King George stamp - Queen Victoria stamp and Boycott British Goods stamp label

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Boycott British Goods label were made to spread message to the Indian Public about boycotting British products.

Not sure why this was printed in English as majority of Indian people in 1920 - 1940 were not knowing English.

To me it was not official or authorized by Mahatma Gandhi to print this kind of label and affix on the envelope or card while sending it.

But it looks like it's another way of glorifying Mahatma Gandhi Collection by issuing some BOGUS philatelic material.!!

In past I wrote about this kind of Gandhi Label available in market.

Recently I saw this label was selling for $125.!!!


$125 for just piece of paper which has no validity that it was Genuine during that time also.!!

But looking to all REPLICA or FACSIMILE available in 1948 Gandhi 10 Rupees stamp, it's not that hard to print this kind of label.!!

Also by printing this kind of label is not also breaking any law of Indian government as well as eBay policy.!!

Don't you think someone from China or Lativa or Slovekia or other eastern countries will reprint this label.!!

Why reprint this same one as they can come with new varities.!!

Following are some of the example of Replica or Facsimile or Reprint of Gandhi  stamp as well as other British India stamps as well as stamps around the world including China, Switzerland etc.

Compare following  Queen Victoria stamp and Boycott British Goods stamp label and think what is common between them.!!


Compare following King George stamp and Boycott British Goods stamp label.!!

So after looking above screenshot and reading the links what do you think about this Boycott British Goods stamp label?

Specially when you compare with King George stamps or KGVII stamp and Queen Victoria stamps.!!

Do you think it's Genuine ?

If Genuine then what to look for Genuine.!!  It's just a piece of paper so don't have to look when it is printed, by whom it was printed or who authorised this label and any kind of questions arise in your mind.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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