Airlines Crash Mail ? Genuine or Forgery?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Following cover has nothing to do with Gandhi stamps but I just want to bring more awareness about this cover so we know what are chancing for having this kind of or similar cover in our Gandhi Stamp and Philatelic collection world.

I think chance are very  high.!

New collectors needs to be pro-active so they know what will be coming in future.!!

Recently I saw 1966 Indian Airlines Crash Mail cover selling from UK by "ph4uv".

Also in past I wrote 2 blog post where I mentioned about this seller "ph4uv" so you can read that blog post also about selling Lithuania philatelic material and Round table cancellation.

Now after reading description and title  it looks like this cover survived airline crash even though as per description no survivors.

Do you believe this.?

Is this really airplane crashed cover ?

We had seen all kind of rubber stamps with similiar kind of events. Recently in 2009 there was a FAKE special cancellation issued on October 2nd on International Day of Non-Violence from Winnenden Germany to celebrate High School Massaccare where 16 students and teacher died.  

That cover was completely FAKE and it was one of the EXTREME or DESPERATE move to make money or making UNIQUE to glorified Gandhi stamps!!

Do you think this is another example.? I am not sure but chances are very high.!! 

Let me make sure that I am not an expert so I don't know whether this is Genuine or FAKE. I leave up to buyer and other bidders to decide.

But pricing wise I can tell that this is not worth that much because chances of getting forgery is very very high because it's very easy to forged by making just rubber stamp and we had seen this in past.

To me both bidders s***1(1145) & t***8(3002) are active Gandhi Collectors as I see them on eBay buying high value Gandhi stamps and philatelic material. Some times or almost I lost to them so I am aware of both this bidders.

Not sure why only 2 bidders & 3 bids.!! and starting price $95!!

So I decided to deep dive and find out from PUBLIC AUCTION (all information open to all) what they are buying by publicly available information with eBay tools (you don't have to hack eBay server or snoop client desktop/laptop) to everyone from eBay ( Advance eBay Search by bidder and sorting by price.!!) You can see this mine purchase too by just changing ebay id.!! click following link to check it out.

This is just to educate new collectors so they are aware of things they needs to learn before entering in to collection and can avoid some mistakes by pro-active in philately collection.!! 


Collector is buying wide varieties of philatelic material.!! from eBay seller (mareval2, storypost, anglo-indian-affairs,inverstamps, rajsukhani etc.) who also sells Gandhi stamps.!! so it means all kind of activities are going in other thematic collection also.!!

After looking all this trends what we see in Gandhi Stamp collection

What do you think about this Airlines Crash cover ?

Is it Genuine or forgery (just rubber stamp on cover with plane crash)?

Is it worth $405 ?

Do you think eBay share holder are  getting richer by getting commission from this kind of expensive item  because of this kind of philatelic item?

So what are chances of getting this in kind of cover with Gandhi stamps ?

But look at the ROI.!! if some one make this cover with forgery.  A ten paise stamp can get return of 20000 rupees.(2000000 paise.!!). Not BAD!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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