read my other blog posts before going through this blog post.

Now look at the following screenshot of Gandhi ERROR stamp which are sold as "Double Perf Error stamp", "Dry Print Error stamp", "Mis Perf Error stamp", "Printing Error", "Unprinted Error", "Color missing error", "Spectacular Ink Blob" etc.

Does it makes sense this kind of stamps from India available to general public for sale? 

Also stamps of India are printed by Government of India not like other smaller countries who outsource their stamp printing. We don't see this kind of ERRORS from this outsource stamp dealers/printers who print stamps for small countries so how come we can see this many ERRORS stamps from India.!!

According to me this all are collection of WASTE (trial print or perf) which should be shredded or burned, but it's available for SALE.!!

Of course some are forgery using chemical such as color blop or missing year on stamp (or might be waste also), but others are nothing but stolen from collection of waste.!!

Do you think Indian postal administrations don't have quality control and inspection?

So what do you think about this waste ?

Is it waste or ERROR stamps.?

My personal opinion or my personal view about this ERROR stamps is WASTE and it needs to be investigate as STOLEN goods or products because how it available for sale.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Expensive and Rare Stamps for Investment ?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw first Gandhi stamps issued in 1948 Gandhi FDC from India. These stamps were in 4 denominations, 1.5, 3.5 & 12 annas and Rs 10 . These are the first of the Gandhi stamps ever. 

It is glorified that Gandhi stamps are expensive and rare Stamps philatelic material are for Investment.?

But in reality it's nothing but cheating to new collectors who don't know more details about stamps or philatelic material which are forged or bogus (not issued by government permission or illegal usage of government emblem or symbols or stolen from government archives.).!!

But what surprise me is that there are no buyers for  1948 stamps and FDC even it's starting price is low.!! Seller is selling 2 first day cover of 1948 Gandhi stamps from Bombay and Calcutta and one set of MNH Gandhi stamps and 2 used 10 Rupees Gandhi stamps.

We all know what's going in Gandhi stamps and philatelic material as there is nothing but forgery available not only in stamps with facsimile/copy/replica but also in philatelic material by using rubber stamps. Also pricing is inflated by SHILL Bidding or not paying to seller, so it can be glorified.

Check out my following blog post to understand what is REALITY.!!

Please read following series of my blog post  to understand what is going on stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic materials.

Not sure why but some of the reason are

1) It's Forgery stamps ?
2) It's Forgery First Day Cover ?
3) Forgery USED stamps ?


1) No interest in collecting stamps ?
2) Gandhi stamps are not for Investment ?

Read my following blog post to understand about stamp collection in DECLINE.!!

1) A Hobby in Decline : 1948 Gandhi USED cover case study.!!
2) A Hobby in Decline.!! - Part-2
3) How to invest when philately price is dropping.

Don't you think it's easy to make all this special cancellation, postmark cancellation, post office cancellation and apply to any mint or even used covers, postcards or even International Reply Coupon (Coupon Response International.).!!

It's very hard to find Genuine cancellation (special cancellation) as it is very easy to forged.!!! and sometimes there are NO GENUINE cancellation even exist.!!

Still cannot decide then read following blog post which might help you.

So what do you think? Why it's not selling ?

It's all FORGED ?

Gandhi stamps Club.


Bogus or Forged Philatelic material ? : Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan 1948 - 55th Congress Gandhinagar Jaipur Slogan - FREE INDIA STANDS FOR WORLD PEACE

 Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw Gandhi Philatelic material and I was surprised by the price it was sold.!!

Three 1948 Gandhi stamps philatelic covers with special cancellation were sold for $13.!! This shows that either no one is interested in collection philatelic material or philatelic material is BOGUS (does not exist or was created unofficially.!!) with glorification through various means of marketing such as handbooks, exhibit, fake buying etc.

One has BLUE rubber stamp "Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan" issued on 30 January 1949 on first death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Other two are with 55th Congress Gandhinagar Jaipur special cancellation.

To me either this were BOGUS since it was made as a fantasy cover which are widely glorified by various philatelic books, blog, magazine online or offline philatelic exhibitions, stamp forums, stamp boards etc, so we all will try to follow them.!!

