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Hello Einstein stamps collectors,

Collecting stamp now a days is not as easy as you think because anyone can bid on online auction item without any deposit required for bidding and they don't have to pay after winning the bid.!!

Also SHILL bidding is also major issue as seller can bid with their own multiple id.

By doing this kind of activity by certain bidders,  stamps are more expensive then it's real value or inflation in stamp price. If new collector see this price of stamps they will try to buy it at little lower price or sometimes they will pay higher price in future when similar item is for auction, as they think price are REAL.!!

In past I wrote blog post about this non paying buyer for 1948 Gandhi stamps from India. Please read this so you understand what's going on in PHILATELIC world.!!


While researching about 1948 Gandhi stamps Glorification, I also found out that this is spread in each and every stamps whether it's Einstein stamp or Olympic stamp, where bidder is bidding on item with open pocket as if they are really wants this stamp but never paying it.!!

Sometimes they used different id so they cannot be recognised by others that they did not paid.!!!

Sometimes they use SHILL bidding by using  SNIPER tool to bid at last moment at very high biding price so it can also increase price of other really interested bidder. If their bid is higher than other bidder then they just don't pay as it's their own id.!!

In this way they can increase price and also send 2nd chance offer.!!! (Nepal Indian Embassy 1948 Cancellation is classic example.!!)

In past I also wrote blog post about HOW some dealers increase price.


In past 4 years I learned all kinds of dirty tricks and gimmick used by certain sellers and bidders so I think I know what I am doing.

But when I was new in Gandhi thematic I was a victim from this kind of activities (more than 10 times.!!)  so I know what's going on.!!!

But my only objective is to make you safe in this hobby.!!

This glorification also affects to Einstein stamps as well as Taj Mahal stamps, because it was initially designed to be glorified by make combination of famous people or architect so more collectors will bid on this kind of items.

Not only that even this is consider as ERROR Einstein stamp or Olympic stamp or UNICEF stamp because of false information on stamp.

But all other thematic collection has long gone as no one collects Einstein or Olympic stamps because of hobby is declining  and I think this is happening in Gandhi stamps also as all creative bidding activities is exposed.

Following are example of some illegal bidding or buying practice for Gandhi philatelic material.

Following is screenshot from delcampe. (Thanks Delcampe for keeping older auction.!! )

Seller :- Worldwidestampsandca (according to me very reputed seller)
Sold :- 21.99 Euros ($30)
Date sold :- 11/30/2008.
Buyer :- Kad_ss (not Paid for this purchase)
Feedback :- "Never Paid No Answers to several mails never again"
Other Bidders :- Bobby92, Gpphila, Aryan.

Even though getting cheaper than previous bidder this transaction was not complete because buyer did not pay.!!

So what do you think about above screenshot.

Do you really think stamp was really $30 or it's was INFLATED by overbidding it and not allowing others to buy it.!!

Reason for this assumption is that about 6 months before that same winner was bidding for this stamp sheet upto $40.

Seller :-Linus154
Winner :- Ganges1948 ( paid for this purchase)
Other bidder :- Kad_ss
Date :- 5/13/2008
Sold for :- 29.50 Euros ($40)
Comment :- Thank you for the very quick payment!

So from above screenshot what do you think?

Don't you think it's nothing but increasing the price by certain bidders.?

To me both seller looks very genuine as they have very high feedback specially one with 29000+ which buyer did not paid.!! No chances of shill bidding.

This kind of activity happens to me also when I was buying Cameroun Gandhi First day cover.

Seller :- 45jean
Buyer :- Khel10ka  ( 0 feedback, did not paid.!!)
Loser bidder :- vxvm (it's me).
Other bidder :- Ansur, Kad_ss (involved in all 3 biddings mentioned in this blog post.)
                        Ganges1948, Aryan,
                        Rthaper, Brownblackcherry
Comment :- nul, attention cette personne est sans intérêt, refuse les questions, à éviter (In French)
                    zero attention this person is irrelevant, refuses issues, avoiding (In English)

Do you think multiple id by one or two bidders were used in this bidding? ( I think so).

Now do you agree with me that it's nothing but GLORIFICATION by increasing price of GANDHI philatelic material.?

Gandhi Stamp Club.

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