Forgery stamp cover : India stamps are used on first day cover and register cover or used cover.

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

As we all know that there is nothing but forgery in Gandhi Philatelic material, because of false propaganda and glorification of Gandhi stamps as world top investment .!!

Following is forged stamp cover with "Jai Hind" " जय हिन्द" special cancellation  issued in 1948 to celebrate 1st anniversary of India Independence on Gandhi stamps first day of issue.

It's very easy to see forgery when you compare following image which has 2 different special cancellation.

But look at the artist of this forger.

Name of city is missing!!

This way it can be applied to any town or villages also.!!

Don't you think FORGERY is only way to go in Gandhi Philately.!!

In this one we can see clearly that it's FORGERY.

Also chances of forgery stamp (replica or facsimile or copy or reprint) used on this is very high because it'a a forgery stamp cover.

But what are chances of original special cancellation STOLEN from post office or post and telegraph vault or made from same vendor in 1948.!!?

Then you might see this on Private First Day cover without cachet, because it's very hard to print official cover because type of paper used on envelope might not  available as well as ink.

What do you think?

I think chances are high.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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