Don't try to follow any philatelic handbooks or stamp exhibit and try to collect it otherwise you will regret because anyone can create material and start selling and give it free to writers or exhibitor. It's all about you do research!!

If you follow them then there are chances you will have some BOGUS, Fantasy, Cinderella philatelic material in your collection or Investment.!!

But I think now collectors knew what kind of things going around in Gandhi stamps and Philatelic material  as well as other stamps around the world and that's the reason we all see such a low price.!!

In past I wrote blog post about comparision  between following cancellation on plain cover and find out all needs to study throughly because chance of forgery is very very high.

Nepal 1948 Embassy Cancellation on 1948 Gandhi stamps
Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan
55th Congress Gandhinagar Jaipur Cancellation
55th Congress Gandhinagar Jaipur Slogan "Free India Stands for World Peace"

You can read that blog post by clicking following link.


Also in past I wrote about Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan rubber stamps (blue color)!!


So what do you think about this pricing selling only for $13!!

Don't you think this value indicates that it's BOGUS or FORGED or  FANTASY.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Mao Stamps : Directives of Mao stamps

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently while researching Gandhi stamps I found lot of similarities between Gandhi stamps of India and Mao stamps of China.

1) Both are selling are very high price. 
2) Lot of forgeries and bogus stamps and philatelic material is available.
3) Seller trying to hide information !!

Following is just one of the example.!!

On May 22nd 1968 Mao stamps from China was sold $5000.!!

Do you really think this stamps are such a high valued or it's artificially inflated by various SHILL bidding method we see in stamps from India and China specially in Gandhi stamps and Mao stamps.?

Also what are chances of FORGED stamps selling as genuine stamps ? We all know how many facsimile or copy or replica stamps of Mao as well as Gandhi stamps are available.!! So what are chances.

Now let's see why seller wants to hide buyer list by making private listing? Any way you cannot see real buyer name on eBay!!

Do you think by hiding buyer name something illegal means are used in bidding such as SHILL bidding ?

SHILL bidding is nothing but when seller is using his/her other eBay id or friends or relatives are bidding on it.!!

Now let's see why feedback are made PRIVATE by seller ?

Only reason I see to make it private is to hide something!!!

I think seller and buyer both should be proud if they have some valuable  item in their collection.!!!

Don't you think you will be proud if you GENUINE item in your possession?

Don't you think as a seller you should be proud that your are selling some GENUINE items?

Then Why HIDE?

So what do you think about this stamp selling for $5000.!!

Is it Genuine transaction?

Do you think eBay got commission on $5000 and PayPal also got commission on money that was paid ???

If it is real transaction then this is very good business because eBay will get almost $300 - $500 on commission.!!!

That means eBay share holders are happy.!!! (Disclosure : I am one of that. I own eBay stocks in my portfolio.!!)

Do you really think that China stamps is for Investment ? or it's same thing like we saw in Gandhi stamps were everything is BOGUS and  False Hope of Riches where buyer don't pay or shill bidding or forgeries are available more than real !!

But what if it is not REAL or Genuine transaction.!! Don't you think eBay shareholders are CHEATED?

Mao Stamps.


Stamp Collection : Decline in Investment.!! Are 1948 Gandhi FDC (black) are Genuine or Fantasy !!

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

I have not seen such a decline in price in any investment in a year.!! But this is possible in some non commodity (other than gold , diamonds, housing etc).investment where there are lot of forgeries, fake bidding etc.

In April 2012, two 1948 India Gandhi stamps FDC was sold for $8600 and $8500, but in March 2013 similar FDC was sold for $1440!!

What a decline.!! Almost lost $7000.!!

I am not sure whether this are even following black color is Genuine FDC as this are not officially issued by Post & Telegraph department of India.!! (Black color can hide all kind of rubber stamp cancellation.!!)

Also this are not RARE.!! In past 4 years I had seen more than 40+ for sale on eBay only.!!

We all know how many different types of  1948 "Jai Hind" cancellation is available. Click following link to read biggest forgery of all times in philatelic and you understand what are chances of this.!!


