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Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Do you really think this is postcard is worth $49.!?

It has 1948 Gandhi stamps with 2nd October, 1951 from Pondicherry Bazaar.!!

Do you think it's Genuine  or Forgery ?

Don't you think this kind of circular rubber stamp are easy to make and use when ever you want?

Reason for this question arise in my mind is because it has private cancellation and god knows whether this was done on that particular date or afterwards.!! Also chances of forgery are also very high.

We had seen this kind of stuff in Gandhi Philatelic material with 1948 Gandhi stamps so it's nothing new.

This is from seller "wiwauctions" who in past also sold some of the expensive 1948 FD card and bought by one of the biggest buyer of Gandhi stamps.


After looking to this I am now questioning 1948 Maxi Card with 1948 special "Jai Hind" Cancellation.!!

Also did you notice price difference in above 2 links for Gandhi 1948 Maxi card.!! It's range from $5100-810.!!.

Common it's 5 times difference in just 3-4 weeks. Cannot believe it.!! But this is Gandhi  Philately were any thing is possible.

I am not sure why this much price for this kind of Gandhi Philately material. But your guess is my guess.!!

There are lot of things needs to look before this can be even consider for real Gandhi thematic collection.

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