Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I think with this blog post I am now 100% sure that something big (glorification/high praise) is going in 1948 Gandhi Stamps in Indian Philately. 

Following screenshot is just winning bids by "hitlerandgandhi" starting from March 17 and ending on April 15 totalling about $25,000 (Yes, Twenty Five thousand US dollars.!!), not including this used Private FDC with regular cancellation of Kotagiri.!! was sold for $3575.!!

But recently(after 50 days of auction ended) I saw a feedback for Australian seller "simrenzo1" mentioned in his feedback for "hitlerandgandhi" that "Would not deal with this buyer again, no communication or payment made.Bad news

This means that buyer did not paid for this highly INFLATED Gandhi Private FDC. Now I am not sure whether "hitlerandgandhi" paid for any of the above item he bought for $25000.!! 

I am not sure whether eBay Unpaid item case was opened or not, but my guess is no case was opened other wise you cannot write feedback.!! 

Also why wait 50 days to write feedback as eBay/PayPal only gives 45 days for any dispute.  Did eBay return all commission to seller on this sale? (Great loss for eBay shareholders!!)

This means that Buyer did not paid $3575 !! Don't you think this is glorification of this cover with Gandhi Stamps.!! (Makes you think Gandhi Philatelic material is RED HOT, value increases faster then any other thematic collection, Rich Indian and NRI are investing in stamps, investment needs to diversify, one of the best thematic collection like George Washington etc.)

My personal opinion for price for this cover is not more than $50.!! (I will not buy it for $5 also.!!, because it's private FDC and chance of FORGERY is very very high). It has nothing interesting on the this philatelic private FDC cover. I also question postal cancellation on this FDC. I always avoid private FDC since I bought Gandhi Private FDC with Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation. 

I am always curious about Authenticity of Private FDC/Used cover because they are made as per demand and sometimes with Forgery/FAKE cancellation as NO Official Indian Post Cachet is required.!!

By increasing price and not buying is to Glorified of Gandhi stamps so more new collector will think it's a way to invest in Gandhi Stamps and Philately and specially any thing with  1948 Gandhi Stamps from India.

Following is the in-depth detail analysis how this cover was bidded to $3575 by only 5 bidders and 11 bids who bidded from 99 cents to $3575.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It will be easy on delcampe.net to see who bidded and I don't have to do this)

Auction starts on Apr 28@20:41
1) p***S(1898) [melbournestamps] from Australia bidded $100 on Apr 28@21:01(20 min of starting.!!)
2) d***1(190) [hitlerandgandhi] from India bidded $3000 on Apr 29
3) e***0(private) bidded $1002 on Apr 29
4) t***e(7) bidded 1052 on May 3
5) p***S(1898) [melbournestamps] bidded $1500, $1600, $1900 on May 3
6) a***p(5810) [alphaomegaphilately] from India bidded $2400, $2650, $3525 on May 4
7) d***1(190) [hitlerandgandhi] bidded $3575 on May 4
Auction ends on May 5

Now DON'T pay to seller.!!


Do you think Gandhi Philately is Exposed of inflated price.?

Do you think eBay lost money in this transaction, which will affect eBay Shareholders, so eBay needs to investigate this kind of transaction with all aspects including bidders, IP & MAC address of computers bidding on this, PayPal transaction etc in order to increase shareholder value as well as future.

I was initially thinking eBay/PayPal was making money on Gandhi Stamps and Philately material but now it looks like eBay/PayPal is not only loosing commission on this kind of transaction(250$-350$) but they are also taking loss of providing space to handle this transaction which are very expensive server, storage network bandwidth, application and other things to make online transaction possible. This is not good at all for eBay Shareholders.

As you know that in March/April 2012 a bidder "hitlerandgandhi" on ebay was bidding very high and bought $25000+ Indian Philately material including Gandhi. So eBay should get $2000-3000 comission on this purchases.!! I think someone needs investigate in depth all purchases made by "hitlerandgandhi" otherwise it's not good for eBay Shareholders.!!

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Glorification of Gandhi stamps is not only just by increasing price but also by creating unique FAKE 1948 used covers and FDC with Gandhi stamps such as from Nepal Indian Embassy Cancellation, Bombay R.M.S cancellation, Pondicherry etc, creating FAKE Germany cancellation and make it unique/rare and all kind of things you ever dream about having it.

Also not sure whether to sell my eBay stock because of all kind of FAKE activity in Gandhi Philately. I bet this will be case also for Indian Stamps, British Indian Stamp, Aerial Philately and all other collections also including coins.

This is not first time I am seeing this. In past I saw Gandhi SERVICE stamp sold for $907 was not paid.!! Read my blog post. (Any thing Gandhi is RED HOT).

Also this happens to me  also 3 years ago when I was buying Cameroun Gandhi FDC.!! FAKE bidder "ansur" overbidded me and did not paid.!! Read my previous blog post (How stamp dealer increase price).

So it's nothing new in Gandhi Philately to Glorified Gandhi Stamps.!!!!!!

Now do you also think Indian Philately is Exposed.!! Please comments your thoughts.

I am not sure about you but I am 100% sure it's all Glorified/FAKE/Inflated/Cheating etc. in 1948 Indian Gandhi Stamps as well as all other Gandhi Stamps from 90+ countries so BEWARE!!

We had seen this in  Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!! 

Click one of the following link and you will become smarter.!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?


Gandhi Stamps Club
  • I have eBay shares in my retirement account and don't intend to buy or sell in 72 hours.
  • I am not recommending to buy or sell eBay shares. This is my personal opinion, which I don't recommend anyone to make judgement by reading this as this might be not true as I am not completely aware whether buyer paid or return this item, seller refunded etc.!!
  • I am not financial analyst or stock broker or don't work for any financial instituted.
  • I don't work for eBay.

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