Can this FDC is fantasy of some collector/dealer.!! like we saw in 2009 Gandhi special Cancellation from Winnenden Germany ? but never got caught !!

There are lot of possibilities, we need to think before we buy anything for collection.!!

As we all know how much shill bidding happens in Gandhi stamps and philatelic material and also how many buyer don't pay to seller so I am also not sure whether 960 pound is real auction price as it's very hard to find out real price.!!

I wrote blog post about why Gandhi FDC are sold at this much price. You can read it by clicking following link.


Also there is no CATALOG for philatelic material so it's hard to find out real value as it's HIGHLY INFLATED by various ILLEGAL or CRIMINAL ways of Cheating, Shill Bidding, Not Paying seller, False feedback etc.

So what even if it there was catalog then also it's useless because you will not get lesser money.!! Read my previous blog post about "Catalog value £175, Sale price £6"


So now what do you think.?

"Stamp Collection Decline in Investment.!! Are 1948 Gandhi FDC on black cover are Genuine or Fantasy !!"

Do you really think that it was indeed sold at $8600.?

Do you think this is just to show you (us) that this Gandhi FDC are very high priced item and collectible item for INVESTMENT?

It's really a DECLINE in Investment ?  or it's a FALSE Hopes of Riches, by glorifying Gandhi stamps in philatelic handbooks, speeches, stamp exhibit etc  so new collectors or experienced collectors will try to buy it.!!

Recently similar cover was for sale for $7000 from "stamp_bay", but NO buyer.!!

We had seen this in  Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!! Do you think this apply to other BRITISH INDIA stamp also.

Click one of the following link and you will become smarter.!!

1) Philatelic FAKE and FORGERIES.
3) Stamp collection CHEATING.
4) Stamp Collection Value
5) Stamp Collecting Facts
6) China stamp collection value.
7) First AirMail Post
8) World First Flight Cover
9) Greatest Stamp Collection Scandal 
10) Biggest stamp collection SCAM
11) SCANDAL in stamp collection 
12) How to increase stamp collection value

Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

Gandhi Stamps Club


Stamp Catalog Value : DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? 1948 Gandhi stamp price or stamp value.

Hello Gandhi stamps Colletctors,

Recently I read article in "The Guardian" newspaper about "Last post for stamp collectors?" which explain you the reality of stamp collection with difference in Stamp Catalog value v/s actual price.!!

Very interesting article for all stamp collectors including newbie who really want to start collecting as Investment with all hyped by various groups of people including collectors, dealers, financial analyst, investment banker, various writers, online stamp exhibit, philatelic blogs, stamps website, stamps forums, stamps boards, philatelic events, philatelic lectures and speeches etc. 

All of them are doing nothing but to glorifying  what they collect or do so there business or value will appreciate without thinking someone will hurt with this.!!

Click following link to read full indepth about Patrick Collinson article and know what is going on and what are the chance of happening to you or your heirs.!! "Catalog value £175, Sale price £6"

Not only that but you still have to FEAR about getting forgery or bogus stamps or philatelic material.

Also there is no catalog value for philatelic value so it's highly inflated by making it rare which are nothing but forgery such as stamps folders, specimen stamps, used on cover to prime ministers, embassy cancellation etc.

Does it make sense to invest in stamps any more when there are no new collectors interested in stamps because all kind of different hobby such as playing World of Warcraft online video games, Nintendo Wii or Xbox one or Sony PSP or online socializing using facebook, google+ or apple facetime etc.

So think before you start collecting or investing.!!

All sold pricing you see are not true because Buyer don't pay or seller disappear.!! Click following blog post to see where 7-8 transaction of 1948 Gandhi stamps were it was not completed.


Recently this 1948 stamps of Gandhi from India was sold for $127, but you will see that used stamps selling at higher price than this.!!

Click following link to read more about "Gandhi 1948 stamps : It's all BOGUS !! I think Gandhi Philately is EXPOSED for highly inflated price by BUYER don't paying seller or seller closing store with very low feedback.!!"


You will be surprised after looking 

1) Large Quantity of this 1948 Gandhi stamps available.
2) What a wide range for a set of Gandhi stamps !! ($1200 -$400)

Following screenshot is from eBay were seller "acp-india" is selling 10 quantity of stamps at $440!!

