Royal Mail forgery cover from Mauritius ?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Look at the following cover and think whether this is genuine or forgery ?

To me it's complete forgery.!!

Reason for forgery is that "TIME" on postmark cancellation from Port Louis is missing.!!

As we all know that Mauritius Gandhi Philatelic material with 1969 or 2001 Mauritius Gandhi stamps is nothing but forgery whether it's Register Cover or used covers send to India or Great Britain.

This is not only for Mauritius Gandhi stamps but also some of the famous Mauritius stamps such as DODO stamps as well. 

It's a same pattern used for all the forgery. Read following blog posts and you will surprised, by collectors creativity.!!

Do you really think that this cover was travelled through regular postal stream and officially cancelled on Nov 7, 2005 from Port Louis, Mauritius as well as through Royal Mail and officially applied "Treharris Glamorgan" Royal Mail post office cancellation on 14 Nov 2005?

Do you think  "Treharris Glamorgan" is receiving CDS  and applied ILLEGALLY  from post office or forgery rubber stamp ? 

This cover is unique.!!

1) It has label with "Say 'NO' to the Euro!, Keep The £" with rubber stamp of UK Post Office "Treharris Glamorgan" dated 14 Nov 2005. (Not sure whether this cancellation is genuine or forgery too or legally applied).

2) It has a 2001 Gandhi stamp from Mauritius with cancellation of 7 Nov 2005. But it don't have time on it. So it has a forgery cancellation.!!

3) It has 3 blue label of "By Airmail".

4) Circular rubber stamp from Philatelic Bureau, Port Louis , Mauritius from Mauritius Post Ltd.

5) Sticker of Great Britain flag with "GB OUT"

So again, when it's unique forgery will be there.!!

So what do you think about Royal Mail cover from "Theodorerhys" ?

Do you think it has post mark forgery cancellation from Port Louis post office of Mauritius applied?

Do you think it has forgery rubber stamp (blue color) of Philatelic Bureau of Mauritius?

Do you think it has a forgery cancellation of "Treharris Glamorgan" or it was done personally by going to Royal Mail post office or officially applied by Royal Mail?

Do you think it's a Genuine cover (unique).?

Do you think all postal used cover including registered cover are forgery using fake rubber stamp ? because it's easy to forged and make more money than just selling stamps.

It's not only in Mauritius philatelic material but also everywhere you see in philatelic world whether it's British India or 1948 Gandhi used covers and first day covers, King George stationary or British India Queen Victoria different cancellation.!!

Of course it will look nice in your stamp exhibition, but you might have forged philatelic material in your vault!!

There is another forgery from Great Britain Gandhi Stamp on Royal Mail cancellation.  Following is the blog post.


After looking to this value to me it looks like no one wants to collect stamps in this modern world, because there are lot of others things to do, such as play video games on ipad, xbox, gamecube or on internet surf on web or facebook or lot of other outdoor activity such a hiking, skating, running etc or watch different shows on TV or sports games such as Cricket or Football or Basketball or just talking on smartphone or chating.!!

After all this kind of things you don't get any more extra time to pursue your hobby of stamp collection were not that many people are involved and you feel like retard when you talk to friends.!!

Also there are lot of cheating such as Forgery stamps, Shill bidding, BOGUS philatelic material  involved in stamps collection.

Want to know more about FAKE and FORGERY stamps then checkout other blog post click one of the following link and you will be surprised.!!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

Gandhi Stamps Club

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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