Gandhi stamp collectors and Philatelist are CHEATERS

After 6+ years in Gandhi Stamp collection and Gandhi Philatelic material and writing 675+ blog post about Gandhi stamps, I came to conclusion that Gandhi stamp collectors and philatelist are CHEATERS.

(This CHEATER definition also applies to First Aerial Mail, King Edward, King George VII and other thematic collection also)

Even though experienced and award winning collectors or philatelist know it's a BOGUS(never exist)  or forgery philatelic material they keep their mouth shut or will guide new collector to buy it as well increase price of that philatelic material.

They give speeches in stamp exhibition or during special cover inauguration about Gandhi's principles about Truth (fight for truth) but they don't obey Mahatma Gandhi message.!!

They are afraid of speaking or telling about Cheating going in Gandhi stamps and Gandhi Philatelic material even though they collect Gandhi stamps who did not afraid of British Empire in South Africa as well as in India.!!

They think about their value of collection even though they know it's BOGUS philatelic material such  as 1948 Leather velvet folder with 1948  Gandhi SPECIMEN stamp or 2009 Germany Winnenden Special cancellation or all 1948 Gandhi FDC from various cities of India or Gandhi SERVICE stamp.

I know it's very difficult to digest word CHEATER as a stamp collector but I am telling you bluntly fact which I notice this when I was buying it on eBay, by looking and researching type of philatelic material they made and also  by working with stamp collectors to write blog post.

Of course if you had not sold any stamps or philatelic material then you are exception.!!(not cheater).

I can join with this CHEATERS and be a also CHEATER but I decide to take a pen (write a blog) and spread the message about how to avoid to get in trap.!!

I am still a Gandhi stamps and philatelic material collector but stop buying it after knowing all the facts, but still keep my eyes open to see up to what extent this stamp collectors/dealers go.!!

So I am also Gandhi Stamp and Philatelist, but not famous because never won any medal as I never did any exhibit to promote BOGUS stamps and philatelic material.!!

But by writing this about BOGUS, Forgery and  all illegal acitivity , I am decreasing my own collection value.!! But it's OK as I don't want other to feel the pain.!!

Also I never sold any stamps or philatelic material, so I did not gain any money, but lost money. I think  my collection value is 1/10 now.!! (What a great way to lose money.!!)

I still have all my Gandhi stamps which I bought it and learned a lot from my own experience.

Following are some of the things what Gandhi  stamp collectors and Philatelist do.

  • They create FORGERY philatelic material.
  • They create BOGUS philatelic material. (never exist)
  • They work in a gang/cartel in order to make Gandhi philatelic material to look genuine. (one will create BOGUS philatelic material and other will display in his exhibition and other will sell it.) (like 2009 Winnenden Germany which was created in Winnenden, Exhibit in Patna and won award for this and selling from Mumbai).
  • Everyone is involved in Cheating including exhibition judges, stamp collectors, stamp dealers, stamp expertiser, book writer and auction houses.
  • They display forgery item in their stamp exhibit.
  • They advice new collectors to buy some BOGUS philatelic material.!!
  • They donate BOGUS philatelic material to Philatelic stamp Museum in order to make it genuine.
  • They forged stamp expertising certificate
  • They create BOGUS expertising certificate. (In reality anyone can give stamp expert certificate!)
  • They work with Handbook author to publish FAKE or BOGUS philatelic material or even publish their own book.
  • They work with various authors of stamp yearly book, weekly newsletter in order to spread news about BOGUS philatelic material such as special cancellation.
  • They spread incorrect(false) information on stamps forums, stamps boards, stamp blogs etc.
  • They open multiple account on eBay to sell it at higher price or to increase value by doing SHILL bidding
  • They increase price in order to increase value of philatelic material.(sometimes eBay bidder bids on more than 1000 items.!!)
  • They sell items from particular accounts for certain times and stop for a while using accounts.
  • They close accounts in order to avoid more research about them or change account id to mislead it.
  • They do SHILL bidding on their own selling items as well as their friends. (If you notice all that eBay id stop bidding which used to bid in 2009/2010/2011 and started with new id).
  • They advice wrong to new collectors to buy forgery items.
  • They do illegal activity such as money laundering, tax invasion etc by opening eBay account from different countries, so they don't have to pay VAT, sales tax, income tax etc.(But they don't know there is a electronic trail for every bidding, every transaction.)
  • They not only  work with online auction but other auction houses in order to increase price and sell BOGUS and forgery philatelic material.
  • They work with stamp dealers in order to make money (for both of them).
  • They inherited BOGUS philatelic material from their father or grand father and they think it's genuine even though it does not make sense and they are aware of BOGUS philatelic material.

But on top of all of the above they keep their mouth shut even though they know that there is wide spread of CHEATING in Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material.

So in short all the sellers of Gandhi stamps and philatelic material are cheaters.

Also there are lot of cheating such as Forgery stamps, Shill bidding, BOGUS philatelic material  involved in stamps collection.

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So after reading above blog post don't you think Gandhi stamp collectors and Philatelist are CHEATER ?

My best advice to any one is stay away from  stamp collection hobby because it's declining and  what you see on eBay or auction house record breaking price are nothing but false information.


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