BRITISH INDIA STAMPS - IS HELPING EBAY SHAREHOLDERS AND TREASURY DEPARTMENT OF USA AND UK. ? - Is stamp collection and philatelic material helping US and UK economy ?

In last three months there were total 20 auction with British India stamps including Indian state stamps, were sold above 1000+ dollars.!!

Overall value of this 20 auction was more than $25000!!

If you are tracking this sold  stamp collection or philatelic material then you will be surprised that value is still holding or increasing even though stamp hobby is declining world wide.!!

Do you really think US and UK government will tax (sales tax, state tax, VAT, capital gain tax etc) from this 25000+ value of stamps transaction ? (around $5000)

On top of that eBay will be getting about $2500 just from this auction as a commission without providing any material or products or goods.!!! (just facilitator). By looking this commission don't you think eBay is a good stock (share) to buy ?

How we know that this is genuine transaction and all government is getting taxes on this.

Also how we know that eBay is getting commission from this.

Because chance of increasing price and canceling transaction after auction closed or shill bidding and increase price and buyer don't pay to seller.

It will be very hard to know all this things and so we cannot trust this as genuine transaction.


Now let's see eBay seller got lot of money from this British India stamps.

eBay seller "jwalk5" got $4010, "greencott" got $3650, "anglo-indian-affairs" got $3040,  "king-post" got $2500.

eBay seller "billwits" got $2470, "greystone" got $2125, "beattle123" got $2050, 

Now let see what are chances of forgery of philatelic material ?

  • British India stamps are available in forgery
  • Easy to make rubber stamp 
  • Even forged material are widely published in various Handbook, Yearly books as well as in award winning stamp collection exhibit.

Now let see what are chances of not getting money to eBay as well as UK and USA governments.

  • Buyer not paying to seller, and seller cancel transaction in order to avoid pay fees to eBay.
  • Chance of SHILL bidding to increase price and cancelling transactions.

Both of them will affect eBay shareholders as well as UK and USA government.

So do you think 


Is stamp collection and philatelic material helping US and UK economy by getting good amount of capital gain tax as well as VAT (sales tax).?



Gandhi stamp collectors and Philatelist are CHEATERS

After 6+ years in Gandhi Stamp collection and Gandhi Philatelic material and writing 675+ blog post about Gandhi stamps, I came to conclusion that Gandhi stamp collectors and philatelist are CHEATERS.

(This CHEATER definition also applies to First Aerial Mail, King Edward, King George VII and other thematic collection also)

Even though experienced and award winning collectors or philatelist know it's a BOGUS(never exist)  or forgery philatelic material they keep their mouth shut or will guide new collector to buy it as well increase price of that philatelic material.

They give speeches in stamp exhibition or during special cover inauguration about Gandhi's principles about Truth (fight for truth) but they don't obey Mahatma Gandhi message.!!

They are afraid of speaking or telling about Cheating going in Gandhi stamps and Gandhi Philatelic material even though they collect Gandhi stamps who did not afraid of British Empire in South Africa as well as in India.!!

They think about their value of collection even though they know it's BOGUS philatelic material such  as 1948 Leather velvet folder with 1948  Gandhi SPECIMEN stamp or 2009 Germany Winnenden Special cancellation or all 1948 Gandhi FDC from various cities of India or Gandhi SERVICE stamp.

I know it's very difficult to digest word CHEATER as a stamp collector but I am telling you bluntly fact which I notice this when I was buying it on eBay, by looking and researching type of philatelic material they made and also  by working with stamp collectors to write blog post.

Of course if you had not sold any stamps or philatelic material then you are exception.!!(not cheater).

I can join with this CHEATERS and be a also CHEATER but I decide to take a pen (write a blog) and spread the message about how to avoid to get in trap.!!

I am still a Gandhi stamps and philatelic material collector but stop buying it after knowing all the facts, but still keep my eyes open to see up to what extent this stamp collectors/dealers go.!!

So I am also Gandhi Stamp and Philatelist, but not famous because never won any medal as I never did any exhibit to promote BOGUS stamps and philatelic material.!!

But by writing this about BOGUS, Forgery and  all illegal acitivity , I am decreasing my own collection value.!! But it's OK as I don't want other to feel the pain.!!

Also I never sold any stamps or philatelic material, so I did not gain any money, but lost money. I think  my collection value is 1/10 now.!! (What a great way to lose money.!!)

I still have all my Gandhi stamps which I bought it and learned a lot from my own experience.

Following are some of the things what Gandhi  stamp collectors and Philatelist do.