Do you think he is selling REPLICA (reprint) or Facsimile (photocopy) stamps.?

I think so. To have this much quantity makes me think that.!! What do you think.?

Now look at the following screenshot and think the difference between catalog value and actual selling price.!!

Also look at the quantity "acp-india" has.!!

Following are just few of them currently on eBay auction site available!!



4) SHILL BIDDING is always happens in Gandhi stamps as well as other stamps.!!
5) Buyer don't pay to seller always if price goes up.!!


Gandhi Stamps Club

BTW:- It's not only in GANDHI stamps but all BRITISH INDIA stamps of King George, King Edward, Queen Victoria and others. It's all BOGUS.


India ERROR stamp - color omitted stamps

 Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

We all know what are ERROR stamps in Gandhi stamps collection. I am comparing following error stamps from India Leopard CAT stamps with Gandhi error stamp!!

Do you really think this GENUINE error stamps.!! or forged by exposing partly to chemical such as bleach or sunlight ?

Compare above cat stamp with following Gandhi stamps and you decide what is it?

Read my previous blog post more about how to make ERROR stamps.!!


YES, How to make it yourself.!!

I mean it to make ERROR stamps.!!

Don't you think it's tempting to forged stamps to make more money.!! Because if without error then it will be sell under $1, but error than it will sell for $7.!!

Also consider that how can this possible with lot of  quality control while printing and after printing.!!

This is very common practice to make forged stamps as you will find large quantity as well as different stamps using chemical or exposure to sunlight.!!

Read more about it by clicking following link.



Don't you see SIMILARITY between Gandhi Stamps from India and Leopard CAT stamps.!!!

So beware what you are collecting otherwise your collection might be ERROR.!!

Gandhi stamps club.


Imperf stamps : Are they Genuine or just Forgery ? Why Imperf stamps are needed? To make forgery easier.!!

 Hello Gandhi stamp collectors,

There are different types of stamps such as perf, imperf, specimen, overprint etc. But I still don't get it why IMPERF stamp is required.

There are more chances of FORGERY because it's very easy to use photocopy (Xerox) to make this kind of stamps. Also it's very hard to know whether it was originally created as IMPERF stamps or it was a BOGUS (never exist) creation!!

Do this IMPERF stamp of Gandhi was available to general public ? I don't think so.!!

If it is not available to public then I don't think it needs to be consider as artwork or painting but not as a stamp other wise any piece of paper will consider as stamp.!!

Recently I saw Gandhi IMPERF stamp from India selling for $115!! It's original or face value is just 60 paise each (1 Rupee twenty paisa for two stamps).

Now think return on investment as it's even very hard to count.!! But it's more than 50000+% (more than fifty thousand percent) because it only cost  2 US cents ($ 0.02) and seller "Rogerpo99" is asking for $115.!!

Don't you think it's tempting to make this kind of IMPERF stamp.!!

With all this latest printing technology it's very easy to print as you don't need to high security printers.!! If there are forged perf stamps of Gandhi, King George, King Edward etc than anyone can make IMPERF stamps.!!!

So what do you think ? Is it Forgery or Genuine or Bogus.!! ?

Think before you start collecting using reference of false, incorrect or bogus information from philatelic handbook or online exhibit or philatelic blog(including mine) or collector or dealer or reading articles as none of them will provide you correct information , as everyone is trying to glorifying Gandhi stamps and keep reality with themselves.!!

So beware of all Gandhi imperf stamps from Togo, Cameroun, Mali, Germany, Hungary, Grenada and all others.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Dove stamps - Somalia stamps : How to buy and sell stamps ?

Hello Gandhi stamps collectors,

Recently I saw 1969 Somalia stamps of Gandhi with dove and I was surprised by stamp price. This 3 stamps has starting auction price of $40 and $36!!!

To me it's nothing but GLORIFICATION of Gandhi stamps with high praise by online exhibit, philatelic magazine, philatelic blogs, stamps forum, stamp boards etc.

One of the famous quotes of Mahatma Gandhi will make you understand why you should not buy this kinds of stamps.!!

“The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.”

In past this Dove stamps with Gandhi stamps were sold in very large quantity (30) at $5, but still it does not deserve that value because who in the world is going to buy that 30 set, because there are very few new collector starts collecting Gandhi stamps and even if they then they quit as soon as they realize that they are cheated either by forgery stamps or they paid high price.!!

Want to read more about Somalia Gandhi stamps in huge quantity then click following link. ( or see just following screenshot)

So beware when you enter in Gandhi stamp collection, because everything in this hobby is either FAKE or FORGED or GLORIFIED.!!

I am not sure how a seller can start selling at this price.!! But guess it's seller choice to sell it whatever price he thinks.!!

According to me this price should not be more than $2 or $3.!! If you buy it higher than this price than chances are either you will quit stamp collection in future or regret whole your life.!! (Like me and thus I am trying to protect other new collectors by writing TRUTH about Gandhi Stamps.)

On May 15 2013, this set of stamp was sold to delcampe buyer "Brownblackcherry" for $1.57.!!

So why $40 & $36!! Because they are looking for unknown to jump in to this and think this is very important, unique, rare stamps.!!

Look following screenshot and make note about seller who are selling at very high price and you know what to do.!!

So now it's upto you to decide what to do with Somalia Gandhi stamps as well as other Gandhi stamps.

Still cannot decide then look at the following screenshot of sold dove stamps from Somalia and you will understand difference between REAL & FAKE price.!!

Also there are large quantity of FDC with Gandhi stamps from Somalia were sold so beware about pricing for those.  (Let the seller collect and store for you.!!)


Now you need to decide following

1) Want to start collecting Gandhi stamps ?
2) If yes then at what price ?
3) Is it worth my time ?
4) Do think it will appreciate in future ?
5) Want to go through all hassle about storing or worring about fire or theft.!! It's a piece of paper.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club

KGV stamps King George stamps

Hello Stamp Collectors,

While researching on Forged & Bogus (never exist) overprint stamps of Gandhi I found lot of similarities 
between other overprint stamps as well.!!

There are lot of similarities between Gandhi stamps and King George stamps we can see on FORGED  Mint, USED and even Overprint stamps as well as lot of similarities on bidding process to increase price by SHILL Bidding on British India  King George stamps (KGV stamps), King Edward stamps  and Queen Victoria stamps.

So what are chances of above stamp as Replica or Facsimile or copy stamps used forged overprint stamps?

Chances are very high because it's very easy to make not only rubber stamp of PIES but also stamp.!!

Check following screenshot with inverted overprint on Gandhi stamp as well as King George stamps with SERVICE and you decide what are chances of above stamp as forged.!!


We all know that OVERPRINT stamps are nothing but a creative idea of collectors to make money out regular stamps by creating wide varieties and unique stamps which we saw in 1948 Gandhi stamps from India, 1969 Cameroun stamps with overprint of Moon Landing, SPECIMEN stamps or any other overprint stamps of King George or British India stamps.

Recently I saw eBay seller "mareval2" selling India KGV King George stamps issued in 1921 with overprint of "PIES" which is an error.!! 

In past "mareval2" has sold some of the 1948 Gandhi stamps also and you can read more about it at following link.

Do you think this is really an ERROR stamps ? 

I don't think so because there is something like proof reading.!! You don't miss this kind of big things and make it as an error stamps.!!

Then what is this King George stamps?


I think one of them.!! (my personal opinion as I am not expert)

Now let's see the seller and  bidders.!! My favorite things to do in any research of stamps.!!

Total 3 bidders and 4 bids.!! You will see this bidders in GANDHI stamps bidding.!!  

Not sure why there are even 3 bidders for this kind of stamps and you all know who they are and why they are bidding on it.!!

Also look at the pricing. It is sold 5 times less than catalog value.!!

Read my other blog posts and you will find something interesting about overprint stamps as well as eBay sellers and bidders.


Now think what are chances in GANDHI overprint stamps.!! Specially with all SERVICE, SPECIMEN, Apollo Moon Landing etc from India, Cameroun, Cyprus etc.

Gandhi Stamps Club.


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