China stamps and Gandhi Stamps comparison ?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

We all are reading this that Gandhi stamps and China stamps are very HOT ?

Do you think also think so ?

Do you think it's Glorified by dealers, investment advisor and certain collectors to invest in this stamps as India and China have economy boom.

And because of this Glorification certain philatelic material is FORGED because of fake demand generated for this kind of cover which actually never exist.!!

Now let's COMPARE Gandhi stamps forgery and China stamp forgery so we can conclude that it's nothing but false hope of riches.!!!

What I found out  after comparing China stamps and Gandhi stamps is that Chinese philatelic material is sold as FORGERY were as Indian Gandhi stamps philatelic material is sold as GENUINE and demanding very high price.!!!

Please look at following 2 screenshot from eBay related to China forgery postcard and cover and think deeply, what are chances of getting this kind of philatelic material.

If you are collecting 1948 India Gandhi stamps used on cover or India 1948 Gandhi stamp on  official or private First day cover or used covers from Cameroun or Nicaragua or Panama chances are very very high.

Following is replica cover with China Monkey stamp.  It is not address to anyone.

But to make more interesting, it should be address to Prime Minister or President of that country. It's just matter of typewriter !!

Following are some of the  fake cancellation on first day cover as well as on used cover with Gandhi stamps.

For more detail about specific forgery or BOGUS item please click link below this image and you will be surprised.






Above Gandhi stamp covers are just tip of Iceberg.!!!

According to me I had seen more than 1000's sold or were selling on various auction site as Genuine or SEE SCAN.!!

So BEWARE when you are collecting Gandhi and China stamps.!! Chances are this kind of activity  might be in other thematic collection also.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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