  • They create FORGERY philatelic material.
  • They create BOGUS philatelic material. (never exist)
  • They work in a gang/cartel in order to make Gandhi philatelic material to look genuine. (one will create BOGUS philatelic material and other will display in his exhibition and other will sell it.) (like 2009 Winnenden Germany which was created in Winnenden, Exhibit in Patna and won award for this and selling from Mumbai).
  • Everyone is involved in Cheating including exhibition judges, stamp collectors, stamp dealers, stamp expertiser, book writer and auction houses.
  • They display forgery item in their stamp exhibit.
  • They advice new collectors to buy some BOGUS philatelic material.!!
  • They donate BOGUS philatelic material to Philatelic stamp Museum in order to make it genuine.
  • They forged stamp expertising certificate
  • They create BOGUS expertising certificate. (In reality anyone can give stamp expert certificate!)
  • They work with Handbook author to publish FAKE or BOGUS philatelic material or even publish their own book.
  • They work with various authors of stamp yearly book, weekly newsletter in order to spread news about BOGUS philatelic material such as special cancellation.
  • They spread incorrect(false) information on stamps forums, stamps boards, stamp blogs etc.
  • They open multiple account on eBay to sell it at higher price or to increase value by doing SHILL bidding
  • They increase price in order to increase value of philatelic material.(sometimes eBay bidder bids on more than 1000 items.!!)
  • They sell items from particular accounts for certain times and stop for a while using accounts.
  • They close accounts in order to avoid more research about them or change account id to mislead it.
  • They do SHILL bidding on their own selling items as well as their friends. (If you notice all that eBay id stop bidding which used to bid in 2009/2010/2011 and started with new id).
  • They advice wrong to new collectors to buy forgery items.
  • They do illegal activity such as money laundering, tax invasion etc by opening eBay account from different countries, so they don't have to pay VAT, sales tax, income tax etc.(But they don't know there is a electronic trail for every bidding, every transaction.)
  • They not only  work with online auction but other auction houses in order to increase price and sell BOGUS and forgery philatelic material.
  • They work with stamp dealers in order to make money (for both of them).
  • They inherited BOGUS philatelic material from their father or grand father and they think it's genuine even though it does not make sense and they are aware of BOGUS philatelic material.

But on top of all of the above they keep their mouth shut even though they know that there is wide spread of CHEATING in Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material.

So in short all the sellers of Gandhi stamps and philatelic material are cheaters.

Also there are lot of cheating such as Forgery stamps, Shill bidding, BOGUS philatelic material  involved in stamps collection.

Want to know more about FAKE and FORGERY stamps then checkout other blog post click one of the following link and you will be surprised.!!!

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12) How to increase stamp collection value

So after reading above blog post don't you think Gandhi stamp collectors and Philatelist are CHEATER ?

My best advice to any one is stay away from  stamp collection hobby because it's declining and  what you see on eBay or auction house record breaking price are nothing but false information.



1913 1914 stamps from Hong Kong to China Burma India GB on Uprated Registered Naval Liu Kung Tau.

 Following is Genuine or Forgery philatelic material ?

After comparing with other philatelic material my personal opinion is it's FORGERY.

1913 1914 stamps from Hong Kong to China Burma India GB on  Uprated Registered Naval Liu Kung Tau.

Don't you think it will be hard to tell as no one knows about this cancellation (rubber stamp).

Also don't you think it's easy to make rubber stamp and apply on any cover and claim it as genuine.

But it sold for $1459 by "ph4uv" from UK. Nice way to make money on piece of paper.!!

UK government will get huge amount of VAT on this cover as well as eBay will get huge commission $140.

Do you really think UK government got VAT on this transaction with 25 bids ?

Do you really think eBay got commission from this transaction with 14 bidders ?

Or it's a FAKE transaction ?

FAKE transaction ?

Yes, buyer (it might SHILL bidding by relative, friend, philatelic collector or seller other id)  increase price and don't pay to seller and seller open case with eBay to cancel transaction so he/she don't have to pay commission to eBay .

In past I wrote about similiar philatelic material "1902 Turkey Zongouldak redirected mail to China Vietnam.!!"


(Following is that blog post).

Recently I was searching for Gandhi stamps (not for collection) but to see what kind of FORGERY is available so I can keep up with my knowledge and gain some more experience in forgery Gandhi stamps and also how dealers make their living by selling stamp material.

It's simple to make living on  stamps by doing following

1) Increase price by SHILL Bidding
2) Start selling at high price and give option of make a offer.
3) Make forged material by making different rubber stamps of different cities and make it unique item, so it can get more money !!
4) Now display this in your stamp collection exhibit and also encourage friends to display it even though it's forged.!!
5) Glorified some special thematic stamps by all of the above methods and start selling and hope for someone to buy!!

Following is a unique philatelic material  for sale by eBay seller id  "princessez" in China stamp collection if it is genuine.!!  A 1902 Turkey Zongouldak redirected mail to China Vietnam.!!

But look at the address and do you think it will ever reach to final destination.!!!

Just get any old postcard and start stamping your forged rubber stamps.!!! and start dreaming for someone to buy this.!!

Now if you see it has nine rubber stamp from different cities applied in 1902!! Look at the quality of rubber stamp i.e. type of ink used, detail information about date applied and also complete detail of other things.!!

Don't  you think this was custom made specially for collector.!!?, because postal administration has lot of things to do other than applying cancellation with proper care (such as space to emboss rubber stamp, making sure clear date is shown etc.!!)

Read following screen shot how this postcard was traveled including date, city etc. and after that you decide whether this is worth $3000 or $3.!!

So what do you think about this China stamps collection value.

Does it make sense this in China Stamps.?

Does China stamp collection value is this much.!! Or it's falsely glorified to cheat new rich people in China to invest in stamps.!!!

Now what do you think after reading all the details about postcard travel through postal stream of various countries in 1902 through sea and again with seller in Turkey after considering

1) type of material used in 1902 such as paper, ink etc.
2) weather during travel as well as with various collector storage,

Following are FORGED rubber stamps we call it as postmark of Germany and you decide what are the chance of this kind of rubber stamps on your thematic collection.

Even EXPERTIZING certificates, hand stamps and forged signatures of experts in philatelic society were also forged, so it was very hard for regular collectors like me and you to find out authenticity about the material.

Click following link to read more about BLUM case and OPEN YOUR EYES.!! There are 650 forged rubber stamps from Germany  and think about chances of forged from INDIA or China or any other countries.!!



Now look at the following rubber stamps from Calcutta and Bombay from India and think what are chances of forgery like BLUM case.

Above rubber stamps are taken from same eBay seller who is also selling China stamps philatelic material. This Gandhi First day cancellation as well as Gandhi First Day cover is for sale at $3000 or Make a offer.!!

My offer is $5!! (combine postage charge only).!! In order to win a medal with this kind of material I need to be famous stamp collector as well as active in philatelic exhibition around the world so no one can question authenticity of this.!!!

Also I need to give copy of this to some philatelic book writer so it will be published.!!! And then I will start selling with help of friend or son/daughter living abroad (just to mail this cover).!!

So don't you think this London Street, Calcutta and Colaba, Bombay  can be forged easily.!!!

I think so.!!

Also it does not make sense to have just regular rubber stamp when there was "Jai Hind" first day cancellation  special cancellation issued for this stamp.!! 

BTW : There are plenty of "Jai Hind" FoRgErY or BoGuS special cancellation are available from different cities also.!!!

It's a BIG SCAM or SCANDAL.!!! (Click following link to read it)

Now also look at some of the famous Gandhi philatelic material ofcourse it should be FORGED or BOGUS to make it famous.!!!

Read my blog post about following BOGUS FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation with rubber stamp applied on piece of paper or envelope and trying to MAKE huge money instead of selling just MINT stamps.!!

So after reading all this do you think it make sense to collect USED postcards or cover?

Don't you think philatelic judges and philatelic association needs to look thoroughly to verify authenticity of this kind of material because it's very hard for them to look information about 100+ years ago and chances of that information might be incorrect or wrong such  as we see it in Gandhi Handbook.!! (http://gandhistampsclub.blogspot.com/2013/08/gandhi-handbook.html)

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Mother Teresa Of India Autograph On FD Folder stamps - Genuine or Forgery ? Making money on eBay

Recently I saw Mother Teresa Autograph on First Day stamp folder.

Don't you think it's very easy to FORGED autograph like this ?

Do you think it's Genuine Autograph or FORGED autograph  of Mother Teresa ?

Don't you think it's easy to make money by Forging autograph ?

Recently I saw Mother Teresa of India Autograph on FD First Day folder selling for $400 by eBay seller "ashokmehta1955"

It's lot of money to make here.!!

According to me this is one of the way to make money.

If you just sell stamp or first day folder then chances are no one will buy it or it will be sold for $2 or $3.

But with autograph it's selling for $400.

In past I saw 1966 Indian Airlines Crash Mail cover selling from UK by "ph4uv".

Click to read more about this Airline Crash cover.


Don't you think it's very easy to make rubber stamp and apply on any cover ?

You can make more money by making this rubber stamp then just selling stamp.!!

Now after reading description and title  it looks like this cover survived airline crash even though as per description no survivors.

Do you believe this.?

Is this really airplane crashed cover ?

Do you really think this was sold for $405 or it's SHILL bidding to increase price in order to look authentic/genuine ?

We had seen all kind of rubber stamps with similar kind of events. Recently in 2009 there was a FAKE special cancellation issued on October 2nd on International Day of Non-Violence from Winnenden Germany to celebrate High School Massaccare where 16 students and teacher died.  

After looking above two example, don't you think this is another example of FORGERY to make money.? 

I am not sure but chances are very high.!!

But I am sure that there is NOTHING RARE in stamp collection or philatelic collection!!

If it is RARE than it's FORGERY or BOGUS.!

So keep in mind.!


Click following link to read about Mother Teresa Signed Baseball.!! (Ofcourse FAKE